Visual Artists Ireland is the Representative Body for Visual Artists in Ireland. We provide practical support to visual artists in all art forms throughout their careers. Our Advocacy, Advice, and Membership services combine with our Professional Development and Art News Centre to be the most comprehensive support and information service available to visual artists in Ireland today.


As the principle body, we offer the broadest range of services that are designed specifically for visual artists, visual arts organisations, and independent art workers. Our News, Jobs & Opportunities, What’s On, Events & Exhibitions, Visual Artists News Sheet, eBulletins, Facebook, Twitter, and websites all combine to be the most comprehensive resource for visual artists in Ireland.


VAI’s services are available year round through our offices and through our online resources which are freely available to all. Keep up to date with what’s on through our news and professional development services. Our one-to-one confidential advice service is available during office hours. These are supported by The Manual: A Survival Guide for Visual Artists as well as our many events nationwide.


Our work takes place across Ireland. As part of our core services we support artists and artist groups working in every part of the country. More details on these are in our Professional Development and Events sections. Don’t forget to subscribe to our eBulletin in The Art News Centre, and keep up to date with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Some Current Jobs & Opportunities, Exhibitions, Events, and News

Other Information

Jobs & Opportunities

Jobs, Opportunities, Funding, Awards, Conpetitions, Conferences, and Events in Ireland and abroad

Exhibitions & Events

What’s on? Exhibitions and Events taking place across Ireland and Irish artists exhibiting internationally

What’s On Calendar

Find out what’s on right now with a calendar view of the visual arts around Ireland and with Irish artists exhibiting internationally

News Home & Abroad

News and views from Visual Artists Ireland and the Irish and International arts community

Professional Development [ROI]

Workshops, Peer Critiques, Mentoring, and other continuing education programmes throughout the country

Professional Development [NI]

Workshops, Peer Critiques, Mentoring, and other continuing education programmes throughout the country

The Visual Artists News Sheet

Ireland primary printed source of news and view as well as opinions on the wide range of topics – Get it delivered to your door

The Manual: A Survival Guide

The Manual provides articles, how to guides, case studies, and information on all aspects of how to make it as an artist

Payment Guidelines

Equitable levels of payments for the variety of work that professional artists undertake in galleries, museums and venues

Best Practice for Interns

Straight forward principles and instruction for an ethical infrastructure for paid internships in the visual arts sector

Mailing Lists

Keep up to date with news, events, exhibitions, and opportunities with our weekly newsletters


Let people know about your exhibitions, events or opportunities with Ireland’s primary visual arts publications

Visual Artists Ireland [NI]

We have a site dedicated to our work in Northern Ireland, with local news and events

Visual Artists News Sheet Online

Selected articles, opinion pieces, and critiques with an invitation for you to engage and comment

Join / Renew

Join fellow artists and their supporters as a member or associate of Visual Artists Ireland with many benefits

Public Art Commissioning

We can help if you need advice on or a recognised specialised to run your public art commissioning projects.