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VAN Critique Sept/Oct 2014: Eva Rothschild at Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane

ER small

Eva Rothschild, installation view, Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane, 2014. All works © Eva Rothschild. Courtesy of Stuart Shave / Modern Art, London, Galerie Eve Presenhuber, Zurich, The Modern Institute Glasgow and 303 Gallery, New York.

Eva Rothschild
23 May 2014 – 21 September 2014
Dublin City Gallery, the Hugh Lane

Eva Rothschild’s sculptural practice is positioned within the aesthetic of an earlier generation of artists, whose oeuvre was determined by intrinsic material properties and an obstinate respect for classical modernity. Artists like Richard Deacon, Alison Wilding, Richard Wentworth and, in Ireland, Eilís O’Connell and Maud Cotter, established a tradition in which their innovation was moulded through the inherent characteristics of metal, plastic, leather, paper, wood, plaster, glass, ceramic and so on. The principles of their work seem to be in opposition to current tendencies towards a fragile, unravelling and explosive approach evident in the work of Jessica Stockholder, Sarah Sze and, in Ireland, Tadhg McSweeney and Aleana Egan. In a tentative way Rothschild’s work could be viewed as a bridge across to this fragmented approach, whilst retaining a fundamental rational order. (more…)

VAN Critique Sept/Oct 2014: Caoimhe Kilfeather at Temple Bar Gallery


Camille KIlfeather, ‘This Attentive Place’, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin, 2014

Caoimhe Kilfeather
‘This Attentive Place’
Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin
20 June – 20 August 2014

Caoimhe Kilfeather seems interested in the space around objects as much as the objects themselves. In her recent exhibition a diaphanous blue screen (made from overlapping sheets of oiled and pigmented paper) reshaped the gallery’s coordinates and provided an atmospheric setting for a number of seemingly related though rather mysterious artifacts. (more…)

VAN Critique Sept/Oct 2014: ‘The Starry Messenger: Seven Artist Filmmakers’, VOID, Derry

PaolaBernardelli small

Live projections as part of ‘Starry Messenger’ at Void, Derry. Image by Paola Bernadelli

‘The Starry Messenger: Seven Artist Filmmakers’
5 Aug – 26 Sept 2014
VOID, Derry

Marika Borgeson, Janine Davidson, Rebecca Myers, Michaela Nettell, Samantha Rebello, Talena Sanders, Ana Vaz; curated by Declan Sheehan.

‘Starry Messenger’ presents the work of seven contemporary artist filmmakers in a kind of cry from the heart for the medium of film. It brings together 16mm, 8mm and Super8 films in a way that puts the beauty of the medium centre stage. (more…)

VAN Critique Sept/Oct 2014: Marilyn Lerner at Butler Gallery

Lerner-102909 003

Maria Lerner, ‘Centre Point’, 2011, oil on wood

Marilyn Lerner
Circle in the Square
Butler Gallery, The Castle, Kilkenny
9 August – 5 October 2014

For artist Marilyn Lerner New York is a frenetic city from which her practice provides a haven of peace. This exhibition, Circle in the Square, Lerner’s first in Ireland, comprises 21 examples of her work, the main body of which is oil on wood, with just four pieces on paper. Lerner started out as a sculptor, working with wood for three years before moving to painting. This experience is reflected in her wood supports, which are made specifically for Lerner, and feature distinctive bevelling that allows the work to stand away from the wall in a very understated way. The deep grey walls and well-placed lighting (the exhibition has been carefully curated by Gallery Director Anna O’Sullivan) further enhance the work. (more…)

VAN Critique Sept/Oct 2014: Graham Gingles at The MAC, Belfast

Gingles small

Graham Gingles, ‘At Times Like These Men Were Wishing They Were All Kinds of Insects’, The MAC, Belfast, 2014

Graham Gingles
‘At times like these men were wishing they were all kinds of insects’
The MAC, Belfast
3 July – 17 August 2014

‘At times like these men were wishing they were all kinds of insects’, Graham Gingles’s installation at the MAC, comprises a maze-like structure of architectural elements – doors, window frames, bannisters, architraves – painted a ghostly white, that a vaults above the viewer. The edifice is softly lit, with the scent of white lilies filling the small gallery. The work leads viewers into a visual maze: ladders lead up, drawers open out and windows both hide and frame elements the work. Drawers and cupboards hold various objects: a wooden train, a collection of transparent crosses, toy battleships and a group of toy soldiers. (more…)

VAN September/ October 2014


Cover Image. Eva Rothschild, installation view, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, 2014. All works © Eva Rothschild. Courtesy of Stuart Shave/Modern Art, London, Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zurich, The Modern Institute, Glasgow, and 303 Gallery, New York.

5. Roundup. Recent exhibitions and projects of note.
5. Column. Cliodhna Shaffrey. Alternative Scenarios.
6. Column. Jonathan Carroll. Theme Or No Theme?
7. Column. Chris Clarke. Site Unseen.
8. News. The latest developments in the visual arts sector.
8. VAI News. Research, projects and campaigns.
9. Regional Focus. Visual arts resources and activity in Kilkenny.
12. Career Development. Tacit Presence. Isabel Nolan discusses the development of her art career. (Archived)
13. Public Art Profile. On The Right Track. Joanna Hopkins profiles ‘Changing Tracks’.
14. Studio Profile. Encouraging & Enabling. Ben Crothers profiles Queen Street Studios, Flax Art Studios Pollen Studios and Platform Arts.
15. Residency Report. Complete Engagement. Margaret O’Brien describes her experience of the TBG&S / HIAP residency in Helsinki. (Archived)
16. How Is It Made? Unsettling Essences. Liam Crichton discusses his installation ‘Untitled’.
17. Curation. Perception & Representation. Helen Carey reports on the Addis Ababa Curatorial Intensive.
18. Project Profile. Critical Congregation. Monica Flynn discusses her project ‘The Café Society’. (Archived)
19. Critique. Eva Rothschild, The Hugh Lane; Graham Gingles, The MAC, Caoimhe Kilfeather TBG&S, Fabienne Audeoud, Triskel; Marilyn Lerner, Butler Gallery; ‘The Starry Messenger’, Void.
23. Studio / Residency Profile. Stronghold. Ruth Lyons discusses new developments at The Good Hatchery.
24. Symposium Report. Civic Works. Joanne Laws reports on ‘The Workers Symposium’.
25. Project Profile. A Moment In Time. Jennette Donnelly reports on an exhibition and discussion event at Tallaght Hospital, which focused on the impacts of art in functional healthcare environments.
26. Project Profile. Swansong For The Lifeworld. James Merrigan reports on ‘Catch The He(Art)’.
27. VAI Northern Ireland Manager. Tone & Noise. Rob Hilken details the rise of sound art in Belfast.
27. VAI West Of Ireland Representative. Western Lags. Aideen Barry on a new aspect of her role with VAI.
28. VAI Event. Ethical Transitions. Jason Oakley reports on ‘Art in a Time of Transition’ And ‘Artists and Ethics’, discussions held at the VAI Get Together in association with AICA Ireland.
29. Gallery Focus. Materiality & Home. Olivier Cornet introduces his Dublin gallery.
29. VAI Help Desk. Tax Made Easy. Niamh Looney highlights information that every artist should know.
30. Institition Profile. Getting Familiar. Matt Packer outlines his plans as the new director of CCA, Derry.
30. Award Profile. The MAC International. Hugh Mullholland talks about the new £20,000 international art prize devised by The MAC, Belfast.
31. Public Art Roundup. Public art commissions, site-specific works, socially engaged practice and various other forms of art outside the gallery.
32. VAI Advocacy. Public Art In Crisis? VAI CEO / Director Noel Kelly outlines some current issues concerning public art commissions
33. Opportunities. All the latest grants, awards, exhibition calls and commissions.
34. VAI Professional Development. Current and upcoming workshops, peer reviews and seminars.

VAN Sept / Oct 2014: ‘ Critical Congregaton’, Monica Flynn Discusses her Project ‘The Cafe Society’

Politicks Coffee and News at ‘The Café Society’ 14 May 2014

Politicks Coffee and News at ‘The Café Society’ 14 May 2014



As part of Leitrim County Council’s SPARK residency (funded by Leitrim County Council, Leitrim Local Enterprise Office and the Arts Council), artist Monica Flynn devised ‘The Café Society’, a programme of public encounters and events running from May – July 2014 at the Café Lounge in Carrick-on-Shannon.

Discussing her residency experience with Joanne Laws, Monica Flynn describes the history of coffee houses as places of culture and commerce, modern-day coffee politics and the café as an enduring discursive public space. (more…)

VAN Sept / Oct 2014: Margaret O’Brien, Recipient of the 2014 TBG+S / HIAP Residency Award, Describes her Experience in Helsinki

MOB small 2

Suomenlinna at sunset, photo by Juha Huuskonen / HIAP

Residency Profile


Why is it so difficult to start anything new? It has taken me three days to write that sentence and I’ve sat looking at it for the last two hours, unsure how to proceed. Including my time at college I’ve spent most of 20 years starting something new. But it never gets any easier. I’m wondering why this is, and if, actually, it becomes harder. I think the beginning of the beginning feels increasingly difficult to negotiate, or perhaps it is simply a knowing familiarity with that stage of unknowingness. It’s not that I don’t have things I want to say or question or critique; I think it’s our job as artists to think critically and to apply this facility. Rather, it’s how to beat a track into the newness, to start to learn it and to learn from it – to get through the noisy, static outer layers and into the core. (more…)

VAN Sept / Oct 2014: Isabel Nolan Discusses the Development of her Art Career


Isabel Nolan, The view from nowhere (digital print on paper), The weakening eye of day (mild steel, wadding, wood, thread), 2014



Jason Oakley: Would you subscribe to the idea that an art practice / career is about pursuing and sharing an ongoing curiosity about the world?

Isabel Nolan: Sure. I’m interested in the ways that people are interested in the world – the ways that scientists, poets, philosophers, artists etc find ways to interact with and activate the world. It’s both astonishing, unsettling even troubling when you look closely at how insights occur or how information is gathered, produced and disseminated. I’m generally looking at the big picture – the history as well as the current conditions of a discipline. I’m an erratic researcher so a lot of my reading is brain fuel or acts as a prompt. Mostly it is tacitly present in the work; it is only overt in titles or in my writing. (more…)