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Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris: Artists in Residence 2015/16

The Centre Culturel IrlandaisThe Centre Culturel Irlandais is delighted to announce the recipients of its 2015-16 programme of residencies. 22 artists across the spectrum of artistic backgrounds will spend from one month to three months in Paris to develop their proposed projects, which range from composing a multi-violin composition influenced by the Paris Metro system to an exploration of queer narratives and queer cultures in Paris. This year sees CCI partnering three Irish arts organisations for the first time in the awarding of a design residency (Design Crafts Council of Ireland – DCCoI), a music residency (Music Network) and a composer’s residency (Contemporary Music Centre).

Artists in residence have been appointed on an annual basis since the Centre Culturel Irlandais was inaugurated in October 2002. Through the residencies and its diverse cultural programme, the Centre Culturel Irlandais showcases Ireland’s dynamic contemporary culture on an international stage.

Recipients of the visual artist residencies are: Susan McWilliam, Alan Phelan, Padraig Spillane, Corban Walker and Tom Watt.
Special projects residencies are awarded to: Corinna Askin and Softday (Sean Taylor and Mikael Fernstrom).
The design residency was awarded to: Joe Hogan in association with DCCoI

Further information:
Rosetta Beaugendre, Centre Culturel Irlandais, 5 rue de Irlandais, 75005 Paris, France
T: 00 33 1 58 52 10 34 / 30
E: rbeaugendre@centreculturelirlandais.com

VAN March/April 2015: ‘Roads of Least Resistance: Irish Attitudes to Protest and Civil Disobedience’ by Treasa O’Brien


French new wave cinematographer Raoul Coutard shot Rocky Road to Dublin (directed by Peter Lennon, 1968) while he was in between shooting with Godard and Truffaut. A mix of journalistic essay film, visual anthropology and new wave expressionism, it asked the question ‘what do you do with your revolution once you have it?’ The answer for the Republic of Ireland, it seemed, was to sit in the seats of your former oppressors and become them yourselves. Ireland’s parochial and conservative attitude was put under attack and the Catholic Church more than implicated as the reason for its failure to imagine itself differently.

According to Peter Lennon, the Irish censor at the time said he couldn’t ban the film because there wasn’t any sex in it, but it was prevented from being shown by the government and through official channels in public places including on RTE, who said it was backed by ‘communist money’. According to Lennon, it was funded by an American friend of his.

It was selected for Cannes in 1968 but not screened – for that was the year that Godard and co. shut down Cannes Film Festival in solidarity with the students’ revolution. As a result Rocky Road to Dublin did get screened informally in the Paris student communes in 1968 as a warning about what not to do with your revolution. Soon after it was shown at Cork Film Festival and secured a seven-week run in a Dublin cinema. After that, apart from occasional screenings by the Irish Film Institute in Dublin, it was not shown in Ireland publicly until 2005 when, following restoration and production of a ‘making of’ complementary short by Loopline Films, it was finally broadcast by RTÉ.


VAN March/April 2015


Cover Image. Amanda Ralph, Paper Boats, River Brosna, Clara 2000. Public Art Commission for Offaly Co. Council. Re-installed at Lough Boora in 2014.

1. Cover Image. Amanda Ralph, Paper Boats, River Brosna, Clara 2000. Public Art Commission for Offaly Co. Council. Re-installed at Lough Boora in 2014.
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