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Open Call | Collective Exhibition at Gallery X

Deadline for submissions: 31 May

The next collective exhibition at Gallery X, titled Cock and Pussy, would like to celebrate the parts of our bodies around which most of our lives revolve, and yet which are most often hidden away and forgotten.

This is an exhibition against shame, because shame is the parent of repression. Gallery X want to celebrate freedom, joy and pleasure.

Gallery X are looking for works that are graphic and joyous. In accordance to the principles of GalleryX, the works must be skilful, daring and accessible. Gallery X would also like to avoid banal exploitative material.

Send your proposals with jpgs to info@galleryx.ie – either pictures of the actual works you are proposing, or stylistic examples of what will be provided.

Selected artorks must be supplied ready to hang by 20 August. Exhibition will open 31 August.

GalleryX, 65 William St S, Dublin 2
T: (01) 549 1630
E: info@galleryx.ie
W: galleryx.ie

Call for applicants | Open Plan Studio-share Opportunity at the Back Loft, Dublin 8

Deadline: 25 April 2017
The Back Loft, 7-11 St.Augustine Street, Dublin 8

For the first time since its inception, the Back Loft which is the multipurpose space of La Catedral Studios, will play host to a temporary open plan art shared space, from May to September 2017.
This unique opportunity will be be offered on a selection basis, to artists and art collectives/groups who intend to research/work/create in the context of an open plan space and within a sociable environment. This set up would be ideal for those looking to experiment with a new media or concept, for new graduates to experience a transition framework between the college set up and a professional studio, art students looking for a summer working space and for self-taught individuals and young emerging artists in need of a short-term space for practicing.

Rental agreements will be discussed on application. A rental fee applies and will be shared among the selected artists or a fixed fee will be applied for a large collective/group.
This new initiative of temporary shared space for emerging artists at the back loft aims to expand and complement the existing set up of the long-term, professional private studios set up of La Catedral Studios, adjacent to the Back Loft.
Interested parties are invited to send an application with a statement of intention, a web site link and a short bio to: lacatedralstudios@yahoo.com.


Call for Speakers | Digital Transformations Conference, Co. Leitrim

Deadline: 30 April 2017
Glens Centre, Manorhamilton, County Leitrim

Conference takes place on 14 and 15 October 2017.
This conference looks at the cultural impacts of the emerging digital society – a society in which human relations are dependent on digital technology. These technologies are providing new challenges and opportunities for artists, but also for people in general, who need their artists to help them understand its impacts and to preserve cultural identity in the face of these profound changes.
Issues the conference hopes to explore include authorship, memory, automation, copyright and commodification, politics and ideology. The conference seeks to bring together artists, people in creative industries, the tech sector, higher education, and people involved in the formulation of arts policy in Ireland.

We are looking for people that can make an engaging contribution to this debate – either through simple presentations/lectures, or something more interactive.


Workshop on Art and Interactivity, The Digital Hub, Dublin 8

8 + 9 April 2017, 10am to 4pm
Digital Depot, Roe Lane (off Thomas St.), The Digital Hub, Dublin 8

Ever wanted to make copper sing? Or use water to activate lights? Whether you want to learn about simple ways to make your art more interactive or find out about the relevance of S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths) to Youth Arts and Arts in Education, this is the training for you.

Make Create Innovate offer this hands-on, jargon-free two day workshop that will introduce you to physical computing using conductive materials, Makey Makey and Arduino with some basic sensors . We will show you how to develop and realise art pieces with interactive elements. Our artist-maker-educator approach is all about tinkering with art, electronic and everyday materials to learn through experimentation and discovery.


mother’s tank station at Art Basel Hong Kong

23 to 25 March

Nina Canell, Chloë Chuek, 崔洁 Cui Jie, Mairead O’hEocha, Maggie Madden

mother’s tankstation limited’s curated presentation for Art Basel, Hong Kong, 2017, conflates the work of five female artists, known and emerging, eastern, western, who share the commonality of practicing without foregrounding agendas of feminism or identity politics. Rather, they individually embody a branch of humanist investigation that in combination explores the nuanced understandings of our contemporary world.

Cui Jie (CN), best known for her architectural pittura metafisica, paintings of lone buildings isolated from the contemporary megalopolis, debuts new sculpture; structures scanned directly from her remarkable paintings and interpolated from virtual to (ethe)real space. Nina Canell’s (SW) cutaway high-voltage cable, unearthed from a Berlin street, sits hopelessly as a branch-like trophy to lost energy. Chloë Cheuk’s (HK) intimate sculptural installations inhabit domestic space, speaking of the subtle loneliness of companionship; an illuminated, corner-mounted light bulb casts a hopeful glow onto a disconnected companion. Maggie Madden‘s (IRL) drawings in space, minimalist sculptures ostensibly constructed from salvaged, familiar but unwanted materials, phone wires and plastic shopping bags, dominate territory yet are simultaneously near-invisible. For the past two years Mairead O’hEocha’s (IRL) paintings have single-mindedly focused on the complex socio-historiographics of flower painting, and the latest works in this on-going investigation counterpoint the luminescence of exotics against extraordinary light-sucking grounds.

Art Basel Hong Kong
Hong Kong Convention Centre

For more information or images please contact:
mother’s tank station
41-43 Watling Street,
Usher’s Island,
T: +353 1 6717654
E: gallery@motherstankstation.com
W: motherstankstation.com

Remnants | Stephen Lawlor at Oliver Sears Gallery

23 March to 4 May
Opening Thursday 23 March 6pm

Oliver Sears Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Remnants, Stephen Lawlor’s fourth solo exhibition with the gallery. Built up gradually, layer after layer, Lawlor’s paintings slowly reveal the trace of individual old master works, paintings that for the artist are the genesis of his process. Most of the works are drawn from images, in whole or in part, of the 16th Century trilogy of Venetian masters: Titian, Veronese and Tintoretto.

The artist describes painting as ‘a fundamentally satisfying occupation that is never anything else but painfully difficult’. Often the image that provides meaning is achieved only when a layer of paint is removed in an area. There is certainly an element of archaeology to the artist’s practice. Broadly speaking, the artist is searching for contemporary meaning in the works of old master paintings that have, over many years, imbedded themselves in his visual lexicon. The exhibition comprises ten works, eight of which are small scale, but the large scale ‘Canopy’ succeeds in drawing the viewer into a 500-year-old landscape from a 21st century position. With Remnants, Stephen Lawlor has added an important body of new work to a career that, for over thirty years, seeks to represent currency through detailed study of the past.

Oliver Sears Gallery
29 Molesworth Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
T: +353 1 644 9459
E: info@oliversearsgallery.com
W: oliversearsgallery.com

Life’s Single Lesson | Chad Alexander at Framewerk Gallery, Belfast

20 to 26 March
Opening on Monday 20 March at 7pm.

An exhibition by Chad Alexander.

Chad Alexander was born in Belfast and is currently completing the final year of a BA (Hons) degree in photography at Ulster University. His photographic practice revolves around themes related to home, social fracture and conflict. His practice is very much rooted in his upbringing in Northern Ireland, which continues to influence his work at home and abroad.

10 Upper Newtownards Road, BT4 3EL Belfast
T: +44 7931 655 155
E: framewerkbelfast@gmail.com
W: framewerkbelfast.com

Open Call | Artist Residency at Clonakilty Community Arts, Co. Cork

Deadline: 13 April 2017

Open Call: Incidental Traces 2017: Artist Residency at Clonakilty Community Arts.
Clonakilty Community Arts Centre invites proposals for a short artists residency and follow-up solo exhibition to take place in 2017. The call out is open to professional artists and/ or artists collectives originally from, or who have studied visual art in the West Cork region. This residency is made possible by funding from Cork County Council Arts Office.

The aim of the project for the Clonakilty Community Arts Centre, is to provide opportunities for all to engage with the visual arts as creators, spectators and participants. Mediation of exhibition programmes is key and the Learning Programme for the gallery will link to all exhibitions.  Applicants should be open to the mediation of their work to the general public through an education programme.
The artist will be provided with a private studio in Clonakilty for 4 weeks and support from Arts Centre staff and volunteers and an artist’s fee of €500.

Please visit: clonarts.com/opportunities/ccac-residency/ for more information.

Movado | Eamonn Ceannt at Gormley’s Fine Art

23 March to 13 April

Gormley’s Fine Art in Dublin will host Eamonn Ceannt’s new exhibition, Movado, Eamonn’s fourth solo show with the gallery.

Working exclusively with bronze, Eamonn Ceannt’s sculptures adopt a tactile approach with a strong commitment to form. The juxtaposition of soft curves, planes and detailing invite the viewer to feel and touch their smooth surfaces.

Eamonn’s figurative pieces are lyrical, with an emphasis on the expression of movement. He draws inspiration from the dynamic form of dancers and performers. The ballet poses are controlled, the limbs are languid, the clothes subtly demonstrating and emphasising the movement.

There are exuberant stylised dancers with ribbons, rock musicians, a famine piece, a clown and curvaceous highly abstract forms. The colour palette ranges from the greens and blues that were a hallmark of his early works to black, gold, classical browns and pure white.

Having travelled extensively in North Africa, the US, Iran, Afghanistan, Nepal and the Indian sub-continent, and having lived in East and West Africa for a number of years, Eamonn’s sculpture work is influenced by native art. His current work can be loosely classified into three groups – head studies, figurative and mythical studies as well as plant/animal pieces.

Gormley’s Fine Art
27 South Frederick Street, Dublin 2
T: 01 6729031
E: dublin@gormleys.ie
W: gormleys.ie

Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone | Group Exhibition at Ormston House

23 March to 27 May
Opening Thursday 23 March, 7pm

Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone is an exhibition of contemporary art that responds to a science-fiction story of mind-controlling images.

Ormston House invites you to the preview of Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone, a CCA Derry~Londonderry touring initiative co-curated by Alissa Kleist and Matt Packer. The exhibition features works by Alan Butler (IE), Clawson and Ward (UK), Eva Fàbregas (ES/UK), Pakui Hardware (DE/LT), Joey Holder (UK), John Russell (UK), and Andrew Norman Wilson (US).

The exhibition takes its title, Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone, from a 1994 book by Belfast-based science fiction writer Ian McDonald. In the book, McDonald describes a young graphic design student, Ethan Ring, who is able to create images that bypass rational thought and control the mind of the viewer. The ability of Ethan Ring’s images to induce tears or ecstasy, to heal, and even kill people attracts the interests of governmental forces, who see the opportunities of harnessing this power for their own ends. As well as being a story of art’s capacities to change people’s emotional and physical behaviour, the book is a story of the artist’s struggle to manage these responsibilities.

The exhibition of the same name is not a direct response to the narrative of this story, but, instead, stages a number of artworks that explore ideas of how our perceptual and physical behaviours are transfigured by objects, images, and new technologies. Included in the exhibition are works that reference the way that the physical actions of the body are anticipated by design, such as the animated character of self-assembly furniture in Eva Fàbregas’s video installation The role of unintended consequences (Sofa Compact). Also included in the exhibition are works that suggest the body in a ‘post-human’ hybrid state – the puppetry in Andrew Norman Wilson’s Reality Models, in John Russell’s large print Parallel Domination Facility, or in Pakui Hardware’s series of free-standing sculptural works that contain fleshy images of indeterminable organic or artificial matter, sourced from NASA’s archive. A violence upon the body is suggested in works by Clawson and Ward: their ‘branding iron’ sculpture and a print work This ear says that the artist is not well schooled in anatomy…the ear screams and shouts against anatomy…, which shows an appropriated image of Joseph Stalin’s ear. Throughout the exhibition, the body exists in fragments and is subject to various regimes of control and imposition.

Ormston House
9-10 Patrick Street
E: info@ormstonhouse.com
W: ormstonhouse.com

WMM Women Make Movies Season at Void Derry

25 March to 20 May

The Women Make Movies Season at Void Derry is a moving image exhibition that explores the international diversity, history and achievement of women film makers and artists. The thematic framework is that of civil rights explored from a feminist perspective, viewed through the lens of current events impacting on movement and immigration issues. In March, the month of International Women’s Day, Void is proud to present a programme of documentary, experimental and dramatic works in association with Women Make Movies (WMM) a New York based media arts organisation. First established in 1972 in order to address both the under and misrepresentation of women in the film and media industries, WMM provides services for both makers and users of film and video.

In 1997 the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MOMA) honoured 25 years of WMM with a special tribute and retrospective exhibition showing 25 Women Make Movies titles, whilst in the 30th anniversary year WMM presented a record breaking ten films at the Sundance Film Festival, including the Special Jury Prize winner Lourdes Portillo in January 2002. Currently WMM collects and distributes over 500 films, representing over 400 film makers, from 40 countries worldwide. Integral to the film screening season at Void will be a dynamic weekly programme of discussion and screenings of film and video made by locally based film makers, aimed at connecting the themes of the international screenings with the issues of community interest groups and individuals.

Curated by Mhairi Sutherland

Void, Patrick Street, Derry, BT48 7EL Northern Ireland
T: +44(0)28 7130 8080
E: hello@derryvoid.com
W: derryvoid.com

Setting Your Own Agenda with Patricia Clyne-Kelly at VAI Belfast Office

Wednesday 3 May, 9am to 5pm

Tickets £10 / £5
(Includes lunch and refreshments)

Setting Your Own Agenda – shift your mindset, find your focus and sharpen your creative mind.

An exploration of best practices for making ideas happen. Pragmatic action-oriented insights and skills are shared to empower you to make good the ideas you have in waiting…when it comes to creative work, every decision, everyday matters.

Guest Speakers:

Joanna Kidney was born in Dublin, Ireland and currently lives in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Her work utilizes the medium of drawing, the potential of diverse materials and a sense of experience to reflect on the human experience and our relationship with the vast universe. It is influenced by an interest in interconnectivity between living matter and metaphysics.

Open Call | European Digital Arts Residency for Artists in Ireland, France and Latvia

Application deadline: 5 May, 5pm

Creative Europe Project EUCIDA (European Connections in Digital Art) is delighted to launch this call out for three digital artists (Ireland, France, Latvia) to take part in the European Digital Artist in Residencies strand of the EUCIDA programme that will be taking place from the 18th of September 2017 to the 29th of September 2017.

The EUCIDA Artist in Residency provides artists with an opportunity to bring their practice to a new, productive, supportive and dynamic environment located within one of the three Partners’ venues, Dublin, France and Latvia. This is an opportunity for digital artists, based in Ireland, Latvia or France to collaborate transnationally in new media, digital arts or arts and technology and to further explore their work in a supportive environment.

The selected artist from Ireland will travel to either France or Latvia, the host county will be decided based on the applications received and the work proposed. The Residency offers flights, accommodation, a stipend and an artist fee. The selected artist will be provided with a studio/ space (needs dependant) and access to the Partners’ venues equipment and facilities.

For more information and details on how to apply see: http://www.eucida.eu/news/european-digital-arts-residency

Earth + Water | James and Sally Maidment, Hyde Gallery, Sligo

22 March to 11 April 2017
The Yeats Society, Yeats Memorial Building, Hyde Bridge, Sligo

Father and daughter team James and Sally Maidment present Earth + Water, an exhibition of painting, installation and photography at the Hyde Gallery, Sligo. Both graduates of the Fine Art Department at the Institute of Technology, Sligo, the artists invite visitors to the exhibition to share their fascination with skill, place, identity and experience.

E: info@yeatssociety.com, T:+353 7191 42693
Gallery hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm

Space | Helen O’Connell and Declan Cody at Ranelagh Arts Centre, Dublin

21 March to 2 April 2017 | Opening: 24 March, 6pm
Ranelagh Arts Centre, 26 Ranelagh, Dublin

Ranelagh Arts Centre presents SPACE.  Space is a two person show featuring the work of  Helen O’Connell and Declan Cody. O’ Connell works with glass, texture and colour and for this show Cody presents a selection of recent paintings.

T: (01) 547 7775 for further details.