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Open Call | Light Eye Mind Gallery Exhibition, London

Application deadline: 20 September

An open call for an exhibition at Light Eye Mind Gallery in Finsbury Park, London exploring group exhibitions as teams.

Sid and Jim are seeking artworks for an exhibition at Light Eye Mind Gallery in Finsbury Park, London exploring group exhibitions as teams.

Light Eye Mind is in a very interesting position geographically; being so close to the Emirates Stadium there is a meeting of two dedicated factions of interest; Art and Sport, Art fans and Sports Fans. While the two groups don’t need to be pushed together it’s interesting to consider the similarities and differences; how much of the mind set of one party falls into the same basket as the other.

The gallery will act as the space where conversations happen before the final event; the changing room. This is where teamwork is visible and perhaps when it is most effective. Running off the idea of teamwork and the space of the Footballer’s (or general sportsperson’s) dressing room, we are combining the idea of gallery and changing room, or at least, what those sorts of space represents. Artists will be asked to decide what their art is in the role of the team, this can be anything they decide, from making work that’s referential to another artist in the exhibition, to providing a public service that gives some traction to the proceedings of the show. It’s up to them to consider their position within the team of the group show.

Unfortunately this is an unfunded artist-run project, Sid and Jim are unable to pay artists a fee but hope to promote them and their work and possibly collaborate in the future.

More information and apply HERE.

Commission | Allianz Arts + Business NI Awards Pieces Tender

Submission of initial design concepts: 9 October 2017

The Allianz Arts & Business NI Awards celebrate the best in creative partnerships between the business and arts sectors in Northern Ireland.

This glittering annual ceremony is the Arts & Business NI flagship event of the year and always attracts an impressive cross-section of approximately 250 high profile people from the worlds of business, arts, media and government across Northern Ireland.

Budget for 16 pieces is £3,200

Our theme this year is Partnership. We connect our business and arts member network in original and unexpected ways with amazing results. We find new ways for businesses to grow and arts organisations to flourish.

The partnership theme invites us to explore not only the types of relationships that exist between arts and business organisations, but also the breadth and diversity of the Arts in Northern Ireland.

We are looking for artworks that reflect this theme; however the brief leaves it open for the artist to interpret partnership in their own way, and medium, based on the brief outlined below

Briefing Notes

  • The award should be a high quality art piece interpreting the theme
  • The award pieces should reflect the 3-way relationship between Arts & Business NI, Business and the Arts
  • It should reflect the quality, creativity and style of the Allianz Arts & Business Awards event
  • The piece must be suitable for display in a business office or boardroom
  • The piece can be free standing or wall mounted
  • The award should be sufficiently light-weight and compact, yet also robust, for the purpose of being handed from one person to another during the awards presentation
  • The design should include a surface for engraving purposes

It is essential that in addition to being functional, the pieces stand out as being unusual and imaginative pieces of art

The design must be capable of being replicated 16 times (16 pieces are required).

Submissions for applications:

Post: Sarah Mackey, Arts & Business NI, Bridge House, 2 Paulett Avenue, Belfast, BT5 4HD
Email: s.mackey@artsandbusinessni.org.uk

For more information on the Awards please go to www.artsandbusinessni.org.uk
or contact Maeve McKervey m.mckervey@artsandbusinessni.org.uk or 028 90 735 150