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Incarceration Altars | Bernie Masterson in Collaboration with Residents from Mountjoy Prison Campus

12 to 19 October 2017

An audio/visual exhibition by Bernie Masterson with accompanying publication in collaboration with residents from Mountjoy Prison Campus.
‘Incarceration Altars’ investigates the relationship between person place and object through a series of images and prisoners’ narratives to contextualise the different worlds of prison identity and private identity. Objects provide links to those identities and are also used to reflect on other themes such as ‘mourning and memory,’ ‘transition and passage,’ ‘meditation and new vision,’ and how they serve as a marker in a significant life situation such as incarceration. The objects become an instrument, a channel of emotional connectedness to a vast structure of recollection involving thought, feeling and memory

To book a group or school tour email: public.art@ggda.ie

Rathdown House
DIT Grangegorman Campus
Grangegorman Lower
Dublin 7
E: public.art@ggda.ie
W: ggda.ie

Left Overs Exhibition at FiLiA, London

14 to 15 October 2017

Procreate Project has invited UK & European-based visual artists and live art performers to respond to the theme of ´Left Overs’ – What is left of our sanity, bodies, sexuality, time and identities when mothering? What remains unused or unconsumed? How do left overs feed creativity?

As part of this event, Procreate Project announces the first Procreate Project ‘Mother Art’ Prize 2017 (Visual Art). This prize is available to artists who mother-artists.




Coppermill Lane
E17 7HA
E: info@filia.org.uk
W: filia.org.uk

Delirious Rhythm 1936-2017: Films Selected by Vivienne Dick at the IFI, Dublin 2

10 October 2017 | 6.30pm

In connection with her current exhibition at IMMA, 93% Stardust, Vivienne Dick presents a personal selection of films that inspire her work. The films chosen for this programme are about anarchic moments, about being alive to music, to rhythm, and the value of staring into space.
In an era obsessed with targets and prescriptive living, the value of daydreaming and dawdling is often overlooked. This programme serves as a reminder of the important role played by chance interaction and sheer nerve in creativity. Featuring works by Len Lye, Helen Levitt, Masha Godovannaya, Vivienne Dick, D.A. Pennebaker, Moira Tierney, Bev Zalcock & Sara Chambers, Sarah Pucill and Chantal Akerman, this exhilarating programme foregrounds films that relate to the street, the domestic and the unconscious.
This screening will be introduced by Vivienne Dick

Irish Film Institute
6 Eustace Street
Temple Bar
ifi.ie/delirious-rhythm-vivienne-dick | www.aemi.ie

Job Vacancy | Assistant Curator (Exhibitions) at The Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin

Closing Date: Monday 23 October 2017 at 5PM (GMT)

Job Title: Assistant Curator (Exhibitions)
Employer: The Douglas Hyde Gallery, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2
Reports to: The Director
Hours of work: Full time (40 hours p/week)
Salary: 29,500 euros per annum, with a professional development allotment
Contract type: Fixed term 2 years
Probation period: 6 months
Annual leave: 20 days
Interviews: Week of 6th November 2017


Tír Sáile | Symposium at Áras Inis Gluaire, Belmullet, Mayo

13 to 14 October 2017

Tír Sáile Symposium at Áras Inis Gluaire, Belmullet, Co. Mayo will take place over 2 days. The Symposium willl include presentations and conversations from the commissioned artists, Joanna Hopkins, Gareth Kennedy, Noah Rose and Selma Makela, together with a talk by Dorothy Cross on the 13th Oct and a tour of some of the original Tír Sáile sites on 14th Oct. Places are limited so booking is essential. To book a place email Sally O’Leary at publicart@mayococi.ie before 22 Sept.


Áras Inis Gluaire
Chruch St
Co. Mayo
T: (097) 81079
E: info@arasinisgluaire.ie
W: arasinisgluaire.ie

Radioactive Memory | Darina Meagher at Pallas Projects/Studios

11 to 15 October

Introduced to Orson Welles’ iconic film, Citizen Kane, as a student at the National College of Art and Design in the 1980’s, artist Darina Meagher now revisits the film to explore the concept of ‘radioactive memory’.

Citizen Kane opens with Kane on his deathbed murmuring his last word “Rosebud”. Throughout the film, “Rosebud” is the enigma which the narrator seeks to solve. It is described as a radioactive memory by Peter Bradshaw, in the Guardian Newspaper.

According to Bradshaw:
“Rosebud is more probably Welles’s intuition of the illusory flashback effect of memory that will affect all of us, particularly at the very end of our lives: the awful conviction that childhood memories are better, simpler, more real than adult memories – that childhood memories are the only things which are real. The remembered details of early existence – moments, sensations and images – have an arbitrary poetic authenticity which is a by- product of being detached from the prosaic context and perspective which encumbers adult minds, the rational understanding which would rob them of their mysterious force”. (25 April 2015)

Through a call-out, Meagher has gathered stories and images that trigger childhood memories for the respondent, each one just as authentic to its owner as “Rosebud” was to Kane.


Pallas Projects/Studios, 115–117 The Coombe, Dublin 8
T: (01) 856 1404
E: info@pallasprojects.org
W: pallasprojects.org

The Nothing Of Everything | Fiona Carey at Signal Arts Centre

9 to 22 October

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to present this body of work which explores not the opposing – seemingly incompatible – views of science, religion, theology, and spirituality, but the areas where they intersect and overlap. The exhibition consists of two bodies of work; drawings and watercolours, and encaustic paintings.

The drawings and watercolours series explores the connection of spirituality, science, and art. It draws on recurring themes in spiritually-influenced art, spanning different times and belief systems. From Tantric Hindu Art to Celtic Insular Art, from Islamic Golden Age architecture to 20th Century geometric abstract art, from Ancient Egypt to the European Renaissance religious paintings, geometry is used time and again by artists to explore and portray that which cannot be seen and can only be felt.

The series of encaustic paintings are multi-faceted, enchanting, and magnetic; representative of all things and no one thing. They capture the oneness of all existence, of creation, conception, birth, death, fleeting moments of absolute clarity and pure consciousness, epiphanies, brainwaves, awakenings. They simultaneously depict atoms, amoebae and galaxies. They are at once cellular and universal, capturing both divinity and flawed humanity.

Signal Arts Centre, 1 Albert Avenue, Bray, Co. Wicklow
T: 353 01 276 20 39
E: info@signalartscentre.ie
W: signalartscentre.ie

Needle Felting Workshop at F.E. McWilliam Gallery

Discover the magic of needle felting in a day. Naomi will teach you the basics of Needle -felting – a dry felt making technique using a special barbed felting needle. In the workshop you will get the chance to experiment with colour and texture. You will learn all about the tools and materials needed for this craft. Afterwards you will decide if you want to needle felt your very own character, brooch or beautiful picture or perhaps have a go at all three. Cost includes all materials. Suitable for beginners.

Tutor: Naomi Whan
Dates: Saturday 18th November
Times: 10am-4pm
Fee: £25
Location: F.E. McWilliam Gallery,
200 Newry Rd,
Booking: 028 4062 3322
Website: femcwilliam.com

The Weight Of Water | Elaine Hoey at Draiocht

14 October to 4 November

The Weight of Water is an extraordinary immersive animation that fuses virtual reality and gaming technology to address the ongoing global refugee crisis. For each viewer – one-at-a-time and for 8 minutes – that crisis is no longer an abstraction, an item on the news or a front-page photo. Instead it becomes a lived experience, collapsing the distance that normally protects us from the impact of such events and making us ‘witnesses’ rather than safely detached spectators. Wearing a virtual-reality headset, each viewer joins refugees on a boat and is both observer and fellow-traveler as they undertake a treacherous journey. Words, sound and images create a sensory field that enacts the perils of seeking asylum in Europe, offering us increased understanding of these traumatic and grim experiences.

Elaine Hoey creates interactive installations, appropriating gaming aesthetics and techniques, such as virtual reality, motion capture, 3d virtual avatars and environments. Her work explores the intersections between the media, technology and politics. Hoey is an award-winning artist who recently completed a Masters in Fine Art at NCAD. In 2016 she was awarded the prestigious RDS Taylor Art Award for her virtual reality installation The Weight of Water which, following The Visual Arts Awards Exhibition at the RDS was exhibited at Futures at the RHA; Design and Violence, a collaboration between the Science Gallery, Dublin and MoMA, New York.

Curated by Sharon Murphy, Draíocht Curator-in-Residence 2017.

The Blanchardstown Centre
Dublin 15
T: 01 885 2622
W: http://www.draiocht.ie/

STRETCH | Group Exhibition at An Tain Arts Centre, Dundalk

12 October to 4 November

STRETCH: Creative Spark, Dundalk presents an exhibition of work from the Creative Spark Residency Programme 2017. Creative Spark Residency Programme Exhibition 2017 (funded by Create Louth) with supporting exhibition of work by Creative Spark Print Studio members.

The artists involved in the 2016 – 2017 Programme at Creative Spark were Michael Stafford (Louth); Thomas Brezing (Dublin); Olga Danilova (Russia); Chiara Leto and Giulia Vetri (Italy) and Hazel Egan (Dublin)

The exhibition will bring together new works completed during the residency programme in the medium of printmaking, mixed media and painting.


An Táin Arts Centre (Basement Gallery),
Crowe St, Townparks, Dundalk, Co. Louth
T: (042) 933 2332
E: info@antain.ie
W: antain.ie/gallery

Group Exhibition at Courthouse Arts Centre, Co. Wicklow

15 October to 10 November

Featuring artists: Niall Lynam, Karen Walsh, Alison Tubritt and Sean O’Rouke.

Four artists from our very successful Emerging Artists Exhibition 2016 have been selected for this group exhibition. Each one has a distinct style and all have a strong future ahead as an upcoming Irish artist to watch.

Courthouse Arts Centre
Main Street, Tinahely, Co. Wicklow

T: 0402 38529

E: bookings@courthousearts.ie

W: courthousearts.ie

In Life’s Pocket | Miriam McConnon at Olivier Cornet Gallery

15 October to 5 November

Miriam McConnon’s recent work presents paintings and drawings of domestic objects. She is preoccupied with the nature of these objects and their narratives. The work is concerned with the human connection to the domestic object.

The artist re-presents these everyday objects in a new context in order to highlight an intimacy about them and to expose the power they have to reveal certain aspects of the rhythm of life. In McConnon’s work the chosen objects are sometimes re-contextualized. The background becomes placeless and is shrouded in pattern. This pattern creates a sense of nostalgia around the object, its sense of security, seeking to preserve its memory through decoration.

The large-scale drawings in the show reflect the overwhelming effect of domesticity on our lives. McConnon multiplies the objects across the picture, creating partitions of plates, walls of cups and caverns of crockery.

In this show ‘In Life’s Pocket’, McConnon’s work aims to trigger a social and a personal association with the objects it presents, touching on the theme of how domestic objects are connected to gender association. We are presented with a line of suits are on the march, a house coat that has being hung up and stilettos that are in a line ready for battle. This preoccupation with gender association and the domestic object is perhaps most evident in the large-scale drawing “Dolls”. In this work, a tailor’s mannequins stand on display. They are torn at the chest. The measuring tapes around their necks weigh them down. In this more feminine pocket of life, strength meets vulnerability, reflecting the complexity of gender association in our domestic world.

Olivier Cornet Gallery, 3 Great Denmark Street, Dublin 1
T: 087 288 7261
E: info@oliviercornetgallery.com
W: oliviercornetgallery.com