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Reflection Within the Art of Portrait | Monika Ferris at Signal Arts Centre

22 January to 4 February 2018

Monika Ferris is a portrait artist from Poland currently living in Merrion Square, Dublin. Her upcoming exhibition at the Signal Arts Centre will include portraits focused to express the energy and beauty of a human, especially female and her inner magic.

Reflecting within the art of portraits is a way of capturing a portrait and what we actually see while looking at the other person. Many emotional influences can impact on the final portrait expression; therefore leading to the deepest point of presenting a portrait.

From universal reflection on the human condition and the penetrating portrait depth, to the existential mirrors combined with paintings, triggers captured reactions of the viewer’s portrait.

Signal Arts Centre, 1 Albert Avenue, Bray, Co. Wicklow
T: 353 01 276 20 39
E: info@signalartscentre.ie
W: signalartscentre.ie

Kapton Cadaverine | Sam Keogh at the Kerlin Gallery

27 January to 10 March

At the centre of Sam Keogh’s practice is writing and object making. The works orbit a figure – most recently, Sesame Street’s Oscar the Grouch – describing its contours with a combination of handmade objects, written word and careful staging. Attempting to take Oscar out of the quarantine of representation, Keogh repurposes this figure as a chorus of counter-cultural refusals, archetypes, narratives and objects. These various threads are matted together to present a textural impression of his form, tangled in the senses of the viewer; an artistic strategy used to problematise an image of the world today.

Kerlin Gallery, Anne’s Lane, Dublin 2
T: +3531 670 9093
E: gallery@kerlin.ie
W: kerlingallery.com

Innermost Limits | Gavin McCrea at the Hyde Bridge Gallery

24 January to 13 February 2017

‘Innermost Limits’ a First Graduate Award exhibition of new work by artist Gavin McCrea at the Hyde Bridge Gallery,Sligo to be formally opened by artist & lecturer Ronnie Hughes. The exhibition ‘Innermost Limits’ varies from large to intimate, with energetic gestural marks, paint drips, repeat patterns, screen print and hard-edge graphic elements, incorporating various transparent substrates such as acetate, films, tapes and polythene as an alternative to the more traditional materials. These materials all referencing the construction of surfboards and the translucency of the sea itself. The transparency of the surfaces combined with visible stretchers that populate the gallery add scale and proportion, and gives the work a dynamic and immersive quality.

“I am attempting to offer varying viewing options to the audience; offering the viewer a way to engage with the work from multiple vantage points and angles”

Through his installation of paintings Gavin is placing the viewer within his world and attempting to give an insight into his fascination with the painting process and ultimately the sea.

Hyde Bridge Gallery
Yeats Memorial Building
Douglas Hyde Bridge, Sligo
Tel: 071 9142693
E: info@yeatssociety.com
W: yeatssociety.com/the-hyde-bridge

Using Your Digital Camera: Stage 1 Workshop at Belfast Exposed

This practical, hands-on course is designed both for beginners and those wishing to refresh previous knowledge.

You will get an introduction to your camera’s manual controls and will get to know the potential of your camera as well as taking the hit-and-miss out of picture taking. This course will also enable you to apply a practical and theoretical knowledge to help you use a digital camera effectively and creatively.

What You Will Need
– A digital camera with manual controls.

What You Will Learn
– How to work your camera in full manual exposure mode.
– How to use ISO, shutter speed and aperture to create the correct exposure for a given photograph.
– What white balance and metering settings to use in various situations.
– Exposure compensation and good composition– what makes your images interesting and how to get great creative camera effects.
– Histogram and file formats (RAW + JPEG) explained.
– A basic overview of focusing, flash, lenses and filters.

Tutor: Chris Barr
Dates: Wednesday 7, 14, 21 & 28 February 2018
Times: 6pm – 9pm
Fee: £150 / £135
Location: Belfast Exposed Photography, The Exchange Place, 23 Donegall Street, Belfast
Booking: contact Conor at training@belfastexposed.org
Website: belfastexposed.org/

The Paradise of The Heart | Tomas Penc & Peter Nash at TACTIC Gallery

27 January to 8 February 2017

The Paradise of The Heart is a collaborative exhibition by Cork-based artists Tomas Penc and Peter Nash. Inspired by an allegorical literary work ‘Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the Heart’ by the 17th-century scholar John Amos Comenius, this collaborative exhibition examines the concept of home as a safe place for personal development and self-expression. In the exhibition, the artists respond visually to this allegorical work and bring its subject matter into the contemporary context of Cork city.

The aim, however, is not to recreate the text literally but instead to employ it as a conceptual starting point. In the disused residential accommodation inside the grounds of Elizabeth Fort, the artists create an immersive installation in which the environment of the uninhabited domestic setting becomes an integral element of the work.

The exhibition consists of brand new artworks created specifically for this context, alongside re-iterations of existing pieces which have been further developed to work in correspondence with this unique location. The project is hosted by TACTIC Gallery and supported by the National Sculpture Factory, Cork City Council and Sample-Studios.

Elizabeth Fort
Barrack Street
Cork City
T: +353 (0)871716621
E: tactic@sample-studios.com
W: sample-studios.com

Twists and Torcs | Exhibition Tour at the National Museum, Dublin

20 January 2018 at 11.30am

Location: Archaeology Museum, National Museum of Ireland, Kildare Street, Dublin 2. Participants will meet at the main reception area of the museum.
FREE admission, all welcome. Click here to book your ticket.

As part of her research into her current exhibition The Breath from Fertile Grounds at TBG+S artist Otobong Nkanga made a visit to the National Museum of Ireland, where Museum Educator Annie Birney introduced her to some of the golden artefacts displayed in the Museum. The techniques applied and developments made in the twists and torcs of the gold jewellery directly inspired her work Handshake, which is the central axis of the exhibition.

This public tour of the National Museum of Archaeology will visit both the Prehistoric Ireland, and Ór – Ireland’s Gold exhibitions and finish by looking at artefacts from the Irish Iron Age in The Treasury exhibition.

Participants will discover what archaeology can tell us about the skills needed to survive and thrive in the past, examine artefacts from Prehistoric Ireland and explore the special meanings and functions that these objects held for those who created them.

Participants should arrive ten minutes early. This event is fully wheelchair accessible.

National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology
Kildare St
Dublin 2
T: (01) 677 7444

Silence, exile and cunning… | Chris Leach at The Custom House Gallery and Studios

26 January to 18 February
Opening by Alice Maher on Friday 26 January, 7pm

The world is full of material stuff. Our natural instinct is to mark it, to claim territory, to clarify things, give them a name, to make them into something. We imbue things, places, objects with our own emotions, our own dreams and longings, we name them and categorise them, construct our own ideologies and thoughts around them. These things which; in as much as they are solid, are also ephemeral and transient.

All of the works in Chris Leach’s exhibition share a point of transition, a hinge upon the friction between what we see and what we are. There are particular spaces and environments depicted in the work, moments in time. The works are produced with a mind to the historicity of material. They are laboured and in some ways quite scrupulous. Chris Leach became interested in silverpoint drawing, he liked the idea that they are of silver, those associations of value, the mutability of that criteria. He also liked the idea that the drawing materials had a historical basis, that they used a technique that went back hundreds of years. He liked too, the idea of scale and proximity, the question of the value relationships inherent within them.

The Custom House Gallery and Studios
The Quay, Westport, Co. Mayo,
T: +353 (0)98 28735
E: info@customhousestudios.ie
W: customhousestudios.ie

Relatively Speaking | Guided Walking Tour at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios

18 January 2018 at 1pm

Meeting point: Temple Bar Gallery + Studios
FREE admission, booking is essential. Click here to book your ticket.

Would you like an opportunity to introduce your friends and family to contemporary art? Relatively Speaking is the guided walking tour that takes place across three of Dublin’s most well-known contemporary art galleries, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Gallery of Photography and Project Arts Centre. The tours introduce their current exhibitions to those who might not be so familiar with contemporary art and offer an interesting insight into the work for those who are. The whole tour, contained within Temple Bar, will take about 60 minutes (approx.), with 15-20 minute tours taking place in each gallery.

January’s tour will begin at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios with Otobong Nkanga’s first solo exhibition in Ireland, The Breath From Fertile Grounds. Visitors will be guided to the next venue, the Gallery of Photography for the exhibition of Krass Clement‘s work entitled The Light Gleams an Instant. The tour will finish with a visit to Project Arts Centre to take in the docu-fiction project by Szabolcs KissPál, From Fake Mountains to Faith (Hungarian Trilogy).

The tour will meet on Thursday 18 January at 1pm at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios. Book a spot for your parents, friends, cousins, housemates and anyone who you think might like to learn more about the things you love.

Temple Bar Gallery + Studios
5 – 9 Temple Bar, Dublin 2
T: 01 671 0073
E: info@templebargallery.com
W: templebargallery.com

EX-VOTO the body + the institution | Group Exhibition at Galway Arts Centre

19 January to 10 March

Lucy Beech, Jenna Bliss, Cecilia Bullo, Judy Foley, Sinéad Gleeson, Rajinder Singh

Ex-Voto is a group exhibition that addresses the colonisation of the human body, the treatment of the body by State, corporate, medical and pharmaceutical institutions.

This exhibition also explores the subjective experiences of health and illness in the context of institutions. The relationship between Institution and the individual, the role of power and the impact of capitalism and commerce are investigated in works by contemporary visual artists.

The exhibition frames the artist as witness, mirroring Michel Foucault’s theories in The Birth of the Clinic, that clinical medicine is fundamentally an encounter between people. Michel Foucault’s The Birth of the Clinic addressed the patient’s corporeal experience and vulnerability in the context of modern medicine:

“The presence of disease in the body, with its tensions and its burnings, the silent world of the entrails, the whole dark underside of the body lined with endless unseeing dreams, are challenged as to their objectivity by the reductive discourse of the doctor, as well as established as multiple objects meeting his positive gaze.” (Foucault, The Birth of the Clinic xi).

Galway Arts Centre
47 Lower Dominick Street, Galway
T: (091) 565 886
E: info@galwayartscentre.ie
W: galwayartscentre.ie/ga

The Breath From Fertile Grounds | Supporters Club Tour at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios

23 January 2018 at 11am

Meeting point: Temple Bar Gallery + Studios

To attend, join the Temple Bar Gallery + Studios Supporters Club here and book your place by emailing muriel@templebargallery.com

Programme Curator Rayne Booth will guide TBG+S Supporters and RHA Friends through The Breath From Fertile Grounds, Otobong Nkanga’s first solo exhibition in Ireland. The Breath From Fertile Grounds is an installation of entirely new work emerging from a research visit to Dublin. Nkanga’s interests in architecture and the body, in landscapes, organic growth and exchanges are carefully combined in her different projects. This exhibition has been conceived as a “space of remains and revitalisation”.

A collage of elements spreads across the gallery, along with a wall drawing and the sculptural “intersect” that binds the two central pillars around a stone. The bog clashes with the metal and brick work of industry and disused urban waste to highlight resistance and mutualisation. Networked structures propose a constellation of thought in times of transformation and crisis.

After the talk at TBG+S, Supporters and Friends will move next door to Black Church Print Studios where they will receive a tour of the print facilities. Black Church Print Studio is an artists’ collective which supports and promotes the development of contemporary art practice through the medium of printmaking. This is achieved through the provision of excellent studio facilities, a diverse artistic programme, and by the promotion of fine art print as a leading art form both nationally and internationally.

On the day, RHA Friends can avail of a 10% discount on TBG+S Supporters Club membership.

Temple Bar Gallery + Studios
5 – 9 Temple Bar, Dublin 2
T: 01 671 0073
E: info@templebargallery.com
W: templebargallery.com

Introduction to Silkscreen Printing at Damn Fine Print, Dublin 7

This four-week course is an excellent introduction to silkscreen printing. Beginners will learn the history of the art form and gain guided hands-on practice in the process of screenprint making from start to finish.

You will practice the photo-stencilling technique and learn how to prep your own black and white artwork (a photograph, digital artwork or perhaps some handdrawn sketches ) for the medium of screenprinting – coating and exposing your own screen, handling screen printing equipment and tools, setting up your workspace, working with water based inks and producing your very own limited-edition print run.

You will learn to print, troubleshoot and experiment with colours, blending and over printing techniques – and come away inspired for your next edition.

Damn Fine Print will provide all printing supplies, film positives, inks, aprons and safety gear and a limited supply of paper but we advise you to BYO paper for your final prints or you can purchase our in-house stock from the studio. (Coloured and patterned paper can produce great results also). Some old cloth rags always come in handy too.

For more information please email kim@damnfineprint.com / Subject Title – SCREEN PRINTING
Limited number of Participants (6 maximum per course).

Dates: 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of March
Times: 6:30pm – 9:15pm
Fee: €240
Location: Damn Fine Print, 32 North Brunswick Street, Stoneybatter, Dublin 7
Booking: damnfineprint.com/

2 Day Pit Firing Workshop with Patricia Millar, County Down

The ceramic workshop takes you through all the stages in the ancient technique of pit firing. On day 1 you will be guided with demonstrations and tutoring on how to prepare your own pieces- choose from a wide selection of organics, seaweed and native wood, experience packing the pit and the processes behind achieving colour.

On day 2, return for the big reveal! Analyse the results, learn how to clean and seal the work. Course fee covers all materials, fuel, safety equipment and 2 vegetarian lunches. Participants can bring their own bisque fired pieces or wheel thrown pots can be pre-ordered.

Dates: Mon 26th + Tue 27th March. Weekends: 28th + 29th April, 26th + 27th May, 23rd + 24th June
Times: 10am to 4pm daily
Fee: £160
Location: Strangfjord Open Studio, 60 Dunover Road, Ballywalter. Co. Down Bt22 2LE
Booking: patriciamillarceramics@mail.com for a booking form

Introduction to Abstract Painting with Damien Flood, Co. Wicklow

Ever wonder how you begin an abstract painting? What sources do you use? In this course you will gain an understanding of abstract painting and learn how to create abstract images of your own.

Abstract painting is all about learning how to see the world differently. Through practical exercises each student will learn how to turn everyday objects and images into abstract paintings. They will gain an insight into new working methods and learn new painting techniques and skills.

Participants will start with a simple still life exercise and gradually explore different working methods, while experimenting with a range of painting techniques, approaches and colour palettes. Each class begins with a demonstration of the evening exercises. Through each demonstration the students will build up a new painting vocabulary that they can bring into their own practice. Students will be encouraged to experiment and bring in their own influences and interests into the class.

This 6 week course will be taught in a supportive and friendly environment dedicated to enjoying learning and discovering new ways of working. It is suited to beginners and people who would like to learn more about abstract painting. The class sizes will be kept small so each student can avail of one to one tuition.

Dates: 24th January to 28th February
Times: 7pm – 9.30pm
Cost: €140
Location: Schoolhouse for Art Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow
Tutor: David West
Website: www.schoolhouseforart.com/classes/

An Introduction to Figure Painting with Nicholas Robinson at Block T

Painting the figure has always been a staple exercise in learning the craft of oil painting. This 6 week daytime course is ideal for those looking to start their exploration into the art of Figure Painting, or even for the more experienced artist who wants to improve their fundamentals.

Nick Robinson (Florence Academy prize winner 2012 and 2013, Art Renewal Center finalist 2016) will instruct in the visual method: translating what we observe from life into oil painting on the canvas. The first class will explore the materials involved, some theory and preparation for the model. The rest of the course will be comprised of working from the nude in one 16/17 hour painting.

Price includes free studio time for the duration of the course, to use on this or any other project. Subject to availability.

Dates: 6 mornings, Starts Thursday morning, January 25th
Times: 10:00 – 13:00
Fee: €250
Location: BLOCK T Studios, Dublin 8
Booking: eventbrite.ie/e/introduction-to-figure-painting

War Changes Its Address: The Aleppo Paintings | Brian Maguire at IMMA

26 January to 6 May

This new exhibition brings together Brian Maguire’s latest body of work, resulting from a visit to Syria in 2017. It is shown in the context of earlier work made in response to the refugee crises hitting Europe’s shores as a result of the Syrian conflict. The Aleppo Paintings document the ruined buildings of the city, offering a visceral and stark insight into the physical consequences of war and the international arms trade that fuels all conflict. As with all his work, Maguire’s work is informed by first-hand experience of the city of Aleppo and its people and is fuelled by a desire to see beyond the news coverage to gain a personal insight into the reality of the situation. Maguire’s paintings bear stark testament to the human suffering implicit in his depiction of the building fragments left after the bombardment, underlining the need for justice.

Brian Maguire’s work emerges from social and political situations and a deep engagement with a particular place or group of people. He approaches painting as a gesture of solidarity and has undertaken projects in prisons, women’s shelters and psychiatric institutions.

Irish Museum of Modern Art, Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin 8
T: 01-612990
E: info@imma.ie
W: imma.ie

A Calf Remembered | Katie Watchorn at Wexford Arts Centre

27 January to 24 February 2018

Opening on Saturday 27th January at 3.00pm at Wexford Arts Centre

Guest speaker: Ann Mulrooney, CEO, VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow

Wexford County Council and Wexford Arts Centre are pleased to present A Calf Remembered, a new exhibition of work by Katie Watchorn, winner of the Emerging Visual Artist Award 2016. The exhibition will run from 27th January to 24th February at Wexford Arts Centre.

Katie Watchorn’s practice is rooted in the materiality of rural farming, highlighting the processes of contemporary and ancestral Irish life and traditions which are often understated and overlooked. Frequently looking inward at the acreage of her father’s dairy farm, Watchorn is interested in the presence of livestock and softer somatic substances in a contrastingly harsh farmyard setting. A Calf Remembered references yearly farming fluctuations, home remedies for cattle, and the physical vehicle of the dairy cow; her cyclical life and ‘the hot brewery of gland cud and udder’.

Raised on a dairy farm in rural Co. Carlow, Katie Watchorn received a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting from the National College of Art and Design in 2014. In recent years, Watchorn has exhibited in VISUAL, Carlow; TULCA Festival of Visual Arts, Galway; Foundation 14, Offaly; and NCAD Gallery, Dublin. She won the George Berkeley Gold Medal for Visual Arts at the 2014 Undergraduate Awards, a 2015 Artlinks Bursary Award from Carlow County Council, and the HOTRON Recent Graduate Award 2016 selected by Annie Fletcher. Katie has recently been a recipient of a Next Generation Arts Council Award to produce new work in 2017/2018.

Wexford Arts Centre
Cornmarket, Wexford
T: (053) 912 3764
E: info@wexfordartscentre.ie
W: wexfordartscentre.ie

Jordanstown Art Club | Annual Exhibition at the Flax Gallery, Museum at the Mill

18 January to 24 February 2018

Jordanstown Art Club has been successfully running for over 30 years. The club comprises keen amateur artists living in Newtownabbey and its neighbouring areas who meet to paint together and share their skills and techniques.

The club produces traditional landscapes, seascapes, and still life along with the more modern acrylics, oils, pastels, watercolours and mixed media paintings. Always striving to improve and innovate, members are encouraged by monthly demonstrations given by professional artists and workshops where they can expand their knowledge of the arts.

For more information, visit here: antrimandnewtownabbey.gov.uk

Museum at The Mill
Mossley Mill,
Carnmoney Rd N,
BT36 5QA
T: +44 28 9034 0129