Jaki Irvine

Jaki Irvine currently works in Dublin and Mexico City. Through the use of forms that range from single screen or more complex multichannel video installations to photography, music composition and writing – she foregrounds the complex ways we imagine ourselves and the world around us. For Irvine, this activity has both philosophical and political implications. How we take our place and act as social beings, whatever the situation, is always, at some point, underpinned by how we construct and articulate our understanding of ourselves and others, both privately and collectively. Riven as this is by conflicting power relations; anxieties; desires and fantasies, Irvine seeks to re-examine this space.

She has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout Europe (including the Venice Biennale, Bern Kunsthalle, Tate Britain, Chisenhale Gallery, Henry Moore Institute and IMMA) as well as America (Louisiana Museum of Modern Art), Australia and Japan. Her work is also held in public and private collections including IMMA, the Irish Arts Council, Tate Modern, FRAC and Deutsche Bank amongst others.

She has a studio in Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, Dublin.


September 15, 2017
Artist Speak – Morning
11:00  -  12:00