Therry Rudin


Damer House Gallery isa collaborative artistic research project, opening a new critical space within which to create/produce a platform for public awareness for art and criticism, through the presentation of contemporary art practice / dialogue, public discussions and publications with unorthodox interventions, in order to explore what a such a vital art forum could mean for art and for the public in the Midlands. it is a non-profit organisation established in the summer of 2012 to encourage and promote artists to make new contemporary art with a program of educational workshops. We run the programme over the summer months, during which time we get meet and engage with artists, curators and an increasing number of interested art lovers. Our programme covers wide range of programmes and activities, from curated exhibitions, seminars/ workshops, artist in residency programme and participatory art projects.

Damer House’s most ambitious project to date is Homeland, our annual programme of short films in collaboration with The Barcelona Loop Festival, which this year, had many International submissions. We are growing exponentially, in fact, more than we can handle at this point. We are lucky to have an extraordinary volunteer, a student from the degree course, Art and Culture in NCAD, who has been our saviour.


September 15, 2017
Speed Curating – Morning (VAI Members Only)
Speed Curating Rooms 1 and 2
11:00  -  12:00
Speed Curating – Afternoon (VAI Members Only)
Speed Curating Rooms 1 and 2
15:00  -  16:00