Bernadette Beecher

bernadette-beecherBernadette Beecher – Office Manager

Bernadette Beecher is Office Manager at Visual Artists Ireland. As well as administration, her work involves coordinating and liaising with all the various department sections within Visual Artists Ireland in order to ensure that a good and efficient service is provided to members. A visual artist who has participated in many exhibitions, she can be contacted at: if members want to book out equipment for hire or if she can be of any assistance in answering queries.

A member of Market Studios, her artistic practice deals with the perception of how public space is used and how legal and cultural frameworks have profound influence on the development of the public / private sphere. She sees the role of the artist as a praxis of change which allows for challenging and changing perceptions.

She has recently participated on a working group that published To Work with Purpose: Best Practice Guidelines for Internships. These guidelines are published on VAI’s website.