Public Art Commissioning

help desk for FacebookAs the key expert in the visual arts sector regarding public art commissioning, VAI has been responsible for a number of key projects around Ireland. If you or your organisation are looking for specialists to help you with a Percent for Art scheme or any other form of public art commissioning, then look no further.

With Visual Artists Ireland you are guaranteed that:

  • Your project will be run by experts
  • Your project will conform to Public Art Commissioning Guidelines
  • Your project will be advertised to the widest possible range of potential candidates
  • Your project will be delivered using best practices in Structured Project Management
  • Your project will be delivered within cost, within quality, and on time.

Public Art Commissioning Services:

  • Review & assess calls for proposals if they already exist;
  • Provide a fully qualified and certified project manager for the agreed duration of the project;
  • Provide best practice guidelines on developing a needs analysis and stakeholder expectations document in preparation for the call for proposals;
  • Prepare the call for proposals in consultation with the client;
  • Advertise the opportunity to the wider visual arts community;
  • Provide two independent artists to sit on the selection panel. The selection panel will also have representatives from the client organisation and other stakeholders;
  • Provide a chair for the selection panel;
  • Provide copies of submissions and support material for the panel;
  • Provide communications support with artists preparing proposals;
  • Shortlist proposals based on the criteria of suitability, achievability, and value for money;
  • Convene, chair, and document the selection panel;
  • Provide feedback to artists on the results of the selection panel meeting;
  • Work with the client’s legal department and the commissioned artist on the preparation and signing of contracts;
  • Prepare a clear communications plan with key personnel that the commissioned artist will have to liaise with during the project;
  • Agree timescale for the final delivery of the commissioned art work and perform regular project status updates to ensure that the client and the commissioned artist are working towards the same deadline;
  • Provide a featured article in The Visual Artists News Sheet about the project;
  • Provide copy support to the client’s PR and Marketing for the project. We have a strong relationship with AICA Ireland (The International Association of Art Critics – Ireland) who can provide crtical texts if required.

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