The Irish Visual Artists Rights Organisation (IVARO) is Ireland’s copyright collecting society for visual artists.  It collects and distributes royalties for the reproduction of visual works of art. IVARO also represents its members in relation to the Artists Resale Right.  The organisation is not-for-profit and is owned and controlled by the 1500 + artists and copyright heirs that make up the membership.

IVARO was established in 2005 with the support of Visual Artists Ireland, the Irish Copyright Licensing Agency and the Copyright Association of Ireland.


  • Provide information to artists and others about intellectual property rights in visual works
  • Protect artist’s copyright from infringement
  • Enhance professionalism among artists in relation to copyright
  • Promote awareness and responsibility among copyright users
  • Advocate on copyright issues affecting artists working in Ireland
  • Collect and distribute to artists royalties due for the use of their works and on the resale of their works
  • By agreement with societies in other countries, collect royalties for the use of Irish works abroad
  • Develop partnerships to help further rights of artists and their heirs




IVARO offers copyright licensing services to customers in Ireland who wish to reproduce or transmit copies of artworks in a variety of ways including in books, on websites, in auction catalogues, magazines and on merchandise


Reprographic royalties are collected from Universities, schools and businesses that use photocopying machines. A share of these royalties can be claimed by any artist / visual creator whose work is contained in publications which have an ISBN or ISSN number (and are therefore available to be photocopied). IVARO negotiates a share of this money on behalf of visual creators in Ireland.

Artists Resale Right

By virtue of an EU Directive introduced in 2006, Irish artists are entitled to receive a royalty whenever their work is resold on the artmarket for a sum equal to or greater than €3,000. IVARO is actively collecting this royalty on behalf of it’s members from auction houses and art dealers. More information here.


Membership of IVARO is open to all visual creators including Painters, Sculptors, Illustrators, Animators, Photographers, Videographers, Designers, Graphic Artists, Architects, and Cratfspeople.

The estates and copyright heirs of artists may also become members of IVARO during the copyright term of the artists work which is the artists lifetime and for 70 years after the artists death.

Membership is free, however, as with all artists collecting societies IVARO is funded on a commission basis from royalties which it collects.  This currently stands at 25% for reprography royalties and 15% for Resale Right Royalties.  IVARO is a not-for-profit organisation and retains only what is necessary to cover administration costs.

See www.ivaro.ie for more information.