Previous Critical Writing Award Winners

2012 / 13: Joanne Laws.
Responding to the theme ‘A Decade of Centenaries’ Joanne Laws’s text ‘Commemoration – A Forward-Looking Act‘ reflected on how a range of Irish artists reflected on specific historical events and explored the meaning and social functions of ‘commemoration’. Laws’s text for The LAB related to Alan James Burns’s exhibition ‘He’.

2011: James Merrigan.
Responding to the theme ‘City Limits’ James Merrigan’s text ‘The New Collectivism’ considered how Dublin-based visual arts collectives have used collaborative strategies to address the challenges inherent in sustaining art making, discussion and criticism in the city. Merrigan responded to Orla Whelan’s exhibition at the LAB, ‘In Paint; In Teeth; In Mountains; In Stars’.