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Open Call | i Light Marina Bay 2018, Singapore

Deadline: 31 July 2017

i Light Marina Bay, Asia’s leading sustainable light art festival, returns for its sixth edition in March 2018! Organised by Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority, the 3-week festival will illuminate Marina Bay’s urban spaces with innovative and sustainable light art installations designed by creative talents from around the world. The organisers are now inviting submissions from local and international artists, designers, creative industry practitioners, equipment suppliers, business and educational institutions.

Submissions will be evaluated and selected by the Festival Organising Committee and an interdisciplinary curatorial advisory panel of professional experts from diverse backgrounds including art, design, architecture and education.

The budget available to shortlisted artists to produce and deliver light art installations of varying sizes and scale is Singapore $15,000 each, including different cost (artist fees, artistic production, Artist airfare and accommodation outside of what is provided by the festival etc.)

For more information and application details:

Open Call | Exhibition and Residency at Blueproject Foundation, Spain

Deadline: 26 July

Blueproject Foundation opens yearly a call for artists-in-residence, a public programme open to all types of formats, ideas, artistic and cultural proposals. The residency programme at Blueproject Foundation is one of the main focuses of the foundation, its objective being to offer support in the production of new projects and give visibility to emerging artists.

This call is open to any artist interested as an individual or on behalf of a group or company, regardless of their age, nationality or creative discipline.

Economic contribution of a TOTAL of 16,000 euros net (all charges included) to be shared among the three winning projects, used to cover the project costs or any other expenses directly related to the purpose of the proposal (assembly, exhibition mechanisms, flights, accommodation and expenses, in the case of artists that do not reside in Barcelona, etc.).

For more information and application details:

Open Call | SPARE PARTS Season at Science Gallery London

Application deadline: 16 July, 11:30pm

Science Gallery London is delving into the possibilities of regenerated, enhanced, donated parts that can be altered through choice or destiny. What are the emotional and psychological aspects of living with an organic or engineered spare part? How are they actually created and transplanted? And what is their potential to exist outside of the biological body, to be shared and exchanged?

This season interrogates the idea of our bodies as a sum of independent parts that may within a lifetime, be regenerated, enhanced, donated or altered by choice or destiny.

SPARE PARTS scrutinises the experience of being seen as ill, and less able, and celebrates the human ability to cultivate resilience and difference. Exploring the challenges of taking on an altered identity and of incorporating a new organ, the season blurs the boundaries between what is perceived as a normal, or a different human body.

We are interested in ideas including:

  • Regeneration, Stem Cell research and applications including Tissue Engineering
  • The challenges facing transplantation and regeneration today and tomorrow
  • Organ and Facial Transplantation and Regeneration
  • Prosthetics: Technology, Design, Innovation
  • Appropriation, interpretation and representation of the three areas above
  • Ethics and Economics of the three areas above
  • The altered sense of identity that the adoption a new organ or a prosthetic can bring
  • Myths and fears surrounding human transplants, cell regeneration and prosthetics
  • Individual experiences of transplants, prosthetics and cell regeneration by recipients, designers, researchers and clinicians
  • The ‘spare surgeon’: the use of computer and robots in transplant procedure
  • Spare parts that can exist outside of the biological body, to be shared or exchanged
  • DIY prosthetics: 3D imaging, computer-aided design, 3D printing, Open Ware
  • The use of animal and plant components in the human body
  • The future of organ transplantation and regeneration, and prosthetics
    Other ideas are welcome too!

We’ll be accepting your submissions for existing artworks as well as projects still at a research and development stage.
Find out more about the SPARE PARTS open call here:

Open Call | West Yorkshire Archaeological Services Project, UK

Application deadline: 16 June

In collaboration with the West Yorkshire Archaeological Services, East Street Arts are looking for an artist to work with local communities to explore the findings of an archaeological investigation site, which sits under the Victoria Gate Shopping centre.

Archaeologists uncovered a picture of Leeds that is very different to the Leeds we know today. The site investigated at Victoria Gate was once the site of the Ebenezer Chapel and was used as a burial ground between 1797 and 1848. It was also an area impacted by a cholera outbreak in 1833 and sadly a place of extreme deprivation.

Other finds on the site included the floor of a swimming pool which once stood on the site, the remains of the Market Tavern cellar and many objects including glassware, a set of charred wooden bobbins and Burmantofts bricks.

The diversity of finds on the site can begin to tell us interesting stories about the heritage of Leeds and the area. This project will work with an artist, archaeologist and local communities to explore the heritage of this site through creative response. We are looking for an artist to lead this engagement and work with communities to explore the archaeological findings.

What are we looking for?

Submissions that:

– Have an interest in heritage and community practice
– Use the findings of the archaeological dig as a source for inspiratio
– Use the project space at 130 Vicar Lane throughout the project. 130 Vicar Lane is also home to the Leeds Co-op and there is potential for collaboration on this project with them.
– Include 2 x workshops at a Leeds school as part of the project
– Include 2 x community workshops as part of the project
– Programme the project space at 130 Vicar Lane as part of Heritage Open Days (7-9th September 2017)
– Have some form of outcome that is co-developed with participants

The Offer

– Artist fee of £1500
– £500 available for materials
– Use of project space at 130 Vicar Lane throughout the project
– Support from East Street Arts throughout the project

Where will the work go?
The outcome of the project could take a number of forms and we are looking for an artist who will co-create an outcome through the process of the project. The project space at 130 Vicar Lane should be used to share the outcome in some way with the wider public.

For more information and application details: www.west-yorkshire-archaeological-services-project–artist-callout/1303

Open Call | Solo Exhibition at NRVK, Ravensburg Germany

Deadline for submissions: July 23, 2017

No submission fee. Open to all artists.

Neuer Ravensburger Kunstverein (NRVK) is an independent exhibition space in Ravensburg in the South West of Germany. We are seeking now submissions from artists or artist groups for the upcoming exhibition season of 2017/2018. NRVK is an art association with a commitment to program exhibitions and events that reflect recent developments in the intersection of high –, pop – and subculture.

Our upcoming exhibition series, HAPPY DYSTOPIA, consists of 9 consecutive solo shows. We are looking for innovative proposals from artists and groups of all disciplines and career levels, offering us their idea of all the world’s possible or impossible, desirable or fearsome future.

Submissions are reviewed by a panel of NRVK members. The artists chosen to exhibit will receive a fee of €500 to cover travel and production costs. For the application form and other information material, please write to or download from

Open Call | Projection Mapping for Light Night Leeds 2017

Application deadline: 15 June

Leeds City Council is looking to commission a major new projection mapping and soundscape for the city’s annual Light Night Leeds event. They are looking for an exciting and ambitious new artwork to re-imagine the façade of Leeds Civic Hall on Millennium Square on 5th and 6th October 2017.

For this year’s festival Light Night Leeds would like to see the creative use of video mapping and sound to fit with the overall theme of ‘People and the City’. They are interested in receiving proposals for works which reference a story or stories of Leeds through its people, for example relating to the different communities that call Leeds home, the experience of living and working in the city, or prominent people from the city both historical and contemporary. The piece can be narrative led or more abstract in style, and should be durational to be played repeatedly throughout the evening. They are looking to commission something very different from previous work mapped on Civic Hall to create a new experience for Light Night audiences. They are open to a range of different visual styles including abstract, cinematic or animation.

The budget for content creation is £12,000 incl. VAT. (Overall project budget approximately £35,000)
Budgets must include all artistic fees (including all travel / accommodation), project development and content production.
Light Night Leeds will be responsible for all technical and infrastructure costs including: technical equipment hire (incl. projectors, media server and PA system), projection tower, event security, power/electrical, fencing/barriers, and Light Night project management.
How to Apply

Please complete this application form and include the following:

  • An outline proposal including images (no more than 2000 words) and/or a video pitch (of up to 5 minutes in length). Projects do not need to be fully formed at the proposal stage but should demonstrate clear concept and viability. Please provide links to where your video is hosted (e.g. Vimeo or YouTube) along with any password required to view the content.
  • Please provide a breakdown of the project budget.
  • Background information on the artists or organisations, and supporting evidence to demonstrate experience of delivering successful large projection mapping projects. Applications from organisations/producers should include confirmed details of the lead artists involved.

Our Process
Applications will be assessed by the Light Night Leeds team and a panel of judges. Short-listed applicants will be invited to interview.

For more information and application details: curatorspace/light-night-leeds

Open Call | COAL Prize 2017, France

Application deadline: 20 July, midnight.

The COAL Prize, created in 2010 by the COAL Art and Ecology Association, invites submissions from artists working on environmental issues in the field of visual arts.

The COAL Prize is open to artists from all over the world who deploy their creativity to devise and experiment with solutions and bear witness to the transformation of territories, lifestyles, organizations, and means of production, while making a contribution to the process themselves.

One artist is awarded the COAL Prize by a jury of personalities from the domains of art and ecology. In addition, all the applications considered by COAL and the selection committee make it possible to make known artists and projects that can be solicited or promoted according to the other opportunities and actions carried out by the association.

The prize-winner receives an award of €5,000 and is invited for a residency including an additional aid in production at Domaine de Belval (Ardennes – France) by the François Sommer Foundation.

For more information and application details:

Open Call | Begehungen Festival 2017, Chemnitz, Germany

Application deadline: 30 June

Institut Potemkin announces a call for entries and residencies for Begehungen arts and culture festival, to take place at Kulturpalast Rabenstein, a former recreation centre and TV studio in Chemnitz (Germany). Institut Potemkin is calling for applications with works of art or a concept for a four-week residency in Chemnitz.

Every project selected for a residency receives an expense allowance of €1000 and up to €500 for proven material costs (artist collectives get the same amount as single artists). The project should be realized within four weeks starting July 20, 2017 on the festival area or the urban space in Chemnitz. The artists are expected to be present throughout the full four festival days from August 17 until August 20, 2017.

Artists of works selected for the festival get an expense allowance of €200 + postage costs.

For more information and to apply online:

Call for Papers | Seismopolite Issue 18: The Art Residency in Context

Application deadline: June 14, 2017

Seismopolite is a Norwegian-English quarterly which investigates the possibilities of artists and art scenes worldwide to reflect and influence their local political situation.

While art residencies are often used as experimental sites for cultural exchange and social engagement, and sometimes also as “laboratories” for ecology or cooperation between art and sciences, their relevance has also been questioned due to the infinitely overlapping, global and seemingly inconsequential political territory they inhabit.

For our next issue, we invite contributors from diverse disciplines to submit essays and reviews that discuss the global phenomenon of the art residency from a high variety of possible angles, including (not restricted to):

– The political meaning of cooperation in art residencies as international forms of cultural exchange.
– Types of residencies; themes, formats and ways of organizing residencies; their public programmes, exhibitions and events.
– The idea of “site” and of local political and cultural interaction in art residencies.
– Art residencies in context: art, geopolitics and neoliberalism.
– The relationship between residencies and local art “scenes”.

Please send your proposal/ draft, a brief bio and samples of earlier work to All articles will be translated into Norwegian and published in a bilingual version.

For more information see:

Invitation to Include Your Project in City Cook Book

Submission Deadline: Friday, 23 June

City Cook Book invites projects and initiatives worldwide that work with food dynamics and culture to enhance public space and foster social interaction to be part of its platform.


If you have developed or are actively engaged in any such initiatives we would like you to share your experience in our open repository. The projects will be presented both in a digital platform and a publication.


For more information and to apply online:

Open Call | Gateways to Chinatown Project, New York

Application deadline: 19 June, 2pm

NYC Department of Transportation, Chinatown Partnership, and Van Alen Institute are accepting proposals for the “Gateways to Chinatown” project.

The overarching goal of the Project is to provide a new landmark for Chinatown and the surrounding neighborhoods that will engender pride of place, embody cultural and social identities, and stimulate economic development.

The winning team, which will be selected later this year, will have a $900,000 budget to design and implement their proposal, and will begin working with the community in early 2018.

Gateways to Chinatown is an initiative seeking innovative proposals to plan, design, and construct an iconic contemporary neighborhood marker at the nexus of Manhattan’s Chinatown and the southern entrance to Little Italy’s historic Mott Street. Straddling art and architecture, symbolism and function, the new structure and public space aims to become a vibrant place of exchange at the center of one of New York City’s most dynamic and historically rich areas.

Both domestic and international teams are invited to apply with proposals.

For more information and application details:

Open Call│OPEN BOUNDARIES, Loosen Art Exhibition, Rome

Deadline 15 September 2017

Call for Photographers and Digital Graphic Designers to take part in the group exhibition in Rome, Italy. November 2017.

This call will select images capable to give evidence of a world without boundaries, the one characterized by communication channels and new media that man himself has built to overcome the barriers that hinder the encounter and contact between humans and the natural world in which he lives. A world where immigration and emigration concepts is understood as the innate need of man in favor of the development of civilization, if not as a primordial instinct for the survival of his own species.

Submissions at

Open Call | WEAR Sustain, Innovation in Wearable Technology

Deadline: 30 May

WEAR Sustain is looking for 24 teams of artists or designers and technologists/engineers to work together to design and develop compelling, innovative, aesthetic, ethical, environmental, and sustainable solutions for wearable technology and smart or e-textiles development, across all possible application domains.

Up to €50,000 of funding is available to teams, which offers the means to jumpstart promising co-created concepts, and receive support from experts towards the development of a prototype as a possible go-to-market trajectory. Co-applicants will be promoted as pioneers of ethical and sustainable wearables, and e-textiles.

All applicants must register on the WEAR Sustain Online Network and complete their profile.

A full description can be downloaded here:

Open Call | Fall Programme at Art Galleri Kronborg, Bergen, Norway

Application deadline: 15 June

Apply to exhibit in Art Galleri Kronborg, the gallery on the mountain. Galleri Kronborg is an Art gallery, located off the grid in on top of Floyen Mountain in Bergen, Norway .

The Gallery is an art gallery in which the concepts or ideas involved in the work take precedence over traditional aesthetic and material concerns. The gallery is open to any materials or medium, conceptual art, or installations and may be constructed by anyone simply by following a set of written or visual instructions.

Please note: The gallery is a non-profit run space, they do not receive funding nor do they provide funding or artist fees to display works. It is under the artist own initiative for the return of their own works.

The gallery has no electricity, no power, and is exposed to the weather. You can only reach the gallery by foot and weather permitting, the journey to the gallery from the city may also form part of the proposal.

Send the application in ENGLISH as a pdf-file containing the following information:

– Name, email, phone number
– CV (Curriculum Vitae)
– Artist Statement
– Description of the exhibition/project proposal Maximum One page
– When you would like to exhibit/dates
– Images/documentation/sketches of your work and what you would like to exhibit ( Maxiumum 3 images 72dpi, JPEG format)

Send application to
For more information, please contact us via email at

Open Call | The Big Picture, collective art project online

Artists from all over the world are asked to upload their drawings and sketches to participate in making a large mosaic-panoramic picture from all the drawings. This picture will be fully searchable and zoomable, like a Google map. Connect with artists from all other the world through a work of art.

The Big Picture asks you to answer one of the following question in drawing:

  • A scene of your childhood, your life or of your country of origin
  • Share a scene of your everyday life
  • Did you migrate from another country? region? What was the story behind that choice. What made you move? or stay?
  • Share a memory

Every drawing is going to be accompanied by a text (between 100 and 200 words) that will allow you to tell the story of the drawing in words as well. You can write in English, French or any other language.

Deadline: The project will stop once the picture has been filled with drawings, that should take at least one year.

You can read more about the project and participate here:
There is a short video at the top of the home page that explain it in a few minutes

Open Call | Toyota Foundation International Grant Program 2017

Deadline: 20 June 2017

The grant program focuses on deepening mutual understanding and knowledge-sharing among people on the ground in East and Southeast Asia* who are finding solutions to shared issues. Through promoting direct interaction among key players, the grant program aims to survey and analyze situations in target countries, obtain new perspectives, and expand the potential of future generations.

With multinational teams comprised of participants from diverse backgrounds, projects can avoid conventional linear relationships, such as “supporter and supported” or “instructor and trainee,” and instead form cooperative and creative alliances that consider, act on, and construct solutions to shared issues. The grant program anticipates that these partnerships, which extend beyond such factors as nationality, age, and organizational affiliation, will produce significant social change through fostering a process of mutual learning.

Thematic areas:

A. Multigenerational and Multicultural Inclusion in Communities
B. Creating New Culture: Toward a Common Platform for Asia
C. Open Field

Open Call | STARTAS International Contemporary Art Festival, Lithuania

Deadline: 1 June 2017

The Culture Center of Rokiškis is for the first time organising the international contemporary art festival STARTAS and is curently looking for various artists to present their works. International contemporary art festival STARTAS aims to develop new international relationships and establish collaboration between Lithuanian and foreign artists, performers, dancers, visual artists, and etc. The organisers are looking for site specific projects to be presented at the festival (indoors – outdoors). . Festival is taking place in Rokiškis from 3 – 9 July 2017.

What is offered:

  • Accommodation
  • Catering
  • Technical support for the project
  • Project, performance fee (negotiable) / travel cost up to 150 EUR

For more information and to apply online:

Open Call for Emerging Artists | BLOOOM Award, Germany

Application deadline: 31 July

BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER, Germany’s biggest international competition for emerging artists, is now open for entries for 2017.

The competition funded by Warsteiner brewery is a steppingstone for emerging artists and offers young artists from all around the world the possibility to gain a foothold in the international art market via personal mentorings, exhibitions and travels to important art fairs in the whole world.

The organizers are looking for artists who knowingly work at the interfaces between art and creative industries, whose works blur boundaries of traditional forms of expression. The competition is completely open for any topic and artistic form of expression.

Since its beginning in 2010, BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER emphasizes interdisciplinarity, power of innovation, courage and progressiveness. For the last edition, more than 2,000 artists applied from 84 countries. For the first time in 2017, a special prize for the category music video will be awarded.

For one year, the winner will be actively supported in his career: As part of a one-year mentoring by one of the jury members, the winner defines goals with the mentor to boost his career. Next steps are planned together and the winner benefits from the contacts and experience of his mentor. Additionally, the first place receives a travel to Art Basel in Miami or Hong Kong including 1,500 Euro pocket money. The second place gets the chance to exhibit in a selected gallery and a travel to Art Paris and the winner of the third place enjoys a one-day mentoring. All ten finalists get the chance to exhibit their works during BLOOOM – the one artist show, that counted 37,000 visitors last year.

Register and apply online:
If you have any questions please send a mail to

Open Call | Finnish Museum of Photography Project Space Programme 2018

Application deadline: Wednesday 31 May, 12pm

The Project space is intended for exhibitions and projects that use photography or other lens-based media as tools for art or research. The space shows stimulating exhibitions by both fresh talents and more established artists. Photography professionals and students as well as visual artists making photographic art can apply. Applications can also be submitted in the name of workgroups.

How to apply?
The application must consist of a single pdf file. However, if the exhibition includes video, you can add a link to it instead of sending the video file as an attachment.
The pdf should contain the following elements:

1) A cover page with the name of the applicant (and/or the workgroup), e-mail address and a phone number (country code included).
2) Application letter that gives brief but complete details of the proposed exhibition (max 2 x A4). The letter should involve information of who is/are the applicant/s, what kind of an exhibition you would like to have and, if possible, what kind of sections does the exhibition consist of. It is okay to not have an existing exhibition when applying – just be as precise as possible with your explanations of what kind of an exhibition you’re planning.
3) Include a portfolio containing photos of the works to be in the planned exhibition. Indicate each work’s year of completion, dimensions, mode of production etc., and include any information that will help give a picture of the exhibition as a whole. In case the works for the planned exhibition have not been produced yet, please send some reference material of your earlier works.
If you are planning to show moving image, please add a link where we can see the work.
4) Include your full contact details and your CV to your application. If the exhibition is produced by a group, please include everyone’s CVs.

Name the pdf file as “Projekti2018_YOURNAME”. The size of the pdf file should not exceed 10MB.

Applications for the year 2018 should be sent to

The Museum offers a fixed production grant of 400 euros. The Artist is responsible of other production costs. The Museum provides help with installation and dismantlement, exhibition supervision, and opening arrangements. The artist should be personally present during the construction and dismantling of the exhibition.
For more information

The Finnish Museum of Photography
The Cable Factory
Tallberginkatu 1G

Open Call | Dollspace, Dolls House Project Space, London

Application deadline: 22 May

Dollspace is a project space situated in a Doll’s House in North London. Throughout 2017 we are running a series of experimental projects that investigate the position of microcosms in an oversubscribed culture.

We are now accepting submission for our first group show. We are seeking small-scale artworks that suit the general theme of the project. The dolls house has three floors and we will be curating the show based around three themes, one for each floor. The themes will be chosen after the application process based upon the submissions we receive.

We decided to launch Dollspace as a way to think about the algorithm driven, privacy sparse world we live in. 2016 appeared to be the year of the echo-chamber, the restless current of social and digital media has seemingly washed away the diversity of opinion. In a world where you can chose to only follow who you like then you often just see your own opinion reflected back towards you. An endless loop of reassurance, countered by only a few who are soon drowned out and unfollowed by the reverberation of the echoes.

The Doll’s House is about 60cm tall, 50cm wide and 30cm deep, it has no exterior walls and you can see every room at once. Much like a swipe-happy trigger-finger skimming through Instagram, Dollspace projects will be easy to consume, simple to observe as a complete package and demonstrate a fluid interest in the world around us.

NB: Works must not be larger than 10cm x 10cm x 10cm, otherwise they will not fit in the space. Any digital work should be sent to us online and we will screen it in the dolls house.

To apply, please submit:

– 100-200 word description of the work and concept
– 2-3 supporting images (these can be anything from plans, research images, screenshots, to actual photos of the work)

If your work is submitted you will be asked to post the work to us or send it online.

All submissions will be kept on file and considered for future projects at Dollspace, so please do not be disappointed if your work is not selected for the first show.

We are also accepting proposals for solo and group shows as well as curating works for group projects. If you would like to propose a project please don’t hesitate to get involved with the project, send exhibition/project proposals to us over Curatorspace.–open-call–small-artworks