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Alleys of the East | Jonathan Brennan at Framewerk, Belfast

27 March to 8 April 2017
Framewerk Gallery, 10 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast

‘Alleys of the East’ is an exhibition of 20 hand-pressed monotype prints by artist Jonathan Brennan. The works in the show feature alleys in the east of Belfast. Some feature the Comber Greenway, which is an alley of sorts.
Alleys, by their nature, are narrow and straight, creating strong perspectival lines and heavy contrasts of light and dark, lending themselves to Brennan’s chosen medium of the monotype.

The exhibition is accompanied by a short film on the subject of alleys in East Belfast. From dog fouling to celebrating the Queen’s jubilee, the film explores through footage and interviews with local residents how people use their alleys. Included in the Belfast Film Festival. |

Two Colours: Blue and Red | Declan Campbell at the Pearse Centre, Dublin

31 March to 4 April 2017 | Opening: 30 March 2017, 6pm
The Pearse Centre, The Ireland Institute, 27 Pearse Street, Dublin 2

The Pearse Centre present ‘Two Colours: Blue and Red’, an exhibition of recent paintings by Declan Campbell.
In 1966, Declan was a young student in sixth class in Creagh National School, Ballinasloe, Co Galway. His teacher was his father, Edward Campbell the school principal. The national celebrations to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1916 Rising had commenced. As part of the celebrations, Declan read out the 1916 Proclamation for the students in Creagh school. Now in 2017, following the 100th anniversary for 1916, Declan is having an exhibition of his recent paintings in The Pearse Centre.
Colour relationships, colour harmony and light play a central role in Declan’s paintings. Campbell paints looking out at the changing and fluctuating light of the sky which influences the colour and light in his paintings.

Contact: Declan Campbell, T: 086 2093894, E:

Works from the Studio | John Keating at The Gallery Dalkey, Co. Dublin

29 March to 25 April 2017 | Opening: 28 March, 6pm
Located upstairs in The Grapevine, 26 Castle Street, Dalkey, Co. Dublin.

The Gallery Dalkey presents ‘Works from The Studio’ by John Keating.
Keating sees his work as a kind of gesture figuration expressed in fragments of reality. It is not solely the subject matter that interests John Keating, it is also the challenges of the medium with which he is working. The rich colours and textures of oils express something different to him than the fluent and almost transparent quality of watercolours. The shades of the blackness of charcoal and graphite powder suggest something different again, and the randomness of the colours and textures of mixed media have another character.

Mná | Group Show at Mayfield Arts Centre, Cork

24 March to 21 April 2017
Mayfield Arts Centre, Newbury House, Old Youghal Rd, Mayfield, Cork

Mayfield Arts Centre presents ‘Mná’, a group show featuring the work of Aibhe Barrett, Angela Burchill and Bríd Heffernan. Following on from the recent global women’s marches, this exhibition presents the work of women artists from the Cúig studio group at the Mayfield Arts Centre.

Ailbhe Barrett has experimented with various media and materials over the years, developing her own unique style. Barrett takes inspiration from films, nature, the people she meets and the sculptural works of other artists.
Recently Angela Burchill has been working with layered acrylic inks and embroidery on canvas. A departure from her distinct works inspired by religious iconography, these new works explore the textures, patterns and colours of the Irish Landscape.
Bríd Heffernan has experimented with various materials working primarily with mixed media, dry point etchings and drawing with acrylic inks. Heffernan takes inspiration from the world of style and fashion, incorporating elements of patterns and vivid colours into her work.


Group Show at Marco Polo Art Cafe, Co. Tipperary

25 March to 25 April 2017
Marco Polo Art Cafe, Main Street, Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary

Marco Polo Art Cafe present ‘Nature and Belonging’,  an artistic collaboration based on poems by Aoife Reilly.
Visual art by: Valerie Maldiney, Shane Reilly, Aisling O’Leary, Denny Baldin and Kate Nolan
Music by: Shay Hannon (flute), Maggy McEntee (voice & guitar)

EQUINOX | Group Show at Graphic Studio Gallery, Dublin 2

23 March to 13 April 2017
Graphic Studio Gallery, Through the Arch, Cope Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Graphic Studio Gallery is delighted to present ‘Equinox’, featuring recent work by Stephanie Hess, Maev Lenaghan and Ciara O’Hara. Each of the artists in this three person show present work relating to their current concerns, without any thematic restriction.

Bronze sculptor Stephanie Hess, creates finely crafted stylized animals, that inhabit a fantastical world of colour and joy. The work is playful – her characters often repeated in different patinas that hint at a family unit, each different, but the same – without irony – they have a sense of tenderness.
Maev Lenaghan’s drypoints are snippets of life. They are fragments of stories, that encourage the onlooker to engage their imagination as to the possible narratives connecting them. Her intention is to invoke a sense of place, an atmosphere, a tension or a happening. They are a form of non-linear storytelling.
Ciara O’Hara’s new etchings and drypoints draw inspiration from her personal experiences of travelling. They provide a glimpse into these places from the perspective of an outsider. Many depict lone animals, isolated, yet confident, they are at ease, in their environment.


Massimo Bartolini at Lismore Castle Arts, Waterford

2 April to 26 May 2017 | Opening: 1 April, 5pm
Lismore Castle Arts, Lismore, Co. Waterford

Lismore Castle Arts presents the first solo exhibition in Ireland of Massimo Bartolini.
Responding to the unique gallery space that is St Carthage Hall, the artist has created a new organ piece specially for the building. The piece takes the form of a ‘well’ with a music box inside – the box plays the first 10 bars of the John Cage work In a Landscape. Related to other organ works by the artist, it functions like a barrel organ which plays automatically. The air blown through the metal pipes first passes through the holes in the music roll, giving rise to variations in tone and length.
This exhibition is kindly supported by The Arts Council Ireland, Frith Street Gallery, London and The Shifting Foundation.

Anthony McCall at Lismore Castle Arts, Co. Waterford

2 April to 15 October 2017 | Opening: 1 April, 6pm
Lismore Castle Arts, Lismore, Co. Waterford

Lismore Castle Arts is delighted to present a solo exhibition by Anthony McCall, bringing together seminal early works such as ‘Line Describing a Cone’ (1973), alongside complex new works such as ‘Swell’ (2016). This will be Anthony McCall’s first solo exhibition in Ireland and presents a rare opportunity to see this important and groundbreaking work.
The exhibition will be accompanied later in the summer by a fully illustrated catalogue, featuring install images of the exhibition at Lismore, and is kindly supported by Sean Kelly Gallery, New York and Sprüth Magers London.

Exhibition Seminar: 1 April – 3pm, Lismore Heritage Centre, with Anthony McCall, Lizzie Carey Thomas, Lisa Le Feuvre, chaired by Anthony Haughey. Free Event, booking essential.


The Elements | Neal Greig at Custom House Studios, Mayo

23 March to 16 April 2017
Custom House Studios, Westport Quay, Mayo

Custom House Studios  are pleased to host ‘The Elements’, an exhibition of recent paintings by Neal Greig.

Neal Greig paints directly in the landscape. He responds to the weather and the day as it changes in an instinctive manner. He documents the light, space and texture, spontaneously painting the changes with a sense of urgency in an effort to catch the changing light. Working outside brings an instinctive aspect to the paintings. He paints an organic, natural space rather than a picturesque view of landscape. The range of colours is kept simple, mixing colours on the palette and on the painting, moving paint around using a wide selection of brushes and tools. His aim is to depict a distillation and observance of the passing of time, rather than a snapshot of a landscape.


Dos Amigos | Anna Bauer + Sven Sandberg at Pallas Projects, Dublin 8

30 March to 1 April 2017 | Opening: 29 March, 6pm
Pallas Projects, 115-117 The Coombe, Dublin 8

‘Dos Amigos’ is a two-person exhibition of new paintings by recent NCAD MFA alumni Anna Bauer and Sven Sandberg.

Studio amigos during our time in Dublin, this exhibition is a chance to reunite and continue our conversation about the formal, historical, and emotional aspects of painting. Both of us having left Dublin, at least for the moment, ‘Dos Amigos’ is also about maintaining our connection to the city and its community. |

I sometimes wish I stayed inside my mother | Launch of Jai Jai, The Chocolate Factory, Dublin   Recently updated !

Thursday 30 March 2017, 6:30pm to 8:30pm
The Chocolate Factory, Dublin, 26 King’s Inns Street, Dublin 1

I sometimes wish I stayed inside my mother, fashion—art launch event.

This fashion—art event on the 30th of March marks the launch of Jai Jai, a new brand by Jai Thorn. Jai Jai responds to the materiality of the human body as one object in a spectrum of living organisms. Using a range of organic materials and fabrics that mimic the human form, Jai Jai art garments are developed in relation to living display structures that represent the human form. In this fashion-art event, choreographed models will be intentionally object-ified as living organisms to display the garments, which are purposefully conceived as gender non-specific.

Become what you rehearse. You deserve it. | Performance at TBG+S, Dublin 2   Recently updated !

Saturday 1st April, 8pm
The Atrium, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios (Entrance through the side door, Fownes st. lower), Dublin 2

Become what you rehearse. You deserve it. Ciara Lenihan and Lisa Freeman.
Become what you rehearse. You deserve it. is a performance and installation which was developed during a two-month research residency at Barim Arts Centre in South Korea in August 2016, made possible through the support of the British Council and Arts Council of England Artists International Development Fund. The basis for this performance is an exploration of the global resonance of national heritage, political identity and displacement. Using the interconnected political pasts of Gwangju Korea and the Republic of Ireland as a substrate, Ciara and Lisa investigate the after effects and residue of political unrest.

Become what you rehearse. You deserve it. will create a cultural backdrop spread over three floors of TBG+S’ atrium, comprised of objects and materials derived from both country’s political turmoil. Within this space a sound piece will guide them (and the audience) through a choreographed performance that uses learned patriotic behaviour in the same context as slapstick comedy. Through these slapstick images, the work will explore the relationship between learned patriotism and the body’s objection.


Symbiosis | IADT First Year Student Group Show

31 March to 6 April 2017 | Opening: 31 March, 1pm
Studios 5,9, 10 and on the grounds, IADT Campus

IADT’s First Year Art Students are delighted to invite you to their end of year exhibition Symbiosis.
Symbiosis marks the 10 year anniversary of the IADT student residency program at I.M.M.A. It speaks to the nuanced relationship between the students, mentors and institutions that shape contemporary arts practice, this exhibition is an intimate invitation into the inception and honing of an art piece.
Work and supporting research on display contends with our affinity with monuments, as patrons of museums or cemeteries, the interpolation of technologies in spaces for which it was never imagined, reimagines the materiality and the embodiment of our experience of I.M.M.A.
Symbiosis is a group show of developing art practitioners who will graduate from IADT in 2020.

Thread+Water | Kate O’Neill at McAuley Place, Naas, Co. Kildare

17 to 30 March 2017
The Lobby, Mc Auley place, Nas, Co. Kildare.

Kate O’Neill, NCAD graduate is this months artist in the lobby in Mc Auley Place.

O’Neill’s work is largely concerned with the human spirit, what makes us unique and how we sit alone yet together within everyday contemporary culture and society. Kate mainly paints in watercolour, taking inspiration from nature and the world around her, her hand sewn thread adds another dimension to her artwork.
Thread & Water is a contemporary, ethereal and deeply engaging exhibition of abstract and flower paintings. |

Shawdows of Light | John Kavanagh at Inspire Galerie, Dublin

31 March to 13 April 2017 | Opening: 30 March, 6pm
Inspire Galerie, 56 lower Gardiner Street Dublin 1

Inspire Galerie present ‘Shawdows of Light’ by John Kavanagh.
This is the first solo gallery exhibition of artist John Kavanagh, a multi-media artist who is developing a bold style and creating a following. This is an intimate new collection, which highlights John’s innovative and distinctive colour and fluidity against the backdrop of a city in flux.
As we dwell in bustling cityscapes we are still filled with a personal calling, spirituality resonates, meditation calls us out of the noise and into our own silence, In John’s work there is an influence of kundalini-energy, an enigmatic world and mythology.

Gooee (Margaret) O’Brien at The Old Market House Art Centre, Co. Waterford

15 March to 22 April 2017
The Old Market House Art Centre, Dungarvan, Co.Waterford

The Old Market House Art Centre present ‘The Immensity Within Ourselves’ a solo show by Gooee (Margaret) O’Brien.

O’ Brien is fascinated by Formalism, both in terms of the creation of Form, and the revelation of the process by which Form develops from matter. This practice quadripartite; idea, matter, process and form (in that order) is at the core of the artists work. The backstory to the sculpted work is that of the films Philomena and The Magdelene Sisters. The painting The Immensity Within Ourselves and the sculptures are a metaphor for that capacity of human societies to close their eyes to the inhumane treatment of others.

On Landscape | Enda O’Donoghue in Group Show at Galerie Artdocks, Germany

2 March to 4 June 2017
Galerie Artdocks, Bremen, Germany

Galerie Artdocks presents a group show ‘On Landscpe’ featuring the work of Irish artist Enda O’ Donoghue.
Artists: Per Morten Abrahamsen, Giampiero Assumma, Enda O’Donoghue, Alejandro Rodrìguez Gonzàlez, Fritz Koch, Stepanek + MaslinRichard Stipl, Josef Zlamal.
Curated by Uwe Goldenstein

Enda O’Donoghue in Group Show at Pictura Groningen, The Netherlands

19 March to 30 April 2017
Pictura Groningen, Sint Walburgstraat 1, Groningen, The Netherlands
IMMANENCE – Contemporary Notes On The History Of European Realism featuring the work of Irish artist Enda O’Donoghue at Pictura Groningen.
Curated by Uwe Goldenstein in collaboration with Fokko Rijkens & Aart Kooijman

Heiner Altmeppen | Daniel Behrendt | Juan Béjar | Robert Bosisio | Adam Bota | Astrid Brandt | Sergii Chaika | Konstantin Déry | Gregor Gaida | Karolin Kloppstech | Maurizio L´Altrella | Adam Magyar | Nikolai Makarov | Gábor A. Nagy | Enda O´Donoghue | André Schmucki | Stepanek & Maslin | Richard Stipl | Attila Szűcs | Alexander Timofeev | Miriam Vlaming | Horst Waigel | Alexander Zakharov | Josef Zlamal

Guest Artists: Wouter Berns | Ger Eikendal | Aris Kalaizis | Magna Postma | Rein Pol | Fokko Rijkens | Péta Vlieger |

‘Just being…’ | Marie Wood at The Clew Bay Hotel Westport, Co. Mayo   Recently updated !

1 to 30 April 2017
The Clew Bay Hotel, James St, Westport, Co.Mayo

‘Just being…’ is Marie Woods’ third solo exhibition at the Clew Bay Hotel, this new body of work was created over the last twelve months.
More than 30 artworks offer a glimpse into the diverse inspirations that encompass her vision. From abstract experimental three dimensional oil paintings to mixed media paintings and collage that have been inspired by the awesome beauty of Clew Bay and its fast shifting weather.

Eerie works revealing a moody Croagh Patrick bathed in watery light, sunrises that seem to set the bay on fire, moonlit bays and reflections. The Exhibition is a distillation of the magic of this area, revealing a sense of the extraordinary that is Mayo; light, energy and passion are a constant presence throughout.


Soft Ground | Group Show at CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery, Cork

1 to 22 April 2017
CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery, Cork

Soft Ground is a three person exhibition featuring work by Sophie Behal, Maeve Lynch and Cliodhna O’ Riordan. The exhibition is a multi-disciplinary installation of new works and an interactive testing area exploring materiality and site-specificity. The artists have a shared curiosity that drives their work around structures, the transformation of matter, and its generative properties.Soft Ground explores the idea of a rest period in relation to the artists’ individual practices; where the gallery acts as a ground for them to come together for a time.