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Current | Lorraine Neeson at Sirius Art Centre   Recently updated !

22 January to 26 March | Opens Saturday 21 January, 3pm
Meet the artist 7 March 1pm

Lorraine Neeson works primarily with lens based media, light, sound, video installation and architectural intervention, to create multi-sensory environments that disrupt and disorient a conventional sense of spatial and temporal logic.

The combined series of works presented in Current, explore the notion of rupture and repeated interruption within a space-time continuum. A fundamental device is the simultaneous representation of conflicting states of revelation and obliteration. In the half-light environment, reduced visibility causes dark surfaces to fluctuate as both optically reflective and absorbent. The provisional alignment of the present moment – the here and now, becomes dislodged, delayed or repeated. Dislocating devices and strategies including time loops, repetition, dead ends and interferences in transmission, all contribute to an environment of instability and shifting awareness, pointing to spaces and realms outside the immediately visible.

Sirius Arts Centre
The Old Yacht Club, Cobh, Co. Cork
T: 021 4813790

Kaleidoscope of Colour | Catherine Davison at QSS, Belfast

19 to 21 January
Opening night Thursday 19 January 6pm

Catherine Davison is a Belfast based artist and a member of QSS. Her work is inspired by the dynamic colours and forms of nature, they are loud and bold expressions of the artist’s experience within the natural and urban environment. Her recent travels in South America mirror her tropical palette. This exhibition is a culmination of her recent residency in Rio De Janiero, Brazil.

Queen Street Gallery and Studios
31-33 Bedford Street, Belfast City Centre
Phone: +44 28 90 24 31 45

Temple Bar Gallery + Studios Launch of Artistic Programme for 2017

Friday 20 January, 6pm

Join us at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios to celebrate the launch of our new artistic programme for 2017.

Sheila Pratschke, Chair of the Arts Council, will launch the 2017 Artistic Programme and unveil our new publication, which presents a round-up of the exhibitions, events and opportunities for artists, that we have planned for the coming year.

The full programme of events will be available from from 20 January 2017.

Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, 5 – 9 Temple Bar, Dublin 2
T: 01 671 0073

Visual Rhythm | Group Exhibition at Graphic Studio Gallery

21 January to 11 February

Graphic Studio Gallery are delighted to announce the presentation of ‘Visual Rhythm’, an exhibition of artworks that demonstrate a sense of rhythm. Art with an element of repetition, a repeated pattern, or a sense of rhythmic movement is presented in multiple media.

Highlights include, Sling Series, a group of boldly coloured abstract works by Richard Gorman, that hinge upon repeated variations of a central motif made up of flat shapes laid one upon the other: a square; a curved triangle; a diamond. An enormous etching by Grainne Cuffe, with intricate curved lines depicting a swooping tulip in full bloom. Yoko Akino’s small, distinctive landscapes, with detailed blocks of patterned lines that represent views from the east and west coast of Ireland, influenced by her memories of the Honshu coastline, between the Japanese and Pacific Ocean. Charles Tyrell’s exuberant lithographs, that appear to almost spin with splashes of colour. David Kings lazer cut steel sculptures, Felim Egan’s rhythmic carborundum prints, and Alison Kay’s shimmering patterned ceramics.

The Gallery will run a print demonstration on Saturday 28 January, at 2pm, unveiling the mystery behind some of the print making methods used in the exhibition. Attendance is free, but booking is essential.

Graphic Studio Gallery, through the arch, off Cope Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
T: +353 1 679 8021

An Bóthar is lú taistil | David Fox i nDánlann Dillon, Cultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiaich

19 Eanáir go dtí 24 Feabhra

An bóthar is lú taistil’ is teideal don taispeántas péintéireachta aonair ag David Fox, ealaíontóir atá ag cur faoi i mBéal Feirste. Sa taispeántas seo tá saolhar nua a fhiosraíon an choincheap den turas nach mbionn crioch leis, coincheap a léiríonn na radharcanna de mótarbhealaí agus bóithre uaigneacha.

’A road less travelled’, is a solo painting exhibition by Belfast based artist David Fox. The exhibition comprises of new works that explore the notion of journey without end, as depicted by desolate motorway and road scenes.

Cloíonn na saothair seo le téama atá go mór chun tosaigh i saothar an ealaíontóra sa taispeántas seo agus ina shaothar ina iomláine, an slí a thagann togáil agus ailtireacht daonna idir sinn agus an nadúr. Tá an claonadh acu ag bóithre agus droichid an tírdhreach a ghearradh agus bheith sa bhealach ar an ndomhan nadúrtha. Sa taispeántas seo tá an ealaíontóir ag leagadh béime sa bhreis ar nithe atá déanta ag an duine daonna – bóithre, droichid agus a leithéid – a bhionn an eifeacht seo acu. Ní h-amháin gur séadchomharthaí tabhachtacha iad seo sa tírdhreach ach is eilimintí togálacha iad sa tírdhreach iad féin. Cuireann seo leis an mbéim ar an nasc idir daoine agus an domhan ina máirimíd. De réir an leargais seo is mó ná áit nó áíteanna é/iad na tírdhreach(anna) a bhfuil lorg daonna orthu – is léir gur laithreacha mí-nadurtha iad.

Through his depiction of urban and rural landscapes, Fox explores the obstruction of the natural world caused by human constructs and man-made architectural elements, which are common themes seen throughout his wider practice. In ‘A road less travelled’, the artist seeks to push further the notion of human construction by focusing on ‘man made’ objects such as roads and bridges that tend to cut through the landscape and impede the natural world. These roads, bridges and other roadside objects not only form key landmarks within the landscape but also form key constructing elements of the landscapes themselves, further emphasising the intrinsic link between humans and the world they inhabit. Landscapes have increasingly become more than a place touched by human presence and more places which are the creation of human presence. They have become somewhat, unnatural.

Cultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiaich
216 Falls Rd, Belfast BT12 6AH

Subtext | Joanna Hopkins at Droichead Arts Centre

19 January to 18 March
Opening Thursday 19 January, 7.30pm

Through video, installation and interactive work, SubText intends to explore the unease of a digital dependent society, and its implications on empathy and consent. Are humans becoming less empathetic and physically interactive with each other, due to a growing dependence on digital devices, constant camera surveillance and online interaction?

Droichead Arts Centre, Stockwell St., Drogheda, Co. Louth.
T: 041 9833946

The Darker Room | Group Exhibition at GalleryX

20 January to 4 February

‘The Darker Room’ is a group photographic exhibition by Irish and international photographers, both up and coming and well known. A collection of discomforting images, a mix of film and digital, these works of portraiture are united by a dark and mysterious mood as the artists engage shadow and darkness in tone, expression, style and mood.

Darkness holds a special place for GalleryX and in these artists’ lives and work. Without the dark, there would be no light and these photographers surely shine a light into a dark world, the darker room.

Curated by Deirdre O’Sullivan

GalleryX, 65 William St S, Dublin 2
T: (01) 549 1630

Framework | Elaine Leader at Linenhall Arts Centre

20 January to 25 February

An exhibition of drawings and models by Elaine Leader. Elaine Leader’s practice involves drawing, architectural models and temporary experiential installations. These are psychological, disrupted, in-between spaces, which are activated by the viewer. They employ familiar kinetic architectural and engineering mechanisms from everyday life and repurpose them in a way to de-stabilise our preconceptions of space and how we move through it.

In her practice she creates ambitious large scale and complex installations that need to be experienced in order to complete their understanding. She creates complex architectural spaces that are activated by the viewer. The final and most important collaboration takes place with her audience, often unbeknownst to them, which makes Leader’s practice unique within the artist-artwork dichotomy.

Linenhall Arts Centre, Linenhall Street, Castlebar, Co. Mayo
T: 094 9023733

PALPABLE | Group Exhibition at Steambox

20 January to 5 February
The exhibition launches Friday 20 January, 6pm

The exhibition features three artists, Mireia Avila (IMOCA Artist in Residence, from Valencia Spain), Daniele Idini (ITA/IRL) and Salvatore Fullam (IRL) whose work explore fantasy/reality and past/present dichotomies by using different art mediums and methods of research. Curated by Klara Mamuzic.

School Street, Dublin 8

Aileen Hamilton, Blawnin Clancy and Kaye Maahs Exhibition Openings at The Courthouse Gallery   Recently updated !

20 January to 25 February
Opening Friday 20 January, 8pm

The Courthouse Gallery is delighted to welcome Aileen Hamilton, Blawnin Clancy and Kaye Maahs, who each exhibit new and recent work at the Gallery.

Barcelona-based artist Aileen Hamilton will be installing 3D drawings in the main gallery space, as well as showing new works on paper. The show ‘The surrounding water will instantly fill the void’ refers to the futile attempt to dig a hole in sand that is underwater. The surrounding water will instantly fill the emptied spot.

Also showing in the main gallery, Blawnin Clancy’s ‘On the Horizon’ reflects on the ethereal realm of the mist-shrouded islands and outcroppings off the Irish coast. Islands and headlands are seen as profiles beneath the blanket of the stars and glow of the moon. The islands are tangible but yet remain out of reach, sparking our curiosity to discover the unknown.

Exhibiting in the Red Couch Space, emerging artist Kaye Maahs has been living and working in the Burren since 2003, where the local landscape informs her painting practice. In the words of Seamus Heaney, Maahs aims to ‘Uncode all Landscapes’ through recording and resconstructing the everyday rural surroundings she has experienced in Clare and Co Kerry.

The Courthouse Gallery, Parliament Street, Ennistymon, Co. Clare
T: 065 707 1630

Pushing Boundaries | Print Makers Council of Great Britain at Dunamaise Arts Centre

12 January to 18 February
The exhibition will be officially opened by artist Geraldine O’Reilly on Thursday, 12 January at 7pm.

This collection presents the very best of printmaking practice, embracing all forms of contemporary and traditional original printmaking, from over fifty artists. The exhibition includes film, installation, sound pieces and artists’ books, pushing the boundaries of what constitutes a ‘print’ and covers a range of concerns from the political and social, the aesthetic and formal, to the self and the personal, creating a dynamic dialogue with other contemporary art practices. This exhibition tours to Dunamaise via Farmleigh Gallery, Dublin.

Dunamaise Arts Centre
Portlaoise, Co Laois
T: 057 866 3355

Relatively Speaking: A guided walking tour across three city art galleries, Dublin 2   Recently updated !

Thursday 19 January | 1pm
Meeting point: Temple Bar Gallery + Studios
Free admission, booking is essential.

Would you like an opportunity to introduce your friends and family to contemporary art? Relatively Speaking is the guided walking tour that takes place across three of Dublin’s most well-known contemporary art galleries, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Gallery of Photography and Project Arts Centre. The tours introduce their current exhibitions to those who might not be so familiar with contemporary art and offer an interesting insight into the work for those who are. The whole tour, contained within Temple Bar, will take about 60 minutes (approx.), with 15-20 minute tours taking place in each gallery.

Beginning at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, you will be introduced to Barbara Knezevic’s solo exhibition Exquisite tempo sector. Visitors will be guided to the next venue, the Gallery of Photography for the exhibition Prix Pictet – Disorder. Finally, the tour will end at Project Arts Centre, where you will be guided through the collective show The Wild.

Book a spot for your parents, friends, cousins, housemates and anyone who you think might like to learn more about the things you love.
Book here:

MEMEMEME | Group Exhibiton at The Crypt Gallery, London

Opening Times: 16 January at 7pm to 17 January at 7pm

MEMEMEME is a group show which explores the digital body, held in the burial site of a crypt. Artists are invited to activate the historical space with a contemporary artistic response This exhibition aims to re-examine the historical purpose of the crypt, and current notions of the body in the digital world.

MEMEMEME explores the relationship between bodily experience and our daily cyber/digital space; though social media, gaming, virtual reality, and digital device and how the virtual world shapes us – its physicality, psychosomatic’s, texture, intimacy, geographies, identities, immateriality, science and all other possible associations.

Featuring artists:
Adam Wozniak, Amanda Rice, Anna Reading, Ava Aghakouchak, Bess Barkholt, Charlie Barlow, Eliza Soroga, Émilie Newman, Eom Jeongwon, Fleur Yearsley, Francisca Aires Mateus, Gabriella Hirst, Giota Papakyriakou, Gray Wielebinski, Hiroko Nakajima, Hyojoo Lee, Ismene King, Jazbo Gross, Jiyoung Yoo, Julia Gabilondo, Karolina Stellaki, Katarzyna Perlak, Maria Paneta, Mariana Bisti, Marina Visic, Nayoung Jeong, Rania Schoretsaniti, Rebecca Bellantoni, Rowena Boshier, Sandra Lane, Simon Banos, Solveig Settemsdal, Tom Kobialka, Yarli Allison.
Curated by Yarli Allison

The Crypt Gallery London
Euston Road, WC1H 9PJ London, United Kingdom
T: +44 20 7388 1461

Personae | Butler Gallery Collection featuring loans from the IMMA Collection

14 January to 26 February | Opening 14 January, 2.30pm

The Butler Gallery has an outstanding resource in its fine permanent collection. Established in 1943, the collection has continued to flourish through gift, loan and purchase. The gallery has an ongoing commitment to make sure this collection is exhibited and enjoyed by the public. Including loans from the Sir Basil Goulding Collection and from private collections, the Butler Gallery Collection is an eclectic catalogue of diverse genres that can be read and appreciated on many levels.

For the 2017 collection exhibition the Butler Gallery is honored to include a very special group of works on loan from the Permanent Collection of the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA). This group incorporates a seminal sculpture by Louise Bourgeois, self-portraits by Chuck Close and John Coplans, prints by Alex Katz and Paula Rego, and a photographic portrait by Thomas Ruff. The theme of Personae running through the exhibition focuses our eye on portraits, figures or other forms that either readily reveal or camouflage an identity. Narratives indisputably evolve upon viewing works as diverse as the openness and glamour of Diane Arbus’s Girl in a shiny dress, NYC 1967 to the enigma of Jackie Nickerson’s portrait of a woman in the Sultanate of Oman, whose identity is hidden by a headdress.

The works from IMMA have been selected in response to, or in sympathy with, the works chosen for this exhibition from the Butler Gallery Permanent Collection. The IMMA selection adds freshness and maintains currency in the viewing of beloved works in the ever-evolving collection we are fortunate to maintain here in Kilkenny.

Butler Gallery, The Castle, Kilkenny
T: 056 7761106

Laoch na Laochra | Dara Vallely at an Táin Arts Centre, Dundalk

12 January to 18 Feburary | Opening: 11 January 7pm
Basement Gallery, An Táin Arts Centre, Dundalk, Co. Louth

Laoch na Laochra is an art exhibition by Dara Vallely based on a book published by Gael Linn in 2015. The paintings portray the heroism of the legendary Cú Chulainn, legendary warrior of Ulster. During his short but heroic life, magic, romance, betrayal and violence mark every twist and turn. In the epic story of the Táin, the Cattle raid of Cooley, Cú Chulainn vigorously defends Ulster. The paintings reflect this energy, they are vibrant in colour and energetic in style, drawing on traditional Irish art and international modernism to produce a compelling visual narrative.

an Táin Arts Centre
Crowe St, Townparks, Dundalk, Co. Louth
T: 042 9332332 / 0429329281

Absent Presence | Nicky Kruseman at Signal Arts Centre, Bray

16 to 29 January 2017 | Opening: 19 January, 7pm
Signal Arts Centre, 1 Albert Avenue, Bray, Co Wicklow

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to present ‘Absent Presence’ an exhibition of paintings by Wicklow artist, Nicky Kruseman.
This is an exhibition of oil and acrylic paintings based on shells gathered by Kruseman over many years.

T: 353 01 276 20 39,

Current | Lorraine Neeson at Sirius Art Centre, Co. Cork

21 January to 26 March 2017 | Opening: 21 January, 3pm
Sirius Art Centre, Cobh, County Cork

Sirius Art Centre presents Current by Lorraine Neeson. Meet the artist: 7 March 1pm.
Lorraine Neeson works primarily with lens based media, light, sound, video installation and architectural intervention, to create multi-sensory environments that disrupt and disorient a conventional sense of spatial and temporal logic.

The combined series of works presented in Current, explore the notion of rupture and repeated interruption within a space-time continuum. A fundamental device is the simultaneous representation of conflicting states of revelation and obliteration. In the half-light environment, reduced visibility causes dark surfaces to fluctuate as both optically reflective and absorbent. The provisional alignment of the present moment – the here and now, becomes dislodged, delayed or repeated. Dislocating devices and strategies including time loops, repetition, dead ends and interferences in transmission, all contribute to an environment of instability and shifting awareness, pointing to spaces and realms outside the immediately visible.


E:, T: 021 4813790

Forms of Resistance | Group Exhibition at Catalyst Arts

12 to 24 January | Opening Thursday 12 January 6pm

Jumana Manna and Sille Storihle, Francesco Nordio, Vukasin Nedeljkovic.

Forms of Resistance explores and calls into question the idea of resistance, meant as a reaction against different established powers driven by artists, collectives or even a whole community.

Manna and Storihle’s experimental documentary ‘the Goodness Regime’ explores the ambiguity of Norway’s image as a peacemaking nation, while Nedeljkovic’s work – part of the ongoing project ‘Asylum Archive’ – investigates the tough reality of Asylum Seekers’ provision centers in Ireland. On the other hand, Nordio’s work ‘About Culture. A Proposal For A Revolution’ creates a set of guidelines in the form of a how-to-do book, that describes how a cultural shift could be conducted – both on a global scale and in everyday life.

In this open playground, these various approaches coexist and overlap into a fluid itinerary that will expand over the course of the exhibition through various talks and discussions with the artists involved.

Francesco Nordio – Artist Talk Friday 13th January 5pm
Vukasin Nedeljkovic – Artist Talk Saturday 21st January 5pm

Catalyst Arts, 5 College Court, Belfast BT1 6BS

TBG+S + GPO Witness History | Walking Tour with artist Barbara Knezevic

Wednesday 18 January, 1pm
Meeting point: Temple Bar Gallery + Studios
Free event, booking essential.

GPO Witness History and Temple Bar Gallery + Studios are delighted to present a unique walking tour between Barbara Knezevic’s solo exhibition, Exquisite tempo sector at Temple Bar Gallery and her An Post, public art commission They are of us all, at the GPO Witness History Centre, O’ Connell Street, Dublin.

This unique artist-led tour will give an opportunity for participants to view and experience two different works by Barbara Knezevic. Beginning at TBG+S Gallery, the artist, will give an introduction to her solo exhibition, Exquisite tempo sector. She will then lead participants to They are of us all, created for an internal courtyard within the GPO and as part of GPO Witness History. This permanent artwork is one of a series of artworks that An Post commissioned to commemorate the events of 1916. The artist will speak about the work and the commissioning process.

The tour will take approximately one hour and is free for all attending. Places are limited so sign up early.

Book here: