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Slippage | Susan Connolly at Platform Arts, Belfast

1 March to 24 March 2018

Solo exhibition of new work from artist Susan Connolly.

“The area of investigation within my practice explores an extendable paint surface and the provisionality this causes within traditional ideas and values associated with painting. By asking questions of painting as a practice the concern lies in creating visual spaces for conversation within the possibilities of painting anew.The practice I have made into a painting projects importantly asks, ‘how can a painting make itself over & over + over and over again?’ In a quest to produce new visual outcomes within the same instructional means. This becomes the playful teasing and tension made visible within the painting materials, the processual activity and notably manifests as visual outcomes.” – Susan Connolly

Platform Arts
1 Queen Street, Belfast, BT1 6EA
T: 028 9031 1301

Áit Eile (Other World) | Group Exhibition at St Mary’s University College, Belfast

12 March to 16 March 2018

Triskele have brought their own unique interest and perspective on how culture and identity are connected. Legend, land and language. The illusion of ownership. The necessity for unique identity. The desire for ancient weight to our individual story…something more, something else, something other.

Triskele are 3 artists originating from the North-West of Ireland. Three artists moving forward, exploring ideas to create works which communicate understanding from individual and shared perspectives. These artists are Sinéad Smyth, Stephen Shaw and John Kavanagh.

As Part of Féile an Phobail’s: Féile an Earraigh Spring Festival. Opening night on Monday 12th March at 6.30 pm.

St Mary’s University College
Falls Road
T: +44 28 9032 7678

Scattered Seeds | Deirdre McCrory at Townhouse Gallery, Belfast

24 February to 31 March 2018

An exhibition of original artist prints by Deirdre McCrory at the Townhouse Gallery in Great Victoria Street.

As an applied artist, Deirdre McCrory specialises in enamelling and printmaking. Imagery comes from her environment at home and abroad. Inspiration comes from patterns in nature, organic material growing and decaying and movement in shapes and colour. McCrory’s drawings and photographs provide the source material. She also works in collaboration with her husband Michael and daughter Cara Murphy, recently enamelling 3 dimensional silver forms for them.

Townhouse Gallery
125 Great Victoria St
T: +44 28 9031 1798

Concerning the Other | Group Exhibition at QSS Gallery, Belfast

8 to 29 March 2018

Concerning the Other is a collaborative art project that took place over ten weeks during the summer of 2017. The project involved ten contemporary artists working together on one hundred pieces of art, to promote diversity and concern for minorities in these days of mounting racism and intolerance.

The artists involved were: James Hanley R.H.A, Brian Fay, Claire Halpin, Joanna Kidney, Eoin Mac Lochlainn, Gail Ritchie, Miriam McConnon, Kate Murphy, Ben Readman and Susanne Wawra. The project was curated by Olivier Cornet, Claire Halpin and Eoin Mac Lochlainn.

Concerning the Other began as a virtual project as the artists were invited to create an initial image which was then emailed on to the next artist in the group. The second artist responded by working over it and then emailing it on to the third artist who also responded and passed it on. The process continued until each of the ten artists had worked on each of the ten images. It was a creative and engaging experience for the artists involved, each gaining a lot from encountering the varied working methods and creative processes of the other artists.

The final ten artworks along with a selected number of ‘in-between’ prints, first exhibited at the Olivier Cornet Gallery (September 2017), will now be exhibited at QSS Bedford St.

Opening event: 6pm to 9pm on 8 March.

Queen Street Gallery and Studios
31-33 Bedford Street, Belfast City Centre
Phone: +44 28 90 24 31 45

There and Not There | Victoria J Dean & Sharon Murphy at Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast

1 March to 21 March 2018

Absence is the connecting quality of two otherwise very different artists, Victoria J Dean and Sharon Murphy. With a background in theatre, Murphy’s photographs have the aura of a stage set, with the landscape in some ways acting as a curtain, covering up the story behind. While some works feature children, they are never the focus of the work, rather they highlight that something is missing. The rugged seascapes and dense forests take centre stage, only emphasising the ethereal presence of the child.

Victoria Dean’s photographs are notable for their lack of people, yet they are not simple landscapes or seascapes, the structures are key. It is hard to tell exactly what the structures are, indeed some of them appear so unlikely given their locale that they appear more like an illusion than fact. Their unlikeliness presents more questions than answers. Are the structures superimposed into the photograph? What is their purpose? Where are they? Dean deliberately does not give us the answers to any of those questions. Her fascination with how humans interpret what they see, how they organise, what they build and how it all contributes to society remains unanswered.

There is something sinister in the works of these two photographers, a feeling that danger is present even though there is no evidence that it will occur. What is there and what is not is not so easy to decipher, allowing for multiple interpretations and stories to be seen.

Golden Thread Gallery
84-94 Great Patrick St, Belfast BT1 2LU
T: +44 28 9033 0920

Six Colours of Black | Sam McCready at ArtisAnn Gallery, Belfast

1 to 31 March 2018

Opening by Neil Shawcross, Wed 28th Feb at 6.30pm

The ArtisAnn Gallery in Belfast presents a solo exhibition by one of Belfast’s most famous sons: the actor, director and artist Sam McCready.

The title of this special exhibition, Six Colours of Black, refers to a Chinese tradition that in black and white painting, through the use of ink, water and brush, the painter can create five shades or colours of black but not six. Six is unattainable but the Chinese painter spends a lifetime trying to achieve it.

Sam McCready is best known as an actor, director and playwright. He trained, however, in painting at Stranmillis College and the Belfast College of Art, under such master teachers as Romeo Toogood and Kenneth Webb. He has had a number of solo shows in the US and his work is in private collections in Europe, the Far East and the US. In recent years, he has had the opportunity to visit Hong Kong and to study with Chinese Masters. His connection with these eminent painters has had a profound influence on his work.

ArtisAnn Gallery
70 Bloomfield Avenue, Belfast, BT5 5AE

The Big Red Button | Belfast Artists Paper Society at Pollen Studio and Gallery, Belfast

1 March 2018

A year after their first exhibition B.A.P.S. are back. The Belfast Artists Paper Society have turned their attention to Armageddon, the End of the World and The Big Red Button. How do you prepare? What will you need? Who will you need? Is there anywhere you can go for advice?

Artists Sue Cathcart, Jayne Cherry, Susan McKeever, Emma McAleer, Nathan Crothers, Emma Whitehead, Zara Lyness and Georgia Eliott have done some research on your behalf and present the results.

Pollen Studios and Gallery
37-39 Queen Street, Belfast, BT1 6EA

NOW ANOTHER PROCEDURE IS TO RUN | Group Exhibition at Catalyst Arts, Belfast

8 February to 15 March

‘NOW ANOTHER PROCEDURE IS TO RUN’ brings together works employing historical analogue videotape, live transmission and televisual images to explore and critique on the collective actions and self-indulgent desires of contemporary society.

The installation will present itself as series of live broadcasts, with live/lived experiences, non-fictional and fictional storytelling that are intertwined within its surface materiality as much as its content which constructs new narrative spaces and platforms.

These systems contain political and aesthetic implications that address the subjectivity of popular visual formats and enable reflection of our contemporary relationship with images. The works of these artists probe the overlap, slippage and disconnect between reality and representation.

Catalyst Arts
5 College Court,
Belfast BT1 6BS


Speculative Skins | Group Exhibition at the Naughton Gallery, Belfast

15 February to 8 April 2018

Loney Abrams & Johnny Stanish / Salome Asega & Ayodamola Okunseinde / Brice Dellsperger / Nora Khan & Steven Warwick / Son Kit / Katie Skelly / Naoko Takeuchi / Amanda Turner Pohan / Katie Torn

Where does a body end and a piece of technology begin? What does it mean to have a body as it relates to consciousness? Can we synthesise the metrics of bodily experience? Speculative Skins explores and challenges these questions and more in an internationally-focused group exhibition which delves into the relationship between science fiction and the body.

The exhibition presents itself as an anthropological study of both fact and fiction, drawing on contemporary narratives and technologies to hypothesise potential futures, whilst also referencing pop-culture sources including Star Wars, The X-Files, and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon to explore race, gender, and bodily identity through the lens of science fiction. Utilising a variety of media and formats including video, animation, sculpture, scent, books, comics and archives, the artists in this exhibition each flesh out a piece of their own speculative universe, proposing alternative future histories, or reframing existing ones.

Speculative Skins forms part of NI Science Festival 2018 and has been generously supported by British Council Northern Ireland.

Curated in collaboration with Rachel Steinberg.

The Naughton Gallery
Queens University Belfast
T:+44 28 9024 5133

The View from Earth, the View from Space | Exhibition at EastSide Visitor Centre, Belfast

15 February to 25 March 2018

An exhibition of art and science celebrating astronomy, the planets and the stars.

Since the dawn of time artists and scientists have been inspired by the heavens. Scientists strive to understand the nature of the cosmos while artists wrestle to capture the majesty of the endless sky.

This show brings together great art that captures the awe of the celestial bodies alongside scientific artefacts, drawings and photographs by leading astronomers.

The exhibition features scientific photographs and drawings by astronomers Professor Alan Fitzsimmons and Dr Paul Abel, paintings by Professor Harry McMahon, Patrick Conyngham and Colin McGookin, solar eclipse photographs by Dr Ann McVeigh and Ken Bartley, mixed media work by Emma Whitehead, prints by Dr Josephine McCormick.

The show also features artworks produced by Patricia McCormack who has worked with astronomers at Edinburgh Royal Observatory as well as a rare glimpse at engineering drawings of spacecraft instruments developed and built at the UCL-Mullard Space Science Laboratory.

There is a Special Preview on Wednesday 14th February, 6 to 8 pm

Part Ni Science Festival. Curated by ArtisAnn Art Gallery. Admission is free.

EastSide Visitor Centre
402 Newtownards Road, Belfast BT4 1HH
T: +44 28 9045 8114

Placebo Shop | Linda Byrne at PS², Belfast

22 January – 10 February

The success of pharmaceuticals have normalised the swallowing, injecting and inhaling of chemicals to treat all human conditions. Against this, alternative therapies waned, as they appeared non-scientific, lacking that cool sterile professionalism associated with modern medicine. And yet folklore or traditional ‘cures’ remain, handed down through communities.

Along comes the MRI scanner and the IT industry. Research begins into the effectiveness of the Placebo Effect. Increasingly the evidence uncovers the ‘mind’, or the thought processes associated with imagination, can be utilised to physically effect and direct changes within the body. Using a placebo and even a known placebo can work. The brain believes and activates imagined outcomes.

More recently, areas of the mid brain have been linked to activating the body’s production of opiates. Scientists suggest we may be able to produce our own neuro-chemicals to treat conditions such as Parkinson’s and chronic pain. Imagine your very own internal pharmacy, activated through created belief, leading to expectation and an imagined outcome. Virtual reality, that had been utilised centuries ago for healing.

Placebo Shop, with the divine intervention of your imagination, will be treating common day ailments, using placebo treatments. It is a spatial installation and performance space for the brain to believe and activate imagined outcomes. An internal creative process.

11 North St, Belfast BT1 1NA
T: +44 28 9023 5912

A Brush With Nature | Rong-Gen Yin at Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast

16 to 28 February 2018

Chinese painting is one of the oldest continuous artistic traditions in the world.Traditional Chinese painting uses many of the same techniques as calligraphy, where gesture and control of the brush form part of the artistic method. Since earliest times nature, in particular the landscape and the creatures that inhabit it, has been the main source of inspiration for Chinese artist­s.

Rong-Gen Yin, will be having his first solo exhibition in Chinese watercolours which coincides with the Chinese New Year. The paintings will range from detailed landscapes in traditional style – Gongbi, where intricate brushstrokes shape meticulously coloured landscapes, which can include narrative themes – to Shui-mo, the more fluid depiction of plants, birds, and animals using bold brushstrokes in ink and watercolours.

There will be on display over 50 beautiful paintings exquisitely mounted on Chinese silk brocade, as hanging scrolls or in traditional frames. Rong-Gen will also be doing daily live demonstrations.

This exhibition is supported by National Museums NI, Northern Ireland Museums Council, The Framing Table and The Crescent.

The Crescent Arts Centre
2-4 University Road, Belfast
BT7 1NH, Northern Ireland
T: +44 (0) 28 9024 2338

Chasing Shadows | Mark Francis Fenning at Black Box, Belfast

1 February to 28 February 2018

Mark Francis Fenning is a Northern Irish Artist, based in Belfast and a graduate from the University of Ulster attaining a First Class Honours degree in Fine Art specialism Printmaking. He is also a recent graduate of Queens with an MA in Arts Management

‘Chasing Shadows’ is a series of Black and White polaroids taken during Fenning’s residency with The Print Association of Western Australia.

Across the City of Perth, Fenning captured shadows documenting their graphic, ephemeral and monochromatic qualities inspired by german expressionistic and film noir ideas. This work was funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland through the Self Arranged Residency Award 2014.

For more information, visit here.

Black Box
18 Hill St
T: +44 28 9024 4400

Fjord Melt/Cold Hands | Liam McCartan & Christopher Steenson at The Art Department, Belfast

1 February 2018, 7pm – 9pm

Liam MacCartan and Christopher Steenson present their collaborative audiovisual installation at The Art Department, Belfast, as part of Late Night Art Belfast.

“Fjord Melt” is a composition by Liam McCartan that explores concepts of genre deconstruction and sonic memory. “Cold Hands” is a live audio-reactive visual piece created by Christopher Steenson to accompany McCartan’s composition.

The event coincides with Framewerk Gallery’s event next door in the Bear and Doll with Drone Mansion DJs.

The Art Department
14 Little Donegal Street

White | QSS Studio Artists at QSS Gallery, Belfast

2 to 22 February 2018

White is the fourth and final exhibition showing the work of QSS studio artists, curated by artist Colin Darke. It was preceded by Unafraid Red, Unafraid Yellow and Unafraid Blue. Recognising that the task of dividing twenty-three artists and twenty-three very different stylistic practices into four thematic categories would result in spurious relationships, Darke settled on assemblages based around colour. This allows for a level of visual cohesion, while retaining the conceptual and aesthetic diversity that defines Queen Street Studios.

The titles of the first three shows reference Barnett Newman’s four paintings made between 1966 and 1970, Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue, considering the juxtaposition of the three primaries as an emotional dialogue, as opposed to, for example, the more clinical, quasi-mathematical compositions of Mondrian. White alludes to the gallery wall on which the paintings hang, an appropriation of the nothingness surrounding them.

The artists in White incorporate whiteness in a number of directions, both formal and conceptual.

Artists: Susan Connolly, Alacoque Davey, Craig Donald, Gerry Devlin, Dorothy Hunter (image courtesy of the Golden Thread Gallery, photograph by Simon Mills), Frederic Huska, Terry McAllister and Mark McGreevy.

Queen Street Gallery and Studios
31-33 Bedford Street, Belfast City Centre
Phone: +44 28 90 24 31 45

Truth? | Sandra Corrigan Breathnach at Pollen Studios and Gallery, Belfast

1 February, 6–9pm

Sandra Corrigan Breathnach is giving a one night only performance in Pollen Studios and Gallery as a part of Late Night Art Belfast.

The fundamental core of Sandra’s practice deals with states of phenomenological expression of self and connectivity of the physical and meta-physical. Through this expression, she says, her life is given meaning, it is the search for meaning within her life, that has brought her work to its current manifestation. The Sculptural forms of her practice are informed by elements within or by being part of a performance. The vein of thoughts threaded through her work bind into formed structure, words held together as means to express emotion in poetic release, a partial disclosure, a manifestation of the personal that is at the heart of her practice.

Pollen Studios and Gallery
37-39 Queen Street, Belfast, BT1 6EA

Beyond the Beyonds | John Kingerlee at The Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast

12 to 31 January

Beyond the Beyonds is an exhibition of recent paintings and prints by 81 year old internationally renowned artist, John Kingerlee.

The exhibition will feature work from the past three years and includes Grids, Landscapes, Heads and prints. The centrepiece of the exhibition will be his very latest work titled SRIK paintings.

The SRIKS are absorbing and housing a lifetime’s random collection of memorabilia. Old notes, old letters, old drawings etc which Kingerlee carried for years, all passing out of his life and into the world of paintings.

The Crescent Arts Centre
2-4 University Road, Belfast
BT7 1NH, Northern Ireland
T: +44 (0) 28 9024 2338

still alone in her voices / screw loose | gobscure at Arts and Disability Forum

25 January to 9 March
Exhibition launch Thursday 25 January 6pm, performance of with added nuts 7pm

The Arts & Disability Forum is pleased to present still alone in her voices / screwloose, a haunting and at times darkly funny exhibition of visual poetry, film and sculptural pieces by Newcastle-based self-taught artist, performer and writer gobscure.

Born from gobscure’s experiences of psychosis, still alone in her voices is a moving and provocative look, in gobscure’s own words, at how “we too are constantly being erased & having to write ourselves back in”. Comprised of large white wooden boards covered in layers of charcoal writing, the work is weighty yet fragile – covered in languages you can see but cannot read.

screwloose, a collection of sculptural pieces, short films and visual-poems, responds to the increasing chaos of the international political system and asks the question: are we mad or are we made?, reimagines an Ireland with a frictionless border, and asks if Donald Trump is still playing with his marbles or if he has lost them like the rest of us?

Arts and Disability Forum
109-113 Royal Avenue,
Belfast, N.Ireland BT1 1FF
T: +44 28 9023 9450

Exegesis | Group Exhibition at Catalyst Arts, Belfast

11 to 17 January

MFA Belfast present the hard core, soft centred, minimalist, maximalist, critical, complimentary, painterly, pixelated, gendered, genderless, placed, displaced, decadent, sparse, remembered, forgotten, historic and imaginary through a constellation of concepts, conceived as image, object and video. This raucous, rip roaring appraisal of the possibilities within contemporary art examines the development of highly individual artistic practices within collaborative studio and gallery environments.

Exhibiting Artists: Amy Higgins, Aaron Yendall, Cathy Cannon, Dan Ferguson, Gearoid McGinley, Joey O’Gorman, Mary Gilfillan-Griffin, Naomi Litvack, Rachel Alexander and Vasiliki Stasinaki.

Catalyst Arts is delighted to again host this interim exhibition of work by final year students on the Ulster University’s MFA Fine Art course.

Catalyst Arts, 5 College Court, Belfast BT1 6BS

Emergence | Group Exhibition at QSS Gallery, Belfast

12 to 25 January

QSS is delighted to present an annual showcase of work by recent graduates from the Belfast School of Art. This event will serve as a platform for emerging artists during this transitional stage in their careers. A diverse range of works will be on show, from photography and painting through to sculpture, installation and printmaking.

Featured artists: Hannah Clegg, Petra Dominova, Meghan Downey, Olivia Gamble, Jordain Gillen, Mary Goss, Erin Healey, Megan Holmes, Fern Keaney, Megan Kerr, Ruth McGillycuddy, Yasmine Robinson (image), Charlie Scott and Sarah Smith.

Exhibition opening times: Tuesday – Thursday, 10am – 5pm

Queen Street Gallery and Studios
31-33 Bedford Street,
Belfast City Centre
Phone: +44 28 90 24 31 45