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Bá | Michael McSwiney and Luke Sisk at Doswell Gallery, Cork

8 October to 5 November

Bá (as gaeilge) refers to a vast open body of water-namely the sea or the ocean. Given the poetic nature of the Irish language the word can be used as a metaphor or descriptively to express feeling. Elegant and deep Bá refers to the sublime nature and idea of the sea as being an entity of infinite depths.

Michael portrays a world of panoramas of land and sea. The relationship between the sea, its affect on its immediate surroundings and the abstract process of experiencing such “affects” has established an internal dialogue which Michael has been developing since his childhood growing up in Cork harbour. Memory forms a base whereupon the intense process of layering and peeling back materials such as tar, pigment and earth allow Michael to explore the atmosphere of such memories. Often taking months to complete, the works are the product of much distillation.

Luke Sisk uses ceramic and glass as a way of documenting events and places, past and present. Light, texture and form are key to conveying these ideas and investigations. His work is heavily influenced by both architecture and the sea, having grown up on the mouth of Cork Harbour. The materials he uses allow him to recreate his memories in 3D, combining hard architectural lines with soft textural surfaces. With clay he can manipulate how light falls on a surface, while glass allows me to play with light transmitting through the surface.

Doswell Gallery
West Square, Roscarbery, Co. Cork
T: +353 (0)23 8848137

The Light of Other Days | Roisin O’Farrell at Hayfield Manor Hotel, Cork

15 to 29 October

The Gallery Kinsale is delighted to announce The Light of Other Days, a solo exhibition of Irish artist Róisín O’Farrell at The Hayfield Manor Hotel Cork.

‘The Light of other days’ refers to the imagery that Roisin has drawn from Irish country Life. One generation away from her Cork roots and now living in Co. Wicklow Róisín’s work has been influenced by great Irish Country Houses such as The Hayfield Manor, Killruddery House, Ballyfin Demense and many others.

Associations and illusions resonate in these paintings. Formal drawing rooms bathed in light, colourful families of welly boots by the kitchen door, loose landscapes in fully saturated colour. The work explores light, time and space within the setting of the Irish country home with both memories of the past and hopes for the future.

The Gallery Kinsale
T: 086 844 8589

Prints Members and Friends Exhibition/Regions Greetings Card Launch at Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre   Recently updated !

20 October to 17 December 2017

Exhibition Preview: Thursday 19 October, 5.30 – 7.00pm

Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre announces the launch of two new projects by local artists; Prints an exhibition of artwork involving the medium of print, by West Cork Arts Centre Members and Friends, and Regions, a West Cork Arts Centre Edition greetings card pack, featuring artwork selected from the series of regional showcases in the foyer at Uillinn this summer.

The exhibition takes place in the Foyer and Stairwell Galleries at Uillinn from Friday 20 October to Sunday 17 December, and features works from 18 artists including photography, monoprint, collographs, carborundum, screenprint and mixed media works including print techniques. Print is an affordable and accessible medium, and many of the works will be limited edition prints available framed or unframed, making them excellent Christmas gifts.

The West Cork Arts Centre Edition greetings card pack, is a celebration of the successful series of foyer shows that took place from March to October in the foyer at Uillinn and focused on each of seven Regions within our catchment area. This pack of seven blank greetings cards each features an image from one artist selected from each of the seven regions.

The launch of these projects, both of which celebrate the wealth of creative and artistic talent present in West Cork, takes place on Thursday 19 October at 5.30pm with a wine reception. Terry Tuit aka Bard na Mara will be channelling music for the evening throughout the galleries.

Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre
Skibbereen, Ireland
T: (028) 22090

The Road Not Taken | Group Exhibition at The Grain Store, Ballymaloe House, Shanagarry   Recently updated !

28 October to 19 December 2017

7 artists come together to create a group exhibition based on their response to the much loved poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost.

The contributing artists are as follows; Antonio Sammartano, Albano Paolinelli, Gentian Lulani, Ellen Barrett, Siobhan Duggan, Lar Mccarthy and Anna Barden. Opening address by Tim Severin.

All Welcome!

The Grain Store
Ballymaloe House
Co. Cork
T: 021 475 7200

The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart | Group Show at Mayfield Arts Centre, Cork

19 October to 19 December 2017

Mayfield Arts Centre is proud to present The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart, an exhibition of painting by contemporary artists Ailbhe Barrett, Tom Climent, Rian Coughlan, Colin Crotty, Tommy Feehan, Joseph Heffernan, John Noel Kenneally and Holly Walsh.
Quoting WB Yeats’ poem The Circus Animals’ Desertion, via James Elkins text on the relationship between painting and alchemy, “What Painting Is”, this exhibition explores the “materia prima” of painting. This is the idea, in alchemy, of every substance that has a beauty or spiritual significance, being created in squalor and refuse. Elkins finds an equivalence to this in the painter’s studio. This is often a place of chaos and disorder, “coloured mud” and chemicals, out of which a visual language emerges.
The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart showcases the strength and diversity of painting practice in Cork today.

Mayfield Arts Centre
Newbury House, Old Youghal Rd, Mayfield, Cork
T: (021) 453 0434

‘Portraits of Kind People’ | Angela Burchill at Mayfield Arts Centre, Cork

12 to 31 October 2017

Angela Burchill has been a member of Cúig studio artists since 2008. The evidence of the hand is of primary importance to Angela’s practice – this working out of marks operates in a manner akin to a signature. She embraces a range of subjects, developing a unique, direct approach to art making. Over the last number of years she has been working primarily with pastel pencils on paper and treated wood.

A previous series of large-scale works tackled religious iconography, creating a modern and highly personal perspective on an ancient theme. More recently, Angela has engaged with celebrity and mass media culture in a very personal, idiosyncratic portrait series of “Kind People”, often mediated through a TV screen. These portraits operate in a manner that will be familiar to anyone who visited Irish Catholic homes in the 1960s and 70s, where the trinity of Jesus, the Pope, and JFK were the most popular images. This melding of religious iconography and celebrity culture is exploited beautifully here- the sweetness that the title suggests, coexisting with a subversive and humorous treatment.

Mayfield Arts Centre
Newbury House, Old Youghal Rd, Mayfield, Cork
T: (021) 453 0434

If Not You | Mark Clare at Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh, Cork

21 October to 6 December 2017

For this exhibition Mark Clare has produced a body of work that draws upon stories around natural events that are invisible to the naked eye but essential for the ecological equilibrium of our environment. One such event is the aerial transport of dust along an atmospheric conveyor belt that reaches from the Sahara to South America. This dust, consisting of finely ground algae produced during the Holocene period, is carried on winds across the Atlantic as far as the Amazon basin. Its rich nutrient content replenishes those nutrients that have been leached away from the basin through tropical rains.

Clare employs a variety of mediums, including animation, audio, sculpture and watercolour to produce works that reflect upon issues such as the illegal trading of charcoal in Somalia or the carving of giant icebergs from Antartica. He has collaborated with a variety of specialists to produce a body of work that alludes to the fragile balance between industrial society and our natural environment. The work is framed in ecological terms but is rooted in complex issues relating to science, policy-making, and economics. It transcends physical space, infiltrating the ether to create an ephemeral experience of imagined space and accentuates the urgent need for action to define a future. But it cannot occur in a vacuum. Its purpose is to invite as wide an audience as possible to participate in this most crucial conversation.

Kindly supported by Cork County Council Environmental Partnership.

Sirius Arts Centre
The Old Yacht Club, Cobh, Co. Cork
T: 021 4813790

Imperceptible Movements | Angela Gilmour at Cork Printmakers Print Showroom, Cork

5 October to 3 Novemeber 2017

This solo exhibition by Angela Gilmour, looks at the hidden architecture within scientific instrumentation and the intricate mechanisms that record our surroundings. The exhibition combines fine art printmaking and installations of deconstructed instruments, selected from a variety of time periods. It will in particular link with physics, maths, and technology by looking at scientific equipment that measures the imperceptible movement of electrons to calculators that predate the electronic age.

Angela Gilmour received an honours degree in Fine Art from CIT CCAD in 2015, where she was chosen as Student of the Year and awarded an exhibition by Cork Art Society. Her work has been has been exhibitied both nationally and internationally, including ‘A Fresh Field of Life’ – MDI biological Laboratory, Acadia National Park, America.

Recent solo exhibitions include; ‘The Sum of All Parts’, a touring exhibition funded by Science Foundation Ireland, as part of an artist residency with Tyndall National Institute and IPIC Ireland.

Cork Printmakers
Wandesford Quay,
Clarke’s Bridge,
T: (021) 4322422

Present Haunts | Group Exhibition at James Barry Exhibition Centre, CIT, Cork

5 to 17 October 2017

Artists: Jackie Burke, Cat Gambel, Vicky Langan, Max Le Cain
Curated by Pádraig Spillane

Art & Process at CIT Crawford College of Art and Design. This exhibition explores shifting influences within our contemporary times. It considers our present flux through different modes: our witnessing of mass-media exclamations, experiences of contemporaneous influencers, and corporal moments in time.

Present Haunts is a new iteration of – slips, speaks – which was presented in May of this year at 12 Star Gallery, Europe House in Westminster. Present Haunts is a returnal to the institute and Cork city for the four artists and their art works.

James Barry Exhibition Centre, CIT Bishopstown Campus, Cork

T: (021) 433 5200

Personal Space: Travels In India | Shaun O Connor at St. Peters, Cork

4 to 30 October
Launches Wednesday 4 October, 5pm

An upcoming photography exhibition from Irish filmmaker Shaun O Connor presents a stunning new look at India.

The exhibition, shot entirely on a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone, chronicles five months’ solo travel from the end of 2016 to mid-2017. Shaun flew into in Mumbai and made his way down through Goa and Karnataka, continuing through Kerala to the very southern tip of India. From there he travelled via rail to Madurai and Chennai and made the epic coastal train journey to Kolkata. He explored the cities of the north (Delhi, Agra, Varanasi) and soaked up the the Buddhist influence of Darjeeling and Dharmshala. Finally, Rajasthan offered a taste of Northwest India in 40+ degree heat where Shaun spent his remaining time in the Golden Triangle of Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur.

St. Peters
North Main St Cork
T: (021) 427 8187

Cork Arts Society Exhibition The Lavit Gallery, Cork

3 to 28 October

The Lavit Gallery is delighted to present CASe, an exhibition of works by Cormac Boydell, Billy Foley, Eilis O’ Connell, Maria Simonds-Gooding, Charles Tyrell, and Samuel Walsh.

Cork Arts Society exhibition (CASe) is an annual group exhibition of invited artists that originated as ‘Six Munster Artists’ at Cork Arts Society in the 70s. While the exhibition has had many iterations since its inception, showing the work of national and international artists, this year we return to its beginnings. We have invited six contemporary artists, living and working in the Munster region, to show their work.

The Lavit Gallery
5 Father Mathew St, Cork
T: (021) 427 7749

SIAR/WEST | Group Exhibition at Doswell Gallery, Co. Cork

16 September to 1 October

A gathering of works from fifteen artists who are closely connected to the ebbs and flows of glorious West Cork. The exhibition pays homage to the rich culture of and the relationship between artist and landscape in West Cork. In partnership with A Taste of West Cork. The exhibition features a wide variety of works ranging from painting, ceramic, glass, sculpture, photography and mixed media.

ARTISTS; Kari Cahill, Martha Cashman, Andrew J. Collins, Bernice Corcoran, Anastasia O’Donoghue Healy, Helle Helsner, Barbara Kenneally, Susan Montgomery, Ginny Pavry, Paul Ringrose, Sarah Roseingrave, Angie Shanahan, Geraldine O’Sullivan, Izabela Szczutkowska, Laura Wade.

Gallery open Wednesdays-Sundays 12 noon-6 p.m.

Doswell Gallery
West Square
Co. Cork
T: +353 (0)23 8848137

Project Cleansweep | Dara McGrath at Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh, Co. Cork

23 September to 26 November 2017

– Beyond the Post-Military Landscape of the United Kingdom
Dara McGrath

In association with Roscommon Arts Centre and Belfast Exposed

Project Cleansweep takes its name from a UK Ministry of Defence report issued in 2011 that assessed the risk of residual contamination at sites in the United Kingdom used in the manufacture, storage, and disposal of chemical and biological weapons from World War I to the present day. The work looks beyond the risk assessment to the ways that landscapes are psychologically charged by their history, examining the sites of the official investigation, including those used for both chemical and biological weapons activities during the Cold War. McGrath’s investigations followed traces that lead, predictably, to military bases and government facilities and, more surprisingly, to grocery stores and holiday parks.

Over 4,000 sq km of the landmass in the UK was appropriated for military use in the 20th century. The images take the viewer into the country lanes of Dorset and Devon, the Peak District, the woodlands of Yorkshire and out across the open rolling countryside of the Salisbury Plain, all the way from the coastlines of East Anglia, the West Counties and Wales to the remote Scottish Highlands and the Irish Sea. Considering our inheritances of the past, the places pictured here become interstitial; they seem to exist between past and present, public and private, civilian and military. Here, too, pastoral myths of the bucolic British landscape — of simple nature, a golden past — are disrupted by material realities embedded in the landscape itself.

East Gallery
Sirius Arts Centre
Cobh, County Cork
T: (021) 481 3790

What Passes Between Us | Padraig Spillane at Sirius Arts Centre. Co. Cork

3 September to 15 October
Talk and Boat Tour of Cork Harbour Saturday 07 October 1.30pm

Pádraig Spillane’s practice is sited in the interrelated areas of photography, collage, and assemblage. For his new solo he takes the idea of embodiment as a starting point. It recognises the location of Sirius Arts Centre in the industrial and pharmaceutical global hub of Cork Harbour, a location for companies that predominantly manufacture products for the body. Exploring the meeting points of both image and object to consider how desire and feeling may become apparent, Pádraig considers the relationships between technologies and the body. With an awareness of current cultural movements, his work looks toward the future of what might be.

Pádraig Spillane has collaborated with composer Simon O’Connor who has written a specially-commissioned soundtrack that explores the human voice as a generator of desire, creating a sensual moment/movement through the galleries. Working with repetitions of bodily sounds and forms of linguistic and non-linguistic singing, the vocal and electronic score – performed by Contemporary and Baroque specialist Michelle O’Rourke – imagines a new sung language of intimacy and sensuality, a future-oratorio of love between beings we have not yet become.

Music Composed by Simon O’Connor
Michelle O’Rourke, Vocalist
Curated by Miranda Driscoll

Sirius Arts Centre
The Old Yacht Club, Cobh, Co. Cork
T: 021 4813790

Fantasy of the Good Life | Group Exhibition at TACTIC, Cork

18 to 29 September 2017

TACTIC is proud to present “Fantasy of the Good Life,” an exhibition of emerging Cork artists, Lynn-Marie Dennehy, Tommy Feehan and Andrew McSweeney.

Quoting distinguished author and professor, Lauren Berlant “Fantasy of a Good Life” explores the relational dynamics between personal experience, ideas of success and failure, autonomy, and responsibility while questioning the agendas, strategies, and accountability of authorities and governing power structures.

Opening Reception:
6-9PM Culture Night, 22 September, The Crypt, O’Mahoney’s Avenue, St.Lukes.

3rd Floor of the Former Government Buildings, 10-19 Sullivan’s Quay, Cork

Nina Lassila Retrospective at Cork Film Centre Gallery, Cork

29 September to 27 October 2017

The Cork Film Centre presents a retrospective of work by Finnish performance and video and performance artist Nina Lassila.

Opening Friday Sept 29 at 6pm.

Nina will also present a talk at 2pm on the same day at:
Digital Arts & Humanities, Room 2.22, O”Rahilly Building, UCC.

Nina Lassila is a visual artist born 1974 in Helsinki, Finland currently living and working in Belgium. She has exhibited widely including a recent solo exhibition at the National Museum of Iceland. She works mainly with video and performance. In many of her works she deals with questions of identity – specifically identity affected by social barriers, conventions based on gender and upbringing and cultural differences.

Cork Film Centre
Civic Trust House, Popes Quay, Shandon, Cork
T: (021) 421 5160

Idir Neamh agus Talamh | Group Exhibition at Meade’s 126 Wine Bar, Cork

22 September to 21 October 2017

Painting exhibition by former Crawford graduates Elisa Feiritéar and Jason de Buitléir at Meade’s 126 Wine Bar, Cork.

Opening on Culture night at 7pm. All welcome.

Contact 083 3144127 for further details.

Meade’s 126 Wine Bar
126 Oliver Plunkett Street
T: 021 4271530

Guilt Trip | Ragnar Kjartansson at Crawford Art Gallery

14 to 18 September

For four days only, Crawford Art Gallery and Sounds from a Safe Harbour Festival present a collaboration with internationally renowned Icelandic artist, Ragnar Kjartansson. The short film shows a man dressed in black carrying a bright yellow shopping bag full of gun cartridges, trudging through a sublime frozen landscape. Filmed in surround sound, the searing sounds of the gun discharging and the eerie beauty of the glacial landscape create a beguiling viewer experience.

The Lecture Theatre
Crawford Art Gallery, Emmet Place, Cork
T: +353 (0)21 480 5042

Doublethink | Graduate Exhibition at CIT Crawford College of Art and Design

11 to 28 September 2017


Through an interrogation of existing structures, each artist explores ideas around political and social constructs. Issues relating to gender, tradition and communication are examined, as well as notions of perfection and failure.

Doublethink is a term taken from George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four and refers to the acceptance of two contradictory ideas, often in social contexts. The works highlight the contradictions which exist in society and the tension between the necessary acknowledgment of the past coupled with a desire for change. We are presented with the paradox of searching for perfection within a failed system.

CIT Crawford College of Art and Design
The Lough, Cork
T: (021) 433 5200

TOMBOLO 2017 | Lay of the Land at Brow Head, Mizen Peninsula, Co. Cork

22 September to 1 October

Following on the success of last year’s project Lay of the Land will return to Brow Head for the second Installment of TOMBOLO. For the month of September eight artists – Emily Robyn Archer, Kari Cahill, Sophie Gough, Hazel Mc Cague, Rosie O’Reilly, Felix Power, Theo Shields and Anna Wylie will engage with the landscape at Brow Head, Mizen Peninsula, West Cork. During the time spent on the tombolo headland they will develop and produce site responsive sculptural installations.

For the culmination of the project the public are invited to journey to the tip of the Mizen Peninsula to experience the site and the works that respond to it. The exhibition will open to the public over the weekends of the 22nd of September and 29th of September 2017. In addition to the exhibition site, there will be scheduled cultural activities happening throughout the opening and closing weekends at Brow Head, including a walking tour of the exhibition trail hosted by a local historian and one of the TOMBOLO artists.

For more information about how to support this project visit: