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Hennessy Art Fund Exhibition at IMMA

13 July to 26 November

Mark Garry / Mairéad McClean / Ciarán Murphy / Yuri Pattison

Hennessy Ireland and IMMA have announced the four artists whose works have been selected to be purchased by the Hennessy Art Fund for IMMA Collection 2017. Works by Mark Garry, Mairéad McClean, Ciarán Murphy and Yuri Pattison have joined the IMMA National Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art for the first time, and are now on exhibition in the Courtyard Galleries at IMMA.

In 2016 Hennessy Ireland formed a unique partnership with IMMA to help fund the purchase of important works by Irish and Irish based artists for the National Collection. Works are sought which show excellence and innovation within contemporary art developments, and which represent a signal moment of achievement with the artist’s practice and capture a moment in time of Irish culture. These four works now join those of Kevin Atherton, David Beattie, Rhona Byrne and Dennis McNulty, selected for the Hennessy Art Fund for IMMA Collection 2016.

Irish Museum of Modern Art, Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin 8
T: 01-612990

Back of Beyond | Brendan Earley at The Douglas Hyde Gallery

28 July to 30 September

The Douglas Hyde Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of a solo exhibition by Brendan Earley titled ‘back of beyond’.The title refers to one place and to many. It marks the retreat into the wilderness; from childhood memories to eighteenth century rural landscapes of Wicklow by James Arthur O’Connor; from 1970s folk groups to long walks along the river Dargle, as well as the films of John Boorman made in Ardmore Studios. Working across sculpture, print and drawings, Earley’s work conjures another place and another time.

Gallery 2
The Douglas Hyde Gallery
Trinity College, Dublin 2
T: 01 896 1116

Calling on Gravity | Isabel Nolan at The Douglas Hyde Gallery

28 July to 30 September

The Douglas Hyde Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of a solo exhibition by Isabel Nolan titled ‘Calling on Gravity’. Comprising suspended and floor-based sculptures, portrait paintings, drawings, photographs and a rug, these new works unsettle simple certainties such as up and down, high and low through her material exploration of metaphor, and how we bring the world into meaning.

Gallery 1
The Douglas Hyde Gallery
Trinity College, Dublin 2
T: 01 896 1116

Time is not a line | Elaine Grainger and Michele Hetherington at Pallas Project/ Studios

26 to 29 July

‘Time is not a line’ an exhibition of works by visual artists Elaine Grainger and Michele Hetherington both currently studying for their Masters in Fine Art at NCAD.

Text accompanying exhibition by Danny Felix Kelly

The idea for this exhibition has materialised through a continuous dialogue on the areas of convergence within their practices. Both artists approach the subject of place and time through line. Hetherington attempts to extend the ephemeral moments by stretching out and looping real lived time. Grainger creates work exploring the atmosphere of our present where repetition can be seen as a sign of boredom but that it can also be a moment of bliss. The exhibition proposes to make visible this shared fascination; that the line is a series of now points. The artists see their work as individual moments in time, but when presented accumulatively it transforms into one vast singular continuum.

The artists work across a range of media including painting, photography, installed sound/ video and sculptural work. This exhibition seeks to explore the parallels that bind the pursuits of both artists.

Pallas Projects/Studios, 115–117 The Coombe, Dublin 8
T: (01) 856 1404

Faceless, Nameless, Voiceless | Hannah Martin featuring Terri Harrison, Insprier Gallery, Dublin 1

23 to 27 July 2017
Inspire Galerie, 56 lower Gardiner Street Dublin 1

Inspire Galerie will host this thought provoking event, The Art Exhibition will showcase woek by Irish artist Hannah Martin with contributions from Terri Harrison founder of Forgotten Mothers. Faceless, Nameless, Voiceless presents a unique perspective of how the Arts can enlighten so many from a dark recess of a history hidden and forgotten.

Sandman | Stream Exhibition at The Complex

27 July to 1 August
Opening 27 July, 6pm

They have made for themselves a golden calf and have worshipped it and sacrificed to it […] Old Testament, Book of Exodus, Verse 32

The term fetish originally described an inanimate object which people believed to contain supernatural power. Many cultures have produced talismans, statues, good-luck charms, and so on, which are said to possess some sort of spirit or magic. These objects may be used in ritual or religious rites, or be worshipped in their own right. The term was generally used to describe these kinds of objects from Africa in particular, which Western travellers found fascinating. The term is now primarily used in Western culture to refer to sexual attraction to an object rather than a person, as well as a broader infatuation with commodities such as money or status symbols.

For Stream’s second exhibition, we are asking the artists involved to produce work which considers the human tendency to worship; to elevate objects, ideas or people to semi-divine or miraculous status. We would like the artists to contemplate the role of worship or superstition within our current Western culture and our future culture, from a religious or secular perspective.

Artist involved:
Léann Herlihy, Stephen Lau, Mark O’Gorman, Ronan O’Reilly, Paul McGrane

Performance on the opening night by Léann Herlihy 7:00pm

The Complex
15 Little Green St,
Dublin 7
T: (01) 544 6922

No One Place, No One Time (The Weaving of Imagined Cities) | Michael Bruce Weston at Steambox

28 July to 6 August

Solo exhibition by Michael Bruce Weston. This Imagined City, a project which started at the end of 2013 and is still ongoing, started while the artist was waiting in a room during his placement studies. It has kept growing organically ever since. It is a work in progress. After all, can we ever say when a city is finished, can we put bounds to it and say it will not grow or change any further?

School Street, Dublin 8

EPIC Tour | Behind the Scenes at the Digital Museum, Dublin

22 July, 2pm

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum is a brand new digital museum which showcases the use of engaging and interactive technologies to tell the story of the 10 million people who have left Ireland in search of a new life abroad.

As part of the Festival of Curiosity, we’d like to invite you to join our guide John Sterne, founder of the TechArchives project, specialists in capturing and conveying the story of Ireland’s relationship with technology, to discover some of the tricks of the digital museum trade which we use to bring the Irish emigrant story to life.

This tour is geared towards museum fans with an interest in new technologies, and the cost is the usual price of admission to EPIC.

Book here:

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum
Custom House Quay

Explorations in Wood | Hugh Cummins at Olivier Cornet Gallery

11 to 28 July

Using hardwoods and fine wood veneers, Hugh Cummins creates a wide range of objects including finely finished boxes, stylish uplighters, delicate platters and sculptural vessels and forms. Hugh Cummins was born in Dun Laoghaire and after a number of years working and studying in London lives again in Dun Laoghaire. He progressed with his acquired traditional fine cabinet making skills to creating purely decorative objects. His designs have clean, flowing lines involving his own innovative construction processes that consistently challenge the range of possibilities of his materials. Woods that Hugh works with, such as Beech and Walnut, allow him to push the boundaries within which traditional wood working techniques were previously contained.

Hugh selects very carefully thin slices of wood, knife cut from a prepared log, and uses a sequence of these leaves in layers. Different species of wood conform in similar but very specific contours and Hugh’s creative process comes close to the limits of influence. The layering allows the artist to shape the wood using the inherent tensions in the grain and size of the cut sheets. The sequenced leaves can be compressed with formers made by Hugh and/or carefully shaped by hand while a glue vein sets creating one-off unique forms.

Olivier Cornet Gallery, 3 Great Denmark Street, Dublin 1
T: 087 288 7261

Presenting the Cultural Quarter | Kerry Guinan at A4 Sounds Gallery

20 to 23 July
Exhibition Opening Thursday 20 July, 7pm
Q+A with the Artist Saturday 22 July, 7pm – 8:30pm

‘Presenting the Cultural Quarter’ is an exhibition documenting a recent intervention into the Parnell Square Cultural Quarter by artist Kerry Guinan. Launched in 2013, the Parnell Square Square Cultural Quarter is a semi-private D.C.C. development which promises ‘renewal and growth’ in the area. In this exhibition the motives and implications of such a cultural strategy are subject to interrogation.

Guinan creates public interventions that challenge art’s complicity in neoliberal capitalism. Her work frustrates interpretation of fact from fiction by appropriating the aesthetics of institutional authority. She is the recent author of ‘The Impact and Instrumentalisation of Art in the Dublin Property Market’ and has developed a significant research practice in the intersections of art and property speculation.

Kerry Guinan is a recipient of the A4 Artist in Residence Programme 2017. The programme was established to offer selected artists the time, space, and facilities needed to develop their professional practice in a supportive environment, while furthering the mission of our studio through projects that focus on social and political issues relevant to Dorset Street and surrounding areas.

A4 Sounds
St Joseph’s Parade
off Upper Dorset Street
Dublin 1

Relatively Speaking: A guided walking tour across two city art galleries

Thursday 20 July 2017 | 1pm
Meeting point: Temple Bar Gallery + Studios
Free admission, booking is essential.

Would you like an opportunity to introduce your friends and family to contemporary art? Relatively Speaking is the guided walking tour that takes place across two of Dublin’s most well-known contemporary art galleries, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios and Gallery of Photography. The tours introduce their current exhibitions to those who might not be so familiar with contemporary art and offer an interesting insight into the work for those who are. The whole tour, contained within Temple Bar, will take about 45 minutes (approx.), with 15-20 minute tours taking place in each gallery.

Beginning at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, you will be introduced to Camille Norment’s solo exhibition Prime. Visitors will be guided to the Gallery of Photography for the exhibition ENGAGE, a new collaboration between Belfast Exposed Futures programme and Gallery of Photography.

We’ll meet on Thursday 20 July at 1pm at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios. Book a spot for your parents, friends, cousins, housemates and anyone who you think might like to learn more about the things you love.

Sean Scully Book Reading at Hodges Figgis, Dublin

Saturday 22 July, 2.30pm

Kerlin Gallery is pleased to announce that the internationally renowned Irish artist Sean Scully will give a reading from his latest book, Inner: The Collected Writings and Selected Interviews of Sean Scully at Hodges Figgis, Dublin.

Inner (2016, Hatje Cantz) compiles almost 200 texts that provide a unique perspective on one of the most engaging artistic imaginations of the past half century. The publication varies from brief reflections of compressed eloquence to essay-long mediations on artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Giorgio Morandi and Mark Rothko. Scully’s writings are distinguished by a brutal lyricism and the effortlessness of their aphoristic turn of phrase.

This event is the third in a series of readings, following on from celebrated appearances in New York and London. The talk is free to attend, but places can be reserved by emailing

Hodges Figgis
56-58 Dawson St, Dublin 2

Trouvées Métrage | Group Exhibition at MART

20 July to 18 August

Artists selected are Yann Beauvais, Nicolas Montgermont, Antoine Schmitt and Pierre Jolivet.

MART are proud to present Trouvées Métrage – an exhibition of experimental French digital media artwork. Curated by Deirdre Morrissey and supported by directors Matthew Nevin and Ciara Scanlan.

For our 2017 programme MART embarks on an ambitious new program curating artists to work under the parameters of risk and political agitation. Trouvees Métrage brings together four artists working in digital media whose practice tests and stretches the material and immaterial and challenge conventions of ‘the norm’. The artwork to be presented has been selected or ‘found’ through the Espace Multimedia Ganter collection of digital media artworks.

MART, 190a Rathmines Road Lower, Dublin
T: (01) 515 9692

Neil Carroll Exhibition at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Atrium Space

30 June to 2 September

Neil Carroll’s practice explores the ability of pictorial space to meaningfully express and embody a perceived shift in how we conceptually construct the anthropological condition of the human figure and the contemporary space it occupies. It tries to manifest these changes by re-negotiating with the painting format in a broader sense, breaking with the traditional bounds of representative, objective, architectural and urban space and forming a relationship with a more abstract, dynamic and transformable space.

‘Spatial constructions’ are created that use materials such as household paints, wood, plaster and metal, which often move beyond the stretcher frame, assuming different forms.

Atrium Space
Temple Bar Gallery + Studios
5 – 9 Temple Bar, Dublin 2
T: 01 671 0073

Rooting for Wimps | Sara French at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios

Saturday 15 July,  4pm

Rooting for Wimps is a participatory performance where the audience becomes witness to one woman’s ambition to achieve equilibrium between right and left. In an effort to channel her right hemisphere, a rigorous routine of left-bodied gestures is performed for the audience. Her ethos, “the personal is political” becomes a fitness showcase with the audience rooting from the courtside.

Free admission. Book your ticket here

Studio 6
Temple Bar Gallery + Studios
5 – 9 Temple Bar, Dublin 2
T: 01 671 0073

MART Open Studios | Malpas Street, Dublin 8

Thursday 13 July, 6pm

​MART presents the next in our series of Open Studios. Up next is our Malpas Street Studios, located at Argus House, Malpas Street, Dublin, just a stone’s throw from Newmarket Square.

Pay a visit to view an artspace in action, meet a few of our members and learn a little bit about their work. This will be an opportunity to share inspiration and influences, make new contacts, or get a glimpse behind the scenes of a whole range of creative pursuits from visual art to filmmaking, from sculpture to decorative arts.

With eight studio buildings now in operation, MART hosts a different open studio night in one of its buildings every two months.

Argus House, Malpas Street, Dublin 8
T: (01) 515 9692

Inside Worlds | Group Exhibition at SO Fine Art Editions

29 June to 29 July

An exhibition of four exceptionally talented printmakers, Yoko Akino, Niamh Flanagan, Clare Henderson and Aoife Scott. The result explores and connect us to a printed world of research, memory, isolation, escape, emotion and surreal imaginings.

Yoko Akino’s inspiration for these colourful etchings stems from the idea that inside every building, every house and apartment, people live in their own worlds. The prints speak of emotions, perceptions, differences and connections, creating a half-real world that is both familiar and fantastical.

Niamh Flanagan’s work creates landscapes describing an inner world which is both familiar and surreal. She explores utopias and the search for spaces to dream within our worlds, creating a visual language of recurrent motifs and themes to express these ideas.
Inspired by the history of exploration, current migration and climate change, Clare Henderson is making artwork visually based on The Antarctic landmass and its surrounding seas and wildlife. Henderson highlights climate change whilst discussing more personal elements of the human condition.

Aoife Scott’s practice is concerned with the exploration of derelict houses and buildings. These lonely forgotten spaces with their sense of history and abandonment, hold intrigue for Scott. Through the printing process, her use of reductive mark making and colour, Scott transforms these forgotten spaces into a sensitive celebration of memory.

SO Fine Art Editions
10 South Anne Street, Dublin 2
T:: +353 1 472 1050

For All In Tents and Porpoises | Mark Redden at Origin Gallery

6 to 31 July

Born in Dublin in 1979, Mark Redden graduated from the Crawford College of Art. He has taken inspiration from poets, philosophers, scientists and writers. Although he acknowledges the influence of such artists as Anselm Kiefer, Joseph Beuys, Richard Deacon and Jimmy Durham, Redden has created his own distinctive iconography in which each element is loaded with symbolism and meaning.

The artist takes a cyclical view of time and history, and as a consequence, a handful of over-arching themes appear regularly in his work. These repeating gestures are in a way a response to the repetitive system of human history. One that is apparently constantly changing yet bound to an eternal theme of birth, growth and death. He seeks to understand our purpose here on Earth and our relationship with the celestial, spiritual and physical nature of life.

Origin Gallery
37 Fitzwilliam Street Upper, Dublin 2
T: 01 662 9347

Home and high ground | Conor Foy at The Molesworth Gallery

6 to 27 July

The Molesworth Gallery is delighted to present Home and high ground, an exhibition of new work by Conor Foy, running from July 6th – 29th. Like the work, the title of the show is oblique. ‘Home’ has a possessive subtext: where you identify as home is considered a safe place, a place of identity, a place to defend or a place to reclaim – a place that other people covet. Likewise, the ‘high ground’ of the title is neither a moral position nor a place of military advantage, but rather an exploration of the complex co-dependency those two meanings can engender.

Ambiguity has always been at the heart of Foy’s work. “Like all really good art, Conor Foy’s work is hard to pigeon-hole as being one thing, or as addressing one issue. Rather it addresses the question of being in a fascinating, multifaceted way.” So said Tyler Green, a columnist with Modern Painters of the work of Irish artist Conor Foy.

The Molesworth Gallery
16 Molesworth Street, Dublin 2
T: + 353 1 679 1548

Atonal Supersound | Kathy Tynan at Kevin Kavanagh Gallery

6 July to 5 August
Opening reception Thursday 6 July, 6pm

Kathy Tynan’s eye for idiosyncrasies and her ability to distil an essence from daily encounters lends her paintings a profundity that is interspersed with self-reflexive humour. Each painting captures a moment in which a feeling or mood prevails. In the making of these paintings, Tynan proffers a world in which chance encounters and oddities are elevated through their representation. Tynan’s paintings are often witty and playful but also inquisitive – imbued with their own revelatory purpose. Together the paintings in ‘Atonal Supersound’ converse with and often contradict one another. They exist as counter points reaffirming the idea that meaning is both deduced and created. It is somewhere between these two activities that Tynan’s work gathers its momentum.

Kevin Kavanagh Gallery
Chancery Lane, Dublin, Ireland.
T: (01) 475 9514