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‘The People of Rajasthan’ Exhibition at the Patrick Donald Photography Gallery

listingsThe People of Rajasthan
3 – 31 July
Patrick Donald Photography Gallery, 8/9 Hibernian Way, Dawson St, D2
Opening Hours: Monday- Saturday 10am – 6pm, Thursday 10am – 7pm, Sunday 12 – 6pm

Award winning Irish photographer Patrick Donald is launching his new collection of portraits and documentary images from his recent trip to Rajasthan, which capture the spirit and heart of a very interesting people. From tradesmen to shop keepers, hair dressers to goat herders his images give an insight and cross sectional view of the way life is being lived today during a time of change.

With this exhibition Patrick is also launching his new limited edition collection that are printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art paper, hand signed and numbered.

The Patrick Donald Gallery is centrally located on Dawson St, nearby to Bewley’s on Grafton Street, and is well worth a visit to find a perfect gift for a loved one or an ideal memory of Ireland. This unique black & white photography gallery is open year round and is a treasure trove of stunning landscape images from all over Ireland, as well as many streetscapes of Dublin and its vibrant pub life

PhotoIreland 2014: César Rodríguez at Brick Alley Café

photoireland-festivalCésar Rodríguez
Opening: 3 July at 6pm
Brick Alley Café, Temple Bar

Presented as part of Truths, Facts, Fictions, Lies, PhotoIreland Festival 2014.

The Coras were one of the last ethnic groups to be conquered in México. When the Spanish came, the Coras fled to the mountains, the majority of them today are still located in these remote areas. Some speak a little bit of Spanish but they have kept their own language, culture and traditions intact. Eventually it was not by force that they were conquered but through religion. This series of portraits was taken during Holy Week at the community of San Juan Bautista, Nayarit. The Coras interpret and celebrate this festival in a unique way, where pagan rituals of body paint and animal head masks mingle with Catholic prayer beads, and now, even sun glasses.

PhotoIreland 2014: Leopoldo Pomés & Carlos Saura at Instituto Cervantes Dublin

3 – 31 July | Opening: 2 July at 6pm
Instituto Cervantes Dublin, Lincoln House, Lincoln Pl, Dublin 2
Visiting hours: Monday to Thursday, from 2pm to 7pm; Friday, from 10am to 2pm

Instituto Cervantes Dublin, as part of the PhotoIreland festival, presents a retrospective of the portrait production of Leopoldo Pomés and Carlos Saura, a photographic collection which includes works taken from the 1950´s until present.

Pomés (Barcelona, 1931) is perhaps better known for his career in advertising. However, since he exhibited his work in Galerias Layetanas in 1955, he has been able to balance out a personal vision of photography with a more commercial use of this figurative art. Pomés understands portraits as a character defining exercise, in which tension builds between observer and the object of this observation, until the right snapshot is taken. This show includes portraits of Chillida, Tàpies, Julio Cortázar or Nico.

Carlos Saura (Huesca, 1932) with a versatile background in cinema brings a selection of his photographic works. Contained in his catalogue, we can see images of Luis Buñuel and anonymous characters (including some animals). These portraits have in common their spontaneity, the phenomenon of capturing a fleeting moment and a snapshot of the past.

The exhibition includes images for all audiences, from the more accessible “Homage to Hitchcock” by Pomés, to the two Ana’s from “Cría Cuervos” (Carlos Saura, 1976).

PhotoIreland as part of its varied and inclusive list of events for this year’s festival welcomes the vision of these two great achievers in the art of observation. The exhibition has been included in PhotoEspaña and it’s an excellent opportunity to approach quality photography and familiar faces within the Spanish cultural scene for the last few decades.

Organised by Instituto Cervantes Dublin and La Fabrica (Madrid), in collaboration with PhotoIreland Festival. |

PhotoIreland 2014: Outdoors Installation by Carlos Spottorno at Temple Lane South

photoireland-festivalThe Pigs
Opening: 3 July at 6pm

Presented as part of Truths, Facts, Fictions, Lies, PhotoIreland Festival 2014.

The term PIGS was coined by the financial press to refer to Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. The photos included in this publication represent some of the stereotypes commonly used to justify the use of the term PIGS. It is a reflection on the internal and external perception of this part the world that has had a glorious past but an uncertain and disturbing future. Formally The Pigs is an exact replica of The Economist, the Anglo- Saxon champion for neo-liberal economic thesis.

Enjoy the publication at South Studios and The Library Project.

PhotoIreland 2014: Vitus Saloshanka at the Goethe-Institut

photoireland-festivalHigh Hopes
Opening: 2 July at 6pm
Goethe-Institut, 37 Merrion Square, Dublin 2

Presented as part of Truths, Facts, Fictions, Lies, PhotoIreland Festival 2014.

High Hopes is a part of a long-term critical study of the social landscape of Sochi, prior to and after the Winter Olympics 2014. The central question in Vitus Saloshanka’s work is how the younger generation is being affected by living in what is now, a ‘city of the future’, where a parallel world of high class resorts and modern infrastructure has been made possible through ecological deterioration, expropriation, and forced resettlement.

Jane O’Sullivan at Talbot Gallery & Studios

jan-osullivanLife is Supported in Mysterious Ways
5 – 29 July | Opening: 5 July at 2pm – The exhibition will be opened by Fionna Murray.
Talbot Gallery & Studios, 51 Talbot Street, Dublin 1
Opening hours: Tue – Fri: 10.30am – 5pm; Saturdays: 11am – 4pm

Artist Talk: Jane O’Sullivan will be in conversation with Ciara Healy Artist/Writer/Lecturer Saturday July 12th @ 2pm.

Life is Supported in Mysterious Ways is Jane O’Sullivan’s upcoming solo show of new work at Talbot Gallery and Studios. The exhibition is an attempt to reveal a space of “passionate silence” (a term coined by Symbolist artist Gustave Moreau), which comes from Jane’s extensive research into notions of poetic space. Being whimsical (but still careful) is a valuable subjective and personal theme that runs through her work. Talbot Gallery & Studios are delighted to present Jane O’Sullivan as part of our Artist’s Initiative, which facilitates artists who we support, but whose current project falls outside of the theme or scope of our exhibition schedule for the year. Life is Supported in Mysterious Ways is an installation based show, using film, glass negatives (taken from an artist book), drawings on antique found fabric and clay pieces incorporating altered found objects. Jane O’Sullivan’s work is concerned with locating a considered and careful space, a place of contemplation where she creates contexts for poignant reflection. In search of meaning, she wishes to express a fragility within this space, which often bears much melancholy, loss and darkness. O’Sullivan works mainly in the medium of drawing, which is sometimes shown in installation alongside experimental filmed elements, re-appropriated found objects and handmade artists books and zines. Through these mediums she has formulated a meta /alter reality and language. O’Sullivan graduated from a degree in Fine Art in 2009 from GMIT. She had been working and studying as an artist /maker for many years in Theatre and Fashion.

‘I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS’ | Lajeunesse Collective at BLOCK T

4 – 24 July | Opening Reception: 3 July at 6pm
BLOCK T, Haymarket House, Smithfield, Dublin 7
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 7pm

Sara Amido and Clare Breen are Lajeunesse Collective.

When forming they made note of areas of common interest and overlapping strands of their individual practice. They found that they both had vested interest in the complexities of the representation of feelings and emotions. In order to understand and explore the complexity and sometimes simply cope with these feelings they organize, systematize, structure and process them. Their methodology is persistent and compulsive yet their research is intuitive and haphazard. Their approach is strictly systematic, however the way through which they arrive at this approach is spontaneous, rather impulsive.

Taking the syllabic structure of the haiku, single-word-feelings are translated using their dictionary definition into a whole lexicographic elucidation. In I Have a Lot of Feelings the legitimacy of this premise and its capacity to truly deliver the nuanced meaning of the feeling is questioned. The definition is so reductive and speculative that the viewer is in this way provoked to challenge it with his own empirical interpretation.

Gameshows are part of the fabric of pop culture. They are perfectly honed to create the optimum conditions for hysterical release of emotion, be it anticipation, rage or ecstasy, which can then be caught on camera. Participants knowingly engage with this format when the prizes outweigh the loss of self control (or, in some cases, the loss of self control is an added bonus). Lajeunesse present these haikus as prizes.

The element of contradiction is ever present throughout the installation and the participative experience of the viewer. Beauty is calculated, subjectivity is objectivized, complexity is simplified, and meaning is emptied. The deconstruction of the feelings is undertaken in order for the meaning to be restored through consideration following participation.

PhotoIreland 2014: Festival Launch at Smock Alley Theatre

photoireland-festival3 July | 7pm
The Banquet Hall, Smock Alley Theatre, 6/7 Exchange Street Lower, Dublin 8

Celebrating its fifth edition, PhotoIreland Festival 2014 proposes a fun and informative look at how photography is used for storytelling, often merging personal or political interests with objective approaches. The theme this year is Truths, Facts, Fictions,Lies.

Join us for the launch of this years PhotoIreland Festival! Pick up your copy of the catalogue and enjoy a showcase of photographic works from around the world including projects from: Kaunas Photo Festival, EMAHO Magazine, LensCulture, FotoFestiwal Lodz, and the POPCAP ’14 prize for contemporary African photography.

PhotoIreland 2014: Street Market

photoireland-festival5 – 6 Jul | 11-5pm
Temple Bar Street, Dublin 2

Presented as part of PhotoIreland Festival 2014.

Developed in collaboration with the Temple Bar Company, the Book & Magazine fair becomes in 2014 the PhotoIreland Street Market, offering you unique opportunity to discover the latest books, magazines and fanzines from around the world, right at the heart of Dublin’s busiest quarter, in Temple Bar.

PhotoIreland Festival 2014: ‘Truths, Facts, Fictions, Lies’ | Group Exhibition at South Studios

photoireland-festivalOpening: 5 July at 6pm
South Studios, 27/28 New Row South, Dublin 8

We seek, produce, use, and consume all kind of images in our everyday. Whether in the private or the public sphere, we need them for sharing and obtaining details regarding experiences, news, and events. They serve to illustrate ideas that in turn endorse or contest other ideas. With these images, through storytelling, we shape public opinion and enjoy a shared sense of what is true, what is real. The way we understand our reality then is through these fragmented stories that we tell ourselves. Some of them may be accepted as truths, some others understood as mere myths, legends, hoaxes, or lies. It is all about storytelling.

Presenting works by: Gustavo Aleman, Carlos Azeredo Mesquita, Kathrin Baumbach, Norman Behrendt, Horst Maria Blaschek, Brown & Bri, Eufália C Paz, Sarah Carlier, Elena Chernyshova, Serena De Sanctis, Vincent Debanne, David Fathi, Karolina Gembara, Yaakov Israel, Marco Kesseler, Sara Macel, Romain Mader, Anne-Sophie Merryman, Karl Ohiri, Zhao Renhui, César Rodríguez, Jan Rosseel, Vitus Saloshanka, Marie Sommer, Carlos Spottorno, Tommaso Tanini.