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Sausage Fest | Jemma Egan and Sheila Rennick at ArtBox

hotdog-small_70028 October to 18 November | Preview: 28 October, 6pm

Sausage Fest is an exhibition by UK based artists Jemma Egan and Sheila Rennick. Through their diverse practices they investigate commodity, branding, the mass produced and cultural identity through a contemporary lens. Questions of taste, aesthetics and class culture are explored through painting, sculpture and moving image. Rather than looking from the outside, both artists are rooted within the context and culture they are referencing, so despite hints of satire and humour, there is still a certain affinity with the subject-matter. Together Egan and Rennick demonstrate a palpable interest in what lies between the desired and the discarded. In this way, ‘Sausage Fest’ not only alludes towards sexuality, but pokes at our abject and engrained desires and needs.

The exhibition is guest curated by Séamus McCormack.

3 James Joyce Street, Dublin 1

Nutgrove Arts Festival 2016, Rathfarnham

nutgrove-arts-festival27 October to 5 November | Launching Friday 28 October, 7.15pm
Performances from : Leotards and Monologues , Chris Holland and Ruth Hegarty.

Nutgrove Arts Festival is an annual celebration of community arts and culture, taking place in the unique setting of Nutgrove Shopping Centre in South County Dublin. Now in its sixth year, the festival has become an integral part of the local area’s cultural calendar, welcoming a selection of exciting performers, musicians and dancers to take over the centre for ten days each year. The festival works as an informal and exciting medium to experience creativity in all its forms. With a variety of music and art workshops there will be plenty to inspire creativity in the local community at any age.

Workshop events from : Music by Chris Holland, Wanda the Witch, Exploration Dome, Gravity Challenge, Kater4Kids, Dr.Brain and Banana Bot, Rachel Meadows Face Creations, Mad Professor Fun Science, Christien Van Bussel’s Pottery Studio, Brain Busting Illusions, Artists Aidan McDermott & Ellen Malone, Ceramic Display by Richard and Carol ceramics, Photographer Colm Jackson, Art Classes by Christine Browne and finally art Installations by Frank O’Dea

Nutgrove Shopping Centre, Rathfarnham D14.

Studio | Gerry Davis at Pallas Projects

vai-pic27 to 29 October | Exhibition preview: Wednesday 26 October, 6pm

‘Studio’ is an exhibition of paintings that explore the nature of contemporary artist’s spaces, particularly those in the artist-run Wickham St Studios, in Limerick. This is a studio Gerry Davis has been involved in since it’s foundation in 2009, and in that time he has seen artists of many persuasions make work there. As he began to make these paintings he noticed more and more the remnants of these artist’s work scattered throughout the building, and noticed over time fragments of work accumulated, leaving an indelible record of the studio’s history. After a while he garnered the sense of being a documentarian painter, painting a space before it’s next incarnation, either in the hands of a new studio member or an existing one. Each painting serves as a snapshot in time of a place that creeps along, always in flux, and always serving as a vehicle for something outside of itself, in actual production of work or in the intention. There is a sense of transience to the scenes depicted, and various strata of information in each painting.

The intricacies of these spaces are endlessly interesting to paint, the ramshackle walls and stained floors. For Gerry Davis, making these paintings has served the purpose of recontextualizing the familiar, forcing him to consider the difficult nature of maintaining a practice today, and wondering about the intentions and hopes of other artists who work in this country.

Pallas Projects/Studios, 115–117 The Coombe, Dublin 8
T: (01) 856 1404
E: /

Lost in the Chaos | Natasha Pike at Origin Gallery

natashapikevisual21 October to 15 November

Natasha Pike grew up in rural Ireland in the eighties and nineties. This instilled a deep connection with her environment. A strong independence formed in her early years gave her the thirst to travel extensively and to study abroad. All giving her work an original style.

Emigrating to Germany in 2013, Natasha found herself in the hot bed of Berlin’s artist community. Here she worked, exhibiting successfully with her peer group. Her painting ‘Social Achievement’ was used by the fashion designer Julianna Bass and printed on fabric on several dresses before going down the runway at New York Fashion Week.

Undertaking a regular mentorship with artist Katherine Boucher Beug and working collaboratively with two Berlin based artists has allowed for what appears to be an exciting growth and a broadening of ideas within Pike’s methodologies.

Origin Gallery
37 Fitzwilliam Street Upper, Dublin 2
T: 01 662 9347

Open Studio Crit at MART Studios

vai-mart-square24 October, 6pm

MART will host 4 Visual artists working in multi disciplinary visual art fields, curated by Mags O’Dea. Each month MART Studios Rathmines holds a studio crit open to its members and the public to attend, discuss and present current art and creative practices.


Jane Glynn :
Frances O’Dwyer
Angela Mc Donagh
Audurloa Gudnadottir

Each presentations is 10/15minutes with a 10 minute discussion

Thirsty? We’ve Tea, Biscuits and on occasion some pink punch.

MART, 190a Rathmines Road Lower, Dublin

My Head Is A Cinema | Sofia Monika Swatek and Dino Notaro at In-spire Galerie

in-spire27 October to 10 November | Opening Thursday 27 October, 6pm

In-spire Galerie presents an evening of poetry and art featuring the collaboration of artist Sofia Monika Swatek and poet Dino Notaro. Sofia and Dino will combine two different methods of expression (poetry and painting) to take you on a journey exploring a variety of topics focused on the human condition.

Sofia Monika Swatek is an artist based in Dublin, Ireland since 2007. She has successfully continued developing her career internationally as a painter, art teacher and art curator. Sofia has created a collection of female nudes and portraits. From the artists perspective she is fascinated by the female form and it’s capability to express emotions and thoughts.

Dino Notaro was born in Dublin and over the years has travelled exstensively and collaborated with artists both in Ireland and abroad. He uses his dark humoured and introverted poetry as a creative outlet that packs an emotional punch.

In-spire Gallerie, 56 Gardiner Street Lower, Dublin
T: 085 277 9024

all shimmers here | Ali Kirby and Cliodhna Timoney at MART Gallery

all-shimmers-here-poster27 October to 12 November | Opening 27 of October, 6pm

Ali Kirby and Cliodhna Timoney will both present new work in this upcoming two person exhibition selected through the Fire Station Artist’s Studios Residency Award 2016.

Kirby’s sculptural interventions will respond directly to the architecture transforming the physical space of the front gallery with large scale works that draw our attention to colour, scale and presence, while Timoney will exhibit a family of objects manifested through a process of trial and error. These objects relate to the encounter between the manufactured and the handmade and the interaction between body and material. This family will materialize as an installation in MART’s back gallery. This exhibition will be accompanied by a text by Lucy Elvis.

Associated Events:
Artist Walkthrough: Thursday 10 November, 6pm-8pm / MART Gallery.
Ali Kirby and Cliodhna Timoney introduce and walk you through their new work. This event is free.

For private viewing please contact Ali Kirby at and Cliodhna Timoney at

MART, 190a Rathmines Road Lower, Dublin

Atlas | Kathy Prendergast Kerlin Gallery

kp197146_128 October to 10 December | Opening Friday 27 October, 6pm

Kerlin Gallery is proud to present Atlas, an exhibition of new work by the internationally acclaimed artist Kathy Prendergast (b. 1958, Dublin). Prendergast’s first exhibition in the gallery since 2009, Atlas comprises of a single installation of over 100 modified road atlases each laid upon a trestle table. The exhibition will open with a reception in the company of the artist at 6pm on Friday 28 October.

At the heart of Atlas are notions of settlement, migration and displacement. The artist has taken a humble, everyday resource, the AA Road Atlas of Europe, and transformed it into a complex and compelling visual statement. Over one hundred copies of the atlas have been painstakingly drawn over by the artist with black Indian ink, eliminating all geographical details except cities and towns, which appear as small, unadorned dots in a sea of black. Collectively, the atlases provide a complete (if oblique) map of Europe, its borders and landmass simplified to reveal only the sites of human habitation.

Mapping has been a central component of Prendergast’s work since the beginning of her career. Guided by the illuminating principle that ‘All maps are subjective’, her practice touches not only upon notions of territory, ownership and political designations, tracing the vestiges of colonialism, but also incorporates more personal and emotional responses to cartography. Here, as in her earlier Black Maps series, Prendergast uses erasure and negation to obliterate boundaries, borders and transit routes, whether manmade or natural, leaving only disconnected sites of settlement. But as pointed out by Art Monthly’s David Trigg, ‘for all their negation and absence, the true subject of these works reveals itself to be presence’.

Kerlin Gallery, Anne’s Ln, Dublin 2
T: +3531 670 9093

Illustration: Comics, Covers and Children’s | Illustrators Ireland at The Heritage Centre Kells

ecoveneyccc10 October to 4 November
The Heritage Centre Kells.

Contributing Illustrators include: Sarah Bowie, Martin Beckett, Alan Clarke, Eoin Coveney, Jennifer Farley, Tatyana Feeney, Brian Fitzgerald, Brian Gallagher, Adrienne Geoghegan, Joven Kerekes, PJ Lynch, Alé Mercado, Niall McCormack, Niamh Sharkey, Steve Simpson, Margaret Anne Suggs, Eva Widermann.

Illustration: Comics, Covers and Children’s is an exhibition of uniquely imaginative, published illustration from the members of Illustrators Ireland. This creative work focuses on the variety and ingenuity of illustration found in publishing today. Our members are involved in the cutting edge of comic book and graphic novel development, the strong design of book covers, and the delightful interior illustrations for well-loved picture books.

Illustrators Ireland is a community of professional illustrators working together to actively promote the craft, the art form, that is illustration. Illustrators Ireland pride themselves on having original personal styles of illustration, running the full gamut of media from the experimental to the traditional to the cutting edge. Whether it is illustrating a poster or a postage stamp, a title page or a textile, they have the right professional for those needs.

Past and Present | John Behan at Solomon Fine Art

john-behan21 October to 19 November

Solomon Fine Art is delighted to be hosting an exhibition of new works by Ireland’s foremost sculptor in bronze, John Behan RHA. The exhibition will show Behan’s very latest work which focus on the 1916 Easter Rising and will also include his characteristic and well-known pieces surrounding topics of the Famine and the Táin.

Behan’s work is highly expressive; his pieces are marked by an initially perceived roughness that quickly melts into a surprising delicacy of form. Crafted in a white or brown patina or with a polished bronze surface, each piece is as individual and captivating as the next, reflecting the often difficult themes of Irish history and identity in a remarkably subtle way.

Solomon Fine Art, Balfe Street, Dublin 2
T: +353 (0)86 8142380

Daily Practice | Selected works: 2007 – 2016 | Mark Cullen at The Molesworth Gallery

mark-cullen320 October to 2 November

For Leonardo Da Vinci and his Renaissance peers, expertise in art and science had yet to polarise into separate disciplines as they have today. They co-existed naturally, sharing the same motivations and goals: to describe and understand the world around us and, most importantly, to communicate that vision. In more recent times, there have once again been attempts to create intersections between the artist’s studio and the scientist’s laboratory, not least UCD’s Art in Science initiative which provides a supportive environment for artists within the School of Physics.

Mark Cullen is a recent recipient of one of these residencies, and the works in this exhibition both pre-date and overlap his time spent on campus. Cullen’s work seeks to describe our position in relation to our surroundings from the macro level of stars, planets and galaxies, to the micro level: examining aperiodicity, patterns that exist in our DNA and processes as diverse as crystal formation and the sacred geometry of 13th century Islamic tiling.

Spanning a period of nine years, the works in Daily Practice juxtapose scientific instruments of perception, such as observatories, neutrino detectors and the CERN hadron collider with the conventions of mandalas as subjective tools for understanding the universe.

The Molesworth Gallery
16 Molesworth Street, Dublin 2
T: + 353 1 679 1548

Works from the studio | Elizabeth Taggart at The Molesworth Gallery

taggart110 to 29 October

Elizabeth Taggart’s pursuit of a highly personal visual idiom sets her apart from her artistic peers in Ireland, North and South. Like the ‘Celtic Surrealist’, Leonora Carrington, an artist with whom she shares a deep affinity, Taggart has created her own personal symbology. Hers is a hybrid world full of strange and oddly unsettling figures, where animals and household items are anthropomorphised, and often represent an alter-ego or a form of self-portraiture. The women in Taggart’s paintings do not conform to any conventions of portraiture, but are more likely to be self-portraits or paintings of creative energy, of self-transformation and self-discovery.

The Molesworth Gallery
16 Molesworth Street, Dublin 2
T: + 353 1 679 1548

Musicians and Lovers | Frank O’Dea at The Athena Room, Dublin 2

every-breaking-wave22 to 27 October 2016 | 21 October, 6pm
The Athena Room, 1st Floor at Sol Art, 8 Dawson Street, Dublin 2

Musicians and Lovers is a new collection of paintings by Dublin based artist Frank O’Dea. His choice of bright, vibrant colours and textures along with his unique and recognisable style brings his subjects to life on the canvas.
Opening Speaker Graham Knuttel. Curated by Tony Strickland

…Modality of the Visible | Michael Kane at Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin 1

wall-201620 October 2016 to 15 January 2017 | Opening: 19 October, 6pm
Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, Charlemont House, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1

The Hugh Lane is pleased to present ‘… Modality of the Visible’ an exhibition of paintings and prints by Michael Kane featuring work from the late 1950s to today.
The exhibition is accompanied by an illustrated catalogue with essays by Michael Dempsey, Elizabeth Hatz and Roisin Kennedy and a poem by Paul Durcan.



T+ 353 1 222 5550, E:


Old Anatomy | Jason Ellis at Oliver Sears Gallery, Dublin 2

bedouin-tribesman-by-jason-ellis-201620 October to 1 December 2016
Oliver Sears Gallery, 29 Molesworth St, Dublin 2

Oliver Sears Gallery is pleased to announce the launch of ‘Old Anatomy’, an exhibition of stone sculptures by Dublin based artist, Jason Ellis.
Developing his understanding of human anatomy, Ellis gained access to an extraordinary collection of plaster casts kept by the Department of Anatomy at Trinity College, Dublin. Here, Ellis, has chosen to re-create a number of body and animal parts, internal and external, turning them into ciphers for emotional and psychological expression. Ellis’ long history as a stone conservator gives him a deep understanding of the technical savoir faire necessary to physically make objects from a variety of materials including limestone, marble, slate and sandstone.

On Paper | Group Show at So Fine Art, Dublin 2

vai-copy6 October to 17 November 2016
So Fine Art Editions, 10 Anne St, Dublin 2

SO Fine Art Editions presents ‘on paper’ featuring the works of 10 contemporary artists including Michael Canning, Blaise Drummond, Richard Gorman, John Graham, Stephen Lawlor, Hughie O’Donoghue, David O’Kane, Maurice Quillinan, Barbara Rae, Laurence Riddell, Donald Teskey and Samuel Walsh.

Paper, one of the most accessible and common of art media, has been used by artists for centuries as a surface for drawing and sketching. This exhibition showcases a variety of mediums within this genre; watercolours, gouache, charcoal, lithographs with collage and hand stitching, acrylic, Chinese ink and carborundum fine art prints.

‘… there is no there there …’ | Ann Marie at Pallas Projects, Dublin 8

img_314213 to 21 October 2016
Pallas Project/Studios, 115/117 the Coombe, Dublin 8

Pallas Projects present ‘… there is no there there …’ a solo show by Ann Marie Webb. This exhibition concerns painting and how the image can act as a locator.


A Root that Turns as the Sun Turns | Damien Flood at Green on Red, Dublin 1

pear-and-shadow-vai20 October to 27 November 2016
Green on Red Gallery, Park Lane, Spencer Dock, Dublin 1

In this, the artist’s 4th solo show with Green On Red Gallery, Damien Flood proves his considerable worth as a thinker and as an artist of real ability capable of weaving new narratives that intrigue and draw the viewer. The ground in each of his paintings is metaphor and stage for existential marks, lines, encrustations, erasions and endless non-sequiters in a vast – or is it microscopic – universe riddled with phantoms of this painted world caught between figure and abstraction, between memory and projection.



The artist will participate in a formal conversation with art writer James Merrigan on Saturday, November 26 at 1.15pm in the gallery and on Sunday, at 2pm, November 27 their will be a listening party where people can come hear music that has inspired and influenced the work on show as part of Dublin Gallery Weekend, 2016.

Making Ireland Modern | Gary A. Boyd and John McLaughlin Architects, Dublin 2

mim_viewers_vai14 October to 12 November 2016
Real Tennis Court, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2

Making Ireland Modern features Gary A. Boyd and John McLaughlin Architects. Making Ireland Modern explores the relationship between architecture, infrastructure and technology in the building of a new nation. Constructed as an open matrix of drawings, photographs, models and other artefacts, the exhibition presents ten infrastructural episodes spanning a period of one hundred years from 1916-2016. Conceived as the Irish pavilion for Venice 2014, and expanded as a key strand of the Arts Councils programme ART:2016, Making Ireland Modern describes architecture’s role in transforming the physical and cultural identity of the new state through its intercession in the everyday lives of its population. Public events run alongside the main exhibition. |