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Younousse Tamekloe at Inspire Galerie, Dublin 1

received_10207387837560560In Love We Trust
30 October to 5 November 2015 | Opening 29 October 6 to 9pm

In Love We Trust is a solo exhibition of new works by Younousse Tamekloe. Inspired by the natural beauty of the land, Tamekloe’s art is a mediation on the many concerns of the world we live in today. Using structure, form and natural techniques to capture a visual picture of his subjects, Tamekloe searchs for understanding and harmony taking the viewer on a creative journey where they can engage in the stories he tells. In Love We Trust explores the quest for peace and harmony with love as the driving force.

Further information:
T: 0857104663
56 Lower Gardiner St, Dublin 1

Ceramics Group Show at the Olivier Cornet Gallery, Dublin 1

Sinéad-GlynnIn Their Element
15 November to  13 December 2015 | Opening 15 November 3pm

The Olivier Cornet Gallery presents In Their Element, a group show of ceramics by gallery artist Annika Berglund and invited artists Sinead Glynn, Lesley Kelly and Freda Rupp. Berglund has selected three ceramicists to join her in this exhibition, each chosen for their particular connection with one of the four classical elements. Dr Eoin Grogan, landscape archaeologist is the guest speaker.
3 Great Denmark Street, Dublin 1

David Quinn at the Taylor Galleries, Dublin 2

Until 14 November 2015
Monday to Friday, 10.30am to 5.30pm, Saturday 11am to 3pm

Taylor Galleries presents Seam, an exhibition of recent paintings by Dublin-based David Quinn. Developed over the past two years, this new body of work was completed during the summer months in Callan, Co Kilkenny while Quinn was the recipient of the Tony O’Malley Studio Residency Award 2015. The residency provided him with the opportunity to experiment with working on a larger scal, and also saw him introduce a variety of new materials to his subtle painted assemblages.

For further information:
T: 01 6766055
E: email

Taylor Galleries, 16 Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Marie Brett and Kevin O’Shanahan at IMMA

E.gress_Film_Still_Photography_by_Marie_Brett-1_low_resE.gress: A Film Exploring the Twilight World of Dementia
By Marie Brett and Kevin O’Shanahan
3 November to 13 December 2015 | Tuesday 3 November 6pm
A soulful and stirring film that maps a twilight world of loss and change, E.gress explores how individuals diagnosed with dementia find new ways to adjust to a changing world. E.gress was produced by Marie Brett and musician Kevin O’Shanahan following an intensive collaboration with the Alzheimer Society of Ireland. The resulting artwork is a multi-layered portrait of living moments on life’s edge, inviting us to contemplate loss, love and life itself.

The E.gress national tour will be launched in IMMA at by opening speaker Professor Rose Anne Kenny, Director at Mercer’s Institute for Successful Ageing. The launch will be followed by a special discussion event with guest speaker Cliodhna Shaffrey curator, Marie Brett artist and Jon Hinchliffe from the Alzheimer Society of Ireland. This event is free and all are welcome.

E.gress is being shown alongside Daphne Wright’s Plura in the Project Spaces of IMMA
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Further tour information:
IMMA, Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin 8

Describing Architecture Memory and Place at the City Assembly House and Powerscourt Townhouse, Dublin 2

DA2015-01-text-150x150Until 01 November 2015
Open daily, 12pm to 6pm

Describing Architecture reveals unseen aspects of architecture as a creative practice, alongside its relationship to the visual arts and the work of artists. Over the past six years it has provided innovative ways of engaging the public outside of traditional gallery contexts.

This year the exhibition located in the Powerscourt Townhouse and City Assembly House will be continuing its exploration of the memory and place theme, looking at how we build and why we build; inquiries of both current and universal concern. The work shown is meant to be explorative, to open up areas of discourse rather than dictating the discussion. It asks us to examine our willingness to make new place and new memory, and the motivations that sit behind this.


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 58 and 59 South William Street, Dublin 2

The Performing Subject in the Space of Technology: Through the Virtual, Towards the Real; Book Launch

eventThursday 29 October 2015 6pm

The Performing Subject in the Space of Technology: Through the Virtual, Towards the Real launches with guest speaker Dr Noel Fitzpatrick.  Edited by Matthew Causey, Emma Meehan and Neill O’Dwyer, the publication perceives notions of virtual and real in a collection of essays and explores the ubiquity of technology in both academia and professional practice, emphasising the experience of body and technology encounters.

Further information:
The Neill Hoey Lecture Theatre, The Trinity Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2

Performance by Ella de Burca and Elaine McCague at TBGand S

TBG+S Logo Resized for VAI Listings28 October, 7.30pm
The Atrium, TBG+S, 5 – 9 Temple Bar, Dublin 2

‘The Pull’, Ella de Burca + Elaine McCague.
A collaborative performance by Ella de Burca and Elaine McCague (LoosySmokes) involving a rope and a poem. Watch and listen as together they commemorate feminine survival throughout the patriarchal ages, from Salome to Salvita, Aishing to Joan of Ark.


Free admission, all welcome
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Camilla Hanney at Ormond Studios, Dublin 1

CamillaHanneyGathering Dust
23 to 25 October 2015 | Opening event Thursday the 22 of October at 6pm

Gathering Dust, a site-specific installation, explores themes of impermanence, cycles, traces and death. It reminds us that we are all but transient beings and our bodies, along with the material world that surrounds us, are in a slow process of returning back to the dust from which we came. The installation’s fragile qualities mirror our own ephemerality, a preciousness that is constantly overlooked. This exhibition marks the culmination of Camilla Hanney residency with Ormond Studios.
Further information:
Ormond Studios, 6 Ormond Quay Lower, Dublin 1

Face To Face | Andrzej Mazur at James Joyce House, Dublin

LOST22 to 30 October | Opening: 22 October, 6pm
James Joyce House, 15 Usher’s Island, Dublin 8

‘Face – to –Face’ is an exhibition of new work by Andrzej Mazur.  Mazur shows a group of drawings alongside with his newest oil paintings. The small intense canvases depict phantasmagorical landscapes populated by figures from an earlier time. Fiction and formalism go hand in hand in these works, dissolving the distinction between reality and illusion. Part figurative, part abstract, they continue Mazur’s on-going exploration of the language of painting.

Ann Maria Healy at Eight Gallery, Dublin 2

Screen-Shot-2015-10-16-at-14.45.34Your Ass Protrudes Toward The Malaise
23 October to 5 November 2015

Your Ass Protrudes Toward The Malaise is the culmination of a 2014 body of work by Irish artist Ann Maria Healy. The work is an entertaining, colourful, absurdo-surrealist video and sculptural installation with strong cinematic sensibilities.

At the heart of the installation is a carefully scripted video work. Healy drew a line in the glitter of her mind, which draws from the artist’s writings and works, a porthole into another realm. In this fantastic alternate reality, a trinity of muses use strange sculptural objects in a ceremony that takes place in a magic forest. The muses activate the sculptures through incantations of poetry and choreographed processions in selected geographic locations. The central poem to the work is a response to Franco Berardi’s The Uprising: On poetry and finance. The work contrasts the known natural environment with a projection into a future mythological.

Further information:
T: 01 675 0972
8 Dawson Street, Dublin 8

Adam Graham at deAppendix, Dublin

IAmNotDead_AmandaGraham_201521 October to 20 November | Opening: 20 October, 6.30pm
deAppendix, 30 Ardagh Grove, Blackrock

‘Warriors One in Three’ a solo exhibition by Amanda Graham. It has been substantially documented that cancer will touch one in three of us. Warriors One in Three acknowledges the stoic bravery, dignity and resilience of people that have faced serious illness. Through this exhibition the victim becomes the warrior by addressing perceptions of conflicting cultural projections played out through society. Graham’s practice is a trajectory of self-reflection, personal narrative, and memoirs where the viewer completes the experience. Handmade process is essential to the practice. The traditional mediums of drawing, fine print are collage are key to generating the intricate visual representation that penetrates the memory of the observer creating unconscious and organic emotional reactions.

Contact: Ciara 012785866, E: for further information

Floorplan | John Busher at NAG Gallery, Dublin

john busher nag gallery24 October to 7 November | Open view: 29 October, 6pm
NAG Gallery, Basement, 59 Francis Street, Dublin 8

‘Floorplan’ is a solo show by artist John Busher. Works will see a development from a recent exhibition ‘Transferrals’, which took place in the Project Space at Pallas Projects/Studios in January 2015.  The project will be primarily painting and print based. |


Zones of Discomfort | David Yu at MART International Residency Space

David-Yu-Zones-of-Discomfort-MART24 to 28 October | Preview: 23 October, 6pm
MART International Residency Space (Behind the Firestation), 190A Rathmines Road Lwr, Dublin 6
Gallery hours: Daily 1-6pm

David Yu is a Canadian multimedia, Installation, and performance artist currently practicing in Toronto, Canada. Zones of Discomfort is an exhibition generated through a one-month exploration at the MART International Residency Space and generously funded by the Ontario Arts Council.

With this exhibition, Yu continues his investigation into participatory and performative models of exhibition. Sculptural forms and installation prompt audiences to consider physical engagement, such that they effectively “perform” the work. Focusing on the concept of heterotopias the work seeks to call attention to the conventions underwriting the ostensibly neutral exhibition space. This is achieved by creating the conditions in which the audience themselves has the potential to subvert their relation to the art object and space, and negotiate the precarity and risk that the artist extends with humour.

Further information please visit:

Michael O’Doherty at Stream Box, Dublin 8

imageRemnants Expanding Forms of Paint
22 October to 1 November 2015 | Opening 22 October 6 to 8pm
A solo show of abstract paintings by Michael O Doherty

Remnants Expanding Forms of Paint is a solo show of non-representational work which presents sculptural aspects combined with contemporary approaches in painting.

Further information:
T: 086 077 2332
Steam Box, School St, Dublin 8

New Horizons | Tom Byrne at Duke Street Gallery, Dublin

Tom_Byrne_VA23 October to 7 November | Opening: 22 October, 5.30pm
The Duke Street Gallery, 17 Duke Street, Dublin 2

Tom Byrne’s exhibition “New Horizons” which will be opened by writer and Councillor Mannix Flynn.
Byrne’s abstract paintings establish a link between the landscape’s reality and that imagined by its conceiver. These works focus on the relationship between the endurance of the human spirit, spiritually and mediation. By applying a poetic and often metaphorical language, he investigates the dynamics of landscape, his personal relationship with the East coastline of Ireland and the spiritual and meditative effect of the sea. |


Solas | Glass Society of Ireland Members Exhibition

exhibition15 to 19 October: NCAD Gallery, Dublin
22 October to 9 November: The Hunt Museum, Limerick
20 November to 29 December: Greyfriars’ Galley, Waterford
January dates TBC: Wansford Quay Gallery, Cork

‘Solas’ is this year’s Glass Society of Ireland exhibition which was juried by Audrey Whitty, Head of decorative arts, design and historical collections at the National Museum of Ireland and Susanne Jøker Johnsen Artist and Curator. It includes work by selected artists Scott Benefield, Patrick Blythe, Emma Bourke, Sinead Brennan, Sean Campbell, Debbie Dawson, Roisin de Buitleir, Karen Donnellan, Gwyn Grace, Eamonn Hartley, Karl Harron, Catherine Keenan, Peadar Lamb, Alison Lowry, Sarah McEvoy, Meadhbh McIlgorm, Sadhbh Mowlds, Jenny Mulligan, Michelle Ryan, Killan Schurmann, Aoife Soden, Andrea Spencer, Suzannah Vaughan and Catherine Wilcoxson

2015 is the Year of Irish Design and it has also been designated the United Nations International Year of Light. With light being a core element of glass design, it seems appropriate to address both simultaneously. Light and glass have long been intertwined; reflections and refraction, luminous colours, dramatic shadows and spectacular prisms; glass offers the designer a rich set of implements beyond the physicality of the medium itself.

Contact for further details!solas—members-exhibition-/c1cqq

Total Recall | Gretchen Bender At Project Arts Centre

Gretchen-cropped-for-VAI-listing23 October to 23 December | Opening: 22 October, 6 to 8pm
Project Arts Centre, 39 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

This exhibition will show a reconstruction of Gretchen Bender’s seminal Total Recall (1987), bringing again to life her concept of ‘electronic theatre’. A monumental 24-monitor multi-projection screen installation, Total Recall explores the accelerated image-flow of television and includes a multitude of images that surrounded the context of her work – corporate logos, military hardware, Hollywood film as well as commercials for consumer goods.



Gillian Lawler at Pallas Projects, Dublin 8

Gillian-LawlerEminent Domain II

15 to 31 October 2015 | Opening Wednesday 14 of October, 6 to 8pm
Thursday to Saturday, 12 to 6pm
Pallas Projects announce Eminent Domain II a solo exhibition by Gillian Lawler. This is the second installment of Lawler’s project inspired by a field trip to the abandoned town of Centralia in Pennsylvania, America. Centralia began burning deep under its foundations in the 1960s where a vein of coal was accidentally set on fire. This vein burned intensely, so much so that the town began to form sinkholes and poured out toxic gases. Centralia was declared unsafe in the 1980s and the residents were relocated to another area. Centralia is now a floor plan of empty overgrown streets and remnants of buildings long removed. Unexpected interruptions among its remains, making it seem like fragments of skeletal, emptied presence. Its emptiness only adds to its strangeness and among its streets hovers the memories of another time. Lawler’s creates structures which hover motionless and insistently above the wastelands, anxiously scrutinizing the existing conditions for the possibilities of survival.

A catalog, Eminent Domain II, will accompany the exhibition with essays by Dominic Stevens, architect, Daniel Lipstein, visual artist and Linda Doyle, Professor of Engineering and the Arts, Trinity College Dublin.

Further information
Pallas Projects/Studios, 115-117 The Coombe, Dublin 8