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Still | Exhibition of live art and installation at The Complex

still_annemarie_screen6 to 9 October | Opening 6 October, 6.30pm

The Complex brings together Annemarie Kilshaw, Angela Mc Donagh, Austin Hearne and Celina Muldoon in this unique, immersive, exhibition. This multidisciplinary show combines live art and installation, creating an atmosphere of inclusion, which then focuses on the interaction between the individual piece and the viewer. Responding to the word “Still”, each artist develops their own interpretation of this multifaceted word. Live art is not acting, it is a live engagement that plays on the multisensory. From durational to spoken word whats left is the aftermath, which in the overall aims to push the narrative further.

The Complex
15 Little Green St,
Dublin 7
T: (01) 544 6922

Croi | Group Exhibition at Origin Gallery

dscn39938 to 18 October | Opening Saturday 8 October, 2pm

This exhibition will feature work by Nicola Henley, Kathryna Cuschieri, Jane Seymour and Vivienne Bogan. Four artists from East Clare have got together to offer themselves as a bespoke package to the burgeoning hotel operators, their architects, interior designers and discerning art collectors for their homes. Calling themselves ‘Croí’ they’re coming to town to show off their textiles, glass, ceramics, print and paintings.

Origin Gallery
37 Fitzwilliam Street Upper, Dublin 2
T: 014785259

Primitive Pathways | Gráinne Tynan at Pallas Projects

untitled-design-26 to 8 October | Opening event: Wednesday 5 October, 6pm

In Primitive Pathways, Gráinne Tynan presents new work inspired by medical science and shamanism. Through sculpture, drawing, and installation, the exhibition illustrates the artist’s search for resonances between our shared physiology and our primal mark-making instincts. Referencing cellular, muscular, and neurological structures, this work combines media and techniques that evoke primitive art with those that evoke medico-scientific enquiry and practice. Within the visual vocabulary created, medical and shamanic domains become contiguous.

Pallas Projects/Studios, 115–117 The Coombe, Dublin 8
T: (01) 856 1404

Order and Disorder | Noel Farrell at In-spire Gallerie

noelposter6 to 23 October | Opening Thursday 6 October, 6pm

Noel Farrell is a Meath based Abstract artist. Self-taught, Farrell’s painting work explores subject matter related to our often chaotic world and the mindsets it gives rise too.

Through a process of experimentation using varying mediums and means of application, a subject matter reveals itself, be it personal or sociological. Many of Farrell’s works relate to societal issues in Ireland and further afar and the claustrophobic trials faced by those who suffer most due to their societal status or beliefs in a disjointed economic environment.

The exhibition features works from 2014-2016, a period on increasing instability and attempts to find some Order, often failing, in a world of Disorder.

In-spire Gallerie, 56 Gardiner Street Lower, Dublin
T: 085 277 9024

Phantoms | Marc Behrens at MART

Marc Behrens Phantoms fade5 to 22 October | Preview: Wednesday 5 October, 6pm

MART curators Matthew Nevin and Ciara Scanlan, in conjunction with Goethe-Institut Irland, are delighted to present the visual art and sound exhibition «Phantoms» by Marc Behrens.

Marc Behrens will present his solo exhibition «Phantoms» at MART as an interconnected sound and object array. The exhibition focuses mainly on the sound installations «Unit», «The Unknown» and «White Phantoms» and integrates them with a number of smaller sculptural works. Phantoms are the placeholders for induced memories, imaginary places, ideas, entities or objects that you can only relate to by way of someone else’s accounts, since you have not been there, since you have not been with them. Marc Behrens materializes his own phantoms and tells their stories through combinations of sound and physical objects. All those materials, mostly organic but transmutable, all those sound objects are vibrations, reshaped, redefined. Like phantoms not of the artist’s body, but of the artist’s ideas and spiritual acts.

MART, 190a Rathmines Road Lower, Dublin

Creating History: Stories of Ireland in Art | National Gallery of Ireland

8 October 2016 to 15 January 2017

This exhibition represents the Gallery’s principal contribution to Ireland’s Decade of Centenaries – the programme of commemorations relating to the significant events in Irish history that took place between 1912 and 1922. ‘Creating History: Stories of Ireland in Art’ will bring together over 50 paintings spanning the seventeenth century to the 1930s, depicting or inspired by episodes in Irish history from the early fifth century arrival of St. Patrick to the establishment of the Free State.

A large number of paintings in the exhibition will be drawn from the Gallery’s collection. Many of these will have undergone extensive conservation in preparation for this show, such as Jan Wyck’s ‘The Battle of the Boyne’; Francis Wheatley’s ‘The Dublin Volunteers on College Green, 4th November 1779’ and Joseph Patrick Haverty’s ‘The Monster Meeting at Clifden’. Other artists represented in the exhibition include James Barry, Charles Russell, John Lavery, Richard Thomas Moynan, Seán Keating and Jack B. Yeats, complemented by loans from public and private collections in Ireland and overseas.

Dr Brendan Rooney, Curator of Irish Art, National Gallery of Ireland.

A lavishly illustrated book, edited by Brendan Rooney and with contributions by Tom Dunne, Ruth Kenny, Mary Jane Boland, Emily Mark-FitzGerald, Róisín Kennedy, Claire Crowley, Katy Milligan and Roy F. Foster, will be published to coincide with the exhibition (Irish Academic Press, €24.95pb).

Audio Guide:
A free audio guide, produced by Acoustiguide Ltd will accompany the exhibition. The guide is in English and Irish.

Talks and Events:
A programme of talks and ancillary events will take place in October and November.

National Gallery of Ireland, Merrion Square West, Dublin 2
T: +353 1 661 5133

GLOMAR RESPONSE, post-closure event | Claire Halpin at Olivier Cornet Gallery

claire-halpin-03Monday 3 October, 6.30pm

Post-Closure event: The Olivier Cornet gallery invites you to play with the leftovers of Claire Halpin’s show GLOMAR RESPONSE under the misguidance of Jenny Papassotiriou. It’s about the burial of an exhibition. And another burial…

Claire’s work explores themes and concepts around contested territories and histories through painting, drawing and installation. This new body of work attempts to navigate the complexity of the contemporary theatre of war as battlefield expands to battlespace in the information age. The means, methods and technologies of modern warfare from mass clandestine surveillance programmes to unmanned warfare and its real time reporting through the lens of the media.

The paintings employ imagery from the media, surveillance, military history, maps, archaeology, early civilization, bible stories and from the canon of art history of Byzantine and Early Renaissance to weave together a narrative through painting. The themes in the work concern the perception and interpretation of images. – how the reading of images and their resonance is influenced by how they are created, depicted and the context in which they are viewed. Clare strives to create work that raises questions about how we choose to record history and the veracity of painting, photography, and the media in documenting future history.

Please book by contacting the gallery.

Olivier Cornet Gallery, 3 Great Denmark Street, Dublin 1
T: 087 288 7261

Moving On (what it means to dance) | Sharon Murphy at Dance Ireland

sharon-murphy-untitled-1-from-the-series-moving-on22 September to 22 October

Moving On is an installation of photographic portraiture, choreography, voice, sound by Sharon Murphy in collaboration with emerging dancers from Dublin Youth Dance Company, Choreographer Mariam Ribón and Composer Michael Gallen.

Runs daily Monday to Thursday 10am-9pm. Friday and Saturday 10am-6pm. Closed Sunday.
Foley Street
Dublin 1

Further information: Dance Ireland 01 8558800

Photobook Launch: Linda Brownlee, iZii at The Library Project

linda-brownlee-izii-360x24030 September, 6.30pm (book signing from 7pm)
Marvellous drinks by Teeling Whiskey.

Knowing her friend’s appetite for rough-hewn landscape and the minutia of family networks, Aisling Farinella invited photographer Linda Brownlee to visit her relatives in the Italian village of Gangi. This was to be the first of numerous trips and 3 years later the resulting photo book is about to be released.

The family are presented to us in relaxed portraits and candid shots that criss-cross households and generations. Daily and seasonal rituals are shared as birthday candles are blown out, graves are tended and local asparagus is charred. We accompany Brownlee as she journeys through the surrounding landscape via ruptured roads, foggy elevations and paths carpeted with over-ripe fruit. She has the advantage of observing from the periphery of course, but it is undoubtedly her tender curiosity that brings us around the mountain, down the winding village streets and through the front door.

I Zii is designed by Workgroup, with accompanying text by Aisling Farinella

The Library Project, 4 Temple Bar Street, Dublin 2

Monthly Artist’s Networking Event

septemberWednesday 28 September, 6pm

The 6th Artist’s networking Event is taking place at The Red Bank Wine Tavern on Duke Street Dublin 2, starting at 6 pm.

The monthly event takes place on the last Wednesday of each month.

If you are an artist, working in an art related discipline or simply want to enjoy a drink in good company, stop by and say hello.

For more details contact Red Bank at 0868985263 or Sabina Iancu at

The past is a foreign country | Gavin O’Curry at Oonagh Young Gallery

gavin-ocurry9 September to 14 October

Oonagh Young Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new work by Gavin O’Curry. The title is the opening line of The Go-Between by L.P. Hartley and refers to the central character who looks back to a specific time in his childhood. O’Curry returns to a landscape that is of deep personal significance for the artist and repeatedly captures this in a new series of oil paintings.

O’Curry’s work is influenced by photography with earlier works from past exhibitions referencing luminaries such as Fox Talbot and Gustave Le Gray. In this exhibition, these influences are evident particularly in the monochromatic paintings and in the balanced panoramic perspective of these landscapes but unlike previous exhibitions, the new works are all based on his own photographs.

These are not bravura paintings, instead, they are concerted studies on canvas using a restrained muted palette that repeat motifs to ultimately draw our attention to what is absent. The continued revisiting of this place captures slight alterations of viewpoints and changes in weathers, evoking a restlessness that belies the reflectiveness of these quietly contained works.

Oonagh Young Gallery
James Joyce Street, Dublin 1
T: +353 1 8558600

Bored with a Hole | Hannah Fitz and Daniel Tuomey at NCAD Gallery

danprimage15 September 26 October

The NCAD Gallery presents Bored With a Hole, a two person exhibition of work by visual artists Hannah Fitz and Daniel Tuomey. Fitz and Tuomey graduated from NCAD in 2012 as part of a supportive network of emerging Irish artists, cemented by their shared involvement with the artist-run initiative Basic Space. They have remained confidants and engage in a continuous dialogue on many points of convergence in their practices. This is the first realisation of their collaboration in a full-scale exhibition featuring newly conceived sculptural, video and performance works.

Bored with a Hole gives space to the shared fascinations that drive the artists’ divergent practices and their ongoing conversation. Both Fitz and Tuomey take the failures and losses of representation as their subject matter. Fragmented objects, voices and positions are deployed, proposing new outlines for embodied viewership. These failures and losses materialise in many forms throughout the exhibition as the works focus on negative spaces, half-formed or inarticulable memories, cropped or broken scenes.

NCAD Gallery
100 Thomas St, Dublin 8
T: (01) 636 4390

Group Show at The Polish House, Dublin 2

image-ips-exhibit16 September to 29 October
The Polish House, 20 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2

Exhibiting artists; Vladislav Dainovski, Marysia Harasimowicz, Anna Hryniewicz, Ernada Husic, Edith Poole, Ula Retzlaff and Marta Ozog. The exhibition was opened by Michael O’Dea, President of the Royal Hibernian Academy.

Opening times:
Friday: 12pm to 3pm on 23rd and 30th Sept.
Saturday: 1pm to 4.30pm on 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th Oct.

Check our website and facebook for further details: |

Deirdre Mc Croy at The Seamus Ennis Arts Centre, Co. Dublin

deirdremccroysmall_bog-22 October to 2 December 2016 | Opening: 2 October, 3pm
The Séamus Ennis Arts Centre, Naul, Fingal, Co. Dublin

The Easter Snow Gallery presents an exhibition by Deirdre McCroy.
McCroy’s imagery comes from her environment at home and abroad and the plants and animal life that encroach on it. Inspiration very often comes from patterns in nature, from organic material growing and decaying, and movement in shapes and colour. She is interested in the exploration and development of images. Experimentation in the processes of enamelling and printmaking enables her to create the finished pieces. Mc Croy’s exhibition will feature her interpretion of nature in print and enamel showing her interest in both mediums using etching press and kiln.

Breaking Rainbows | Orla Barry at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios

Thursday 29 September | 6pm + 8pm
Friday 30 September | 6pm + 8pm
Saturday 1 October | 6pm + 8pm
Booking: via Dublin Theatre Festival, please click here to book your ticket

Exhibition Launch: Thursday 6 October 2016 | 6pm
Exhibition Continues: Friday 7 October to Friday 5 November 2016

Exploring the boundaries of art and life, Breaking Rainbows uses the relationship between wo/man and animal, and the cannibalistic, symbiotic tension between [Orla Barry] the artist and [Orla Barry] the shepherd to reflect on the primal and poetic and unpredictable bond we have with the natural world. Presented as a live performance and video installation, Barry’s new work is a fascinating journey into the land of shepherding through the lens of ‘doing’ rather than ‘observing’ the job at hand. The international tour of Breaking Rainbows will begin in Temple Bar Gallery + Studios as part of Dublin Theatre Festival, running from September 29th to November 5th 2016.

Endearing, humorous and challenging, Breaking Rainbows reflects on both our interdependence and disconnection from the natural environment. Made up of a series of vignettes, Barry’s new work brings us into a journey through time, conceptualisations and effects: from the realms of sheep farming traditions, ancient Greek shepherd’s singing competitions, contemporary consumerism and gender roles, to the intimate relationship of caring for a sheep about to give birth.

Interweaving live performance, video, a 300 kg pile of wool produced on Barry’s farm in 2015, and an aural landscape which touches many different forms of speech, Breaking Rainbows is congruous with Orla Barry’s multidisciplinary aesthetic. However, as in her most recent work, Mountain, it also marks a new step in her trajectory by introducing chance procedures and a collaborative approach to the development of the texts. This results in the stories being reinvented and reshaped, defying notions of ownership, authorship and authenticity, and thus also reflecting on the nature of oral storytelling as transferred throughout generations. This is played out in an unpredictable dramaturgy in which no performance or experience of the installation is the same.

Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, 5 – 9 Temple Bar, Dublin 2
T: 01 671 0073

Mean Time | Performance and Events, Richmond Barracks, Dublin 8

meantime_logoWorkshops on 1 October: 2.30 to 5.30pm
Live performance on 2 October: 7.30 to 10pm
Richmond Barracks, Inchicore, Dublin 8

Mean Time with: Daria Baiocchi, Fiona Hallinan, Jenn Kirby, La Cosa Preziosa, Vicky Langan, Una Lee, Olivia Louvel, Claudia Molitor, Gráinne Mulvey and Rachel Ní Chuinn

Up until 1916, in Ireland the sun rose 25 minutes and 21 seconds later than at Greenwich: time was officially defined as Dublin Mean Time. Only months after the Easter Rising, the House of Commons in London abolished Dublin Mean Time, which was 25 minutes behind, in favour of GMT. Dublin lost its time.

On the anniversary of this event, on 2nd October 2016, a combination of 10 Irish and International female sound artists will get together in Dublin to claim back lost time by means of live experiments in sound, creating a shared space in celebration of the female revolutionary spirit.
This mini-festival will include sound art workshops for all the family on Sat 1st Oct, and a live concert from historic Richmond Barracks on Sunday 2nd Oct, that will also be broadcast live on ‘Nova’, RTÉ Lyric FM. Attendance to the workshops and the live performance are free but ticketed.

To book please email:

Nostalgia, Waves | Du Jingze at Pallas Projects, Dublin 8

exhibition-square-image29 September to 2 October 2016 | Opening: 28 September, 6pm
Pallas Projects/Studios, 115–117 The Coombe, Merchants Quay, Dublin 8

‘Nostalgia, Waves’ marks Du Jingze’s first major solo show.
Melding words and images, Du aims to generate a dialogue, discussing not only the figurative hints and representations, but pushing the painting into a hyperreality of multiple worlds. Thus, creating the feeling of freedom and individuality that Du brings to his personal aesthetic.

Du is currently a 3rd year undergraduate student at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. |

Jaki Irvine at IMMA, Dublin 8

jakiirvinewebimage23 September to 8 January | Opening: 22 September, 6.30
Irish Museum of Modern Art, Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin 8

IMMA presents ‘If the Ground Should Open…’ by Jaki Irvine.

This new commission for IMMA is presented here for the first time on the occasion of the centenary of the historic Easter uprisings of 1916. This new work takes as a point of departure Irvine’s 2013 novel ‘Days of Surrender’, which focuses on Elizabeth O’Farrell and Julia Grenan. These were two of more than a hundred women who were ready to die or kill for the possibility of a different Ireland but whose stories were all but written out of official Irish history, consigned to the margins as the narrative was masculinised.

This new video and sound installation uses their names as the ground of a score for 9 musicians. In this way they are performed and remembered, becoming part of the ground we walk on in 2016.


Associated Talks and Events

Artist Talk: Jaki Irvine, If the Ground Should Open…
Thurs 22 September, 6pm / Lecture Room
Jaki Irvine introduces her new work and discusses the ways in which the work, and the forthcoming live performance, experiments with the Canntaireachd oral traditions of bagpipe music and a spoken-sung score. Moderated by Sarah Glennie, Director, IMMA. Booking will be available shortly on

Curators Lunchtime Talk Series
Wed 30 November, 1.15-2pm, Meeting Point Main Reception, FREE
Join IMMA Director Sarah Glennie for an insightful walk through of this exhibition. No booking required.

Live Event
Tues 13 Dec 2016, Great Hall
Live performance of the work. €8 Online booking opens 23 September 2016.

Through Spanish Eyes | Nieves Fernandez at Smock Alley, Dublin

fountain26 September to 1 October 2016
Smock Alley Theatre, Banquet Hall, 6/7 Exchange Street Lower, Dublin 8

‘Through Spanish Eyes’ is the first solo exhibition of Nieves Fernández. The theme is Light embodied in different subjects: the effect of light illuminating, reflecting or piercing a surface is fascinating. Light in its variations, intensities and nuances has the power to transfer an aura of mystery and wonder to the most ordinary face, object or street. Born of the Mediterranean, light is the language and the story of her work.

Opening hours: 10am to 6pm daily
E: |

Ann Quinn at Taylor Galleries, Dublin 2

web-123 September to 8 October 2016
Taylor Galleries, 16 Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Taylor Galleries is delighted to present ‘The Place Where I Stand to Look Out Over This World’ by Ann Quinn Since she was a child Ann Quinn has liked to sit or stand in nature. After a while things start to happen, like a story unfolding before her eyes. Through her paintings she tries to capture the atmosphere of a place where she once stood, so the viewer is now standing in her place.

‘The Place Where I Stand to Look Out Over This World’ is Quinn’s second solo exhibition at Taylor Galleries and the paintings in the exhibition are from places where she has stood over the past year – Donegal, Dublin, Kildare and Farrera, a tiny village in the Pyrenees Mountains, Catalonia.

T: 01 676 6055, E: