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Art at | Spring Group Exhibition at The House Restaurant, Howth, Co. Dublin

Anna-Hryniewicz-These-Days-II10 February to 21 March
The House Restaurant, 4 Main Street, Howth, Co. Dublin

‘Art at’ The House Restaurant hosts its Spring Group Exhibition. This show will gather an eclectic mix of the very best of 5 contemporary Artists, featuring Sorca O’Farrell, Leonard Sexton, Dave West, Mark Cullen and  Anna Hryniewicz.

For further information on this exhibition contact Cathy Boyle 0868124846 or email

RAMP | Roger O’Neill at The Complex, Dublin 7

roger o neill26 to 28 February | Opening: 25 February, 6pm
The Complex, 15 Little Green Street (off Capel Street), Dublin 7
Gallery hours: Friday to Sunday, 12 to 4pm

The Complex will host ‘RAMP’, an exhibition by Irish painter Roger O’Neill. Roger O Neill’s semi representational paintings form “almost landscapes” where geometric forms and shapes are presented, reformed and combined with constructed objects. They have been assembled and welded from materials directly sourced from Dublin City, which have been collected, stored and archived.

Ruth McDonnell at Draiocht Blanchardstown

27 February – 7 May
Ground Floor Gallery, Draiocht Blanchardstown

‘I like being distracted, flattered, tickled, even rather upset – but I should not mind something more; I should like something serious. I should like to be changed by more films, as art can change one; I should like something to happen when I go to the cinema’.
Elizabeth Bowen, ‘Why I Go to the Cinema’

These drawings and paintings capture glimpses of cinema interiors and fleeting images of the facades of Irish picture houses. ‘GLIMPSE’ is infused by Ruth McDonnell’s own passion for cinema and by the years she has spent working in film and television.

Draiocht’s Galleries are open Monday to Saturday 10am-6pm. Admission is Free.

Magdalena: A Desert Pilgrimage | Maeve Hickey at the Mexican Embassy, DublinIMAGE

pilgrimage829 February to 1 April
Mexican Embassy, 19 Raglan Rd, Dublin 4

‘Magdalena: A Desert Pilgrimage’ photographs and constructions by Maeve Hickey. Hickey’s solo exhibition consists of 30 black and white photographs and 10 constructions resulting from the artist’s pilgrimage made in the Mexican desert with a band of Native Americans.

Pulling Strings | Collaborative Exhibition at The Steambox Gallery

pulling-strings18 – 22 February | Opening: 18 February at 7pm
Opening daily: 10am – 5pm
The Steambox Gallery, School Street, Dublin 8. (Beside the Guinness Factory).

Produced by Fashion Designer Andrew Bell in collaboration with industrial designer Paul Moran, videographer and screen editors Kate Dolan and Philip Blake, and Multimedia Artist Robert Ickis Mirolo.

In recent years Fashion has become increasingly insular pursuit; a phenomenon that we engage with from behind the screens of our mobiles and tablet devices. The Pulling Strings project offers a deliberate deviation from this culture, challenging the confines of two dimensional technology, and instead presents fashion in a physical and uniquely non-commercial space. Including elements of videography, installation and sound design, the Pulling Strings exhibit will deliver a new and exciting merger of fashion to the Irish audience.

Selection of Work from Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council’s Contemporary Art Collection at the Mill Theatre Gallery

mill-theatre-gallery20 February – 30 June | Opening: 20 February at 5pm
Mill Theatre Gallery, Dundrum Town Centre, Dundrum, Dublin
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 12.30pm-5.30pm, Open late Tues-Sat

Exhibition will be officially opened by An Cathoirleach Barry Saul.

DLRCC are generously sharing a selection of work from their contemporary art collection.
Featuring some works that have never been publicly exhibited before, the Mill will showcase a curated selection of valuable contemporary pieces including photography, print and painting.

Featured Artists: Damien Flood, Julie Merriman, Mark Clare, Dara McGrath, Dorothy Cross, Linda Plunkett, Michael Durand, Justin Larkin, Colin Martin.

2016… | Members Exhibition at Ormond Studios

19 – 21 February | Opening: 18 February at 6pm
Ormond Studios, 6 Ormond Quay Lower, Dublin 1
Opening hours: 12-4pm

Chloe Brenan, Kieran Gallagher, Eoin O’Dowd, Mary-Jo Gilligan, Jessica Kelly, Steven Maybury, Louise McGrath, Helena Tobin and Keshet Zur

2016… is a spontaneous exhibition by members of Ormond Studios, an independent artist-led space in Dublin City. The title announces a here and now, whilst invoking an unknown, or perhaps an invitation to imagine. It also serves as a simple framing device, with some works emerging literally from within dimensions of 20 x 16.

Rather than adhering to a strict overarching curatorial theme, each piece represents a fleeting point in an ongoing creative practice, each with a defined direction specific to each maker, but with an open-ended, undetermined procedural trajectory.

To bring these disparate points together is to reflect on the nature of the shared studio space: a crossroads for converging and divergent pathways.

Artworks appear as both full stops and ellipses, self-contained yet loaded with the possibility inherent in the unstated, suggesting infinite permutations of form and interpretation.

Imitation of Life | Amie Siegel at TBG+S, Dublin

tbgs19 February to 2 April | Launch: 18 February, 6pm
Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, 5 – 9 Temple Bar, Dublin 2


Temple Bar Gallery + Studios  presents ‘Imitation of Life’, the first solo exhibition in Ireland of the internationally renowned American artist Amie Siegel, guest curated by Megs Morley. This exhibition brings together two of Siegel’s most recent film works that both delve into the world of architectural construction and luxury real estate to expose uncanny relationships between art, labour and value.
Exhibited together for the first time, the two films underline Siegel’s distinctive tracking shots and sudden tableaux, to reveal and montage increasingly elaborate layers and strategies of re-creation and simulation. Ultimately the representation of living or life exposes a complex economy of production and speculation.

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Ardan | Sinead Ni Mhaonaigh at Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin

sinead ni mhaonaigh5 to 27 February
Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Chancery Lane, Dublin 8
Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday: 10.30 to 5.30pm, Saturday: 11am to 5pm

Kevin Kavanagh Gallery presents ‘Ardán’ by Sinéad Ní Mhaonaigh. Ní Mhaonaigh’s paintings capture texture, surface and form within the realm of abstract painting. An accompanying text by Mary Cremin will be available.

M:, T: +353 1 475 9514 or +353 86 3962248

Vanessa Donoso Lopez at Instituto Cervantes Dublin

DONOSO111 February to 24 March | Opening: 10 February, 6pm
Instituto Cervantes Dublín, Exhibition Room, Lincoln House, Lincoln Place, Dublin 2
Opening hours: Monday – Thursday: 9.30am to 7pm, Friday + Saturday: 9.30am to 1.30pm

The Instituto Cervantes Dublín presents ‘There Is Neither Pine nor Apple in Pineapple’ by Vanessa Donoso López. This exhibition explores chromatography, a simple science experiment, to play with colours and illuminate her installations. Paper, fabrics and ink create this balance between Irish and Spanish, between format and colour.



Jesse Jones at The Hugh Lane

11 February – 26 June
Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane

Jesse Jones continues The Hugh Lane’s 2016 theme of Artist as Witness, in her new work called No More Fun and Games. In her installation Jesse Jones turns our attention to feminism in Ireland, exploring how individuals share, understand, or experience collective memory. The artist has created a Feminist Parasite Institution that operates within the gallery and its collaborative curatorial collective explores how art by women has been hidden or undervalued historically. This collective has selected for display a group of works by women from the gallery’s collection.

Jones transforms the gallery space into a cinematic experience through sonic and architectural interventions. Image, sound and motion are employed in the artist’s attempt to make cinema without projection. These elements include a newly-commissioned composition from renowned American film composer Gerald Busby, who created the score for Robert Altman’s 1977 film, 3 Women.

A set of three publications, ACTS I – III, accompanies the exhibition, developing and contextualising the events of the Feminist Parasite Institution. A series of workshops, performances, tours and conversations address the question of gender equality in the construction and commemoration of history.

Contact for further information.

Felicity Clear and Helen Hughes at dlr LexIcon

amongst-other-things‘Amongst Other Things’
30 January – 2 March
dlr LexIcon, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

‘Amongst Other Things’ is an exhibition of new artworks by Felicity Clear and Helen Hughes, curated by Brenda McParland, and marks their first collaboration. The exhibition runs in the Municipal Gallery, dlr LexIcon, Dún Laoghaire until 2nd March.

Clear and Hughes are interested in urban space and architecture, drawing on the modern architecture of dlr Lexicon, the urban environment of Dún Laoghaire and each other’s artistic practice as inspiration.

In tandem with the exhibition is a unique free Learning Programme which includes a series of workshops, tours, a talk and a special film screening. Full details about this events on the website or email

Primes | Jason Dunne at MART, Dublin

mart12 to 27 February | Preview: 11 February, 6pm
The Mart Gallery, 190A Rathmines Road Lwr, Dublin 6
Gallery hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 1 to 6pm

MART presents ‘Primes’, a new and evolving body of Jason Dunne’s recent wall-based sculptural work. In this exhibition, Dunne uses translucent images of body parts in combination with a wide variety of found objects and materials such as animal bones, wool, iridescent plastic beads and human hair. The resulting amalgamations attempt to articulate unfathomable aspects of human experience such as emotion, aspiration or awareness of senses. The work can be seen as a response to the privileging of rational understandings of the body. The artist aims to open up a world beyond and beneath the ‘skin’ of the image; subordinating surface appearances and instead visualising through gesture what is normally unseen.

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Doireann Ni Ghrioghair at Eight Gallery

Doireann-Ni-Ghrioghair‘Deflated Capital’
12 – 21 February | Opening: 12 February at 6pm
Eight Gallery, No. 8, Dawson Street, Dublin 2

Eight Gallery presents ‘Deflated Capital’, a solo exhibition by Doireann Ni Ghrioghair.

By taking latex casts of various architectural elements of No. 8 Dawson St, the artist interrogates the aesthetic tropes of the building. Built in the 1700’s, the building is laden with neo-classical motifs and ornamentation. Re-hashed Grecian-style columns imbue a sense of permanence and stability. After being cast in latex, they become flaccid and fatigued.

T: +353 1 6750972, E:

Ruth O’Donnell at Graphic Studio Gallery

graphic-studio-250Runs: 6 – 27 February
Graphic Studio Gallery, Through the Arch, off Cope Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Friday: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm, Saturday: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday & Sunday: Closed

Graphic Studio Gallery is delighted to present ‘All is not lost’ is an exhibition of new etchings based on the artist’s visits to Parisian museums, alongside a selection of the working drawings and some earlier works, which resonate with them, that are presented for the first time.

O’Donnell’s new work stems from her time at Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris in 2014. As artist-in-residence she made an extended series of studies – 150 drawings and watercolours – of ceramics from 14 Parisian museums as well as researching images of ceramics in still-life and narrative paintings.

These working drawings are the starting point for her new etchings made at Graphic Studio Dublin, which include a series inspired by porcelain recovered from shipwrecks (and now in the Musée Guimet). O’Donnell is engrossed with ceramics, and they form the predominant subject matter in her work. Intrigued by the multiple connotations ceramic imagery has in the history of art, she cites the placement of ceramics in pictures as symbols of wealth and pride in Dutch still life, as well as their ability to add detail to narrative or religoius images and their capacity to provide local colour in genre paintings. | 01 6798021 |

Barbara Knezevic and Tadhg McSweeney at ArtBox Gallery

Barbara-KnezevicOBJECT WARS
5 February – 5 March | Opening: 4 February at 6pm
ArtBox Gallery, 3 James Joyce Street, Dublin 1
Gallery opening times Thursday-Saturday (11-5pm), and by appointment.

“The sense of something irreplaceable at stake in each example is matched by the paradoxical way this reverence is reawakened by the sound of its own disintegration, whether we actually hear it or not.”

Object Wars explores the rich history of object making, collecting and the place of the object in fine art today. Museum collections and the objects therein, are often seen as the vehicle of historic human narrative. Depicting scenes from World events, these objects often reduce the complexity of human suffering into a simplified mark or decoration. Through the contemporary art object, artists challenge the framing of history through cultural institutions, whilst acknowledging the delicate balance between the preciousness of the object and the precariousness of life.


Sarah Edmondson at Mish.Mash

sarah-edmonson‘Terra Incognita’
4 February – 1 March | Opening: 4 February at 7pm
Mish.Mash, 66 Capel St, Dublin 1

‘Terra Incognita’ is a series of illustrations by Sarah Edmondson depicting the discovery of unknown creatures and lands. Sarah is a Dublin based artist who graduated from NCAD with a BA (Hons) Art and Design Education, 2012 and from UCC with a BA (Hons) History of Art and Sociology, 2007. “What really excited him [Joseph Conrad] about maps, he realised, was a simple thing: ‘Regions unknown!’ Not defined certainty, but the opposite – the mystery, and the life enhancing possibility of discovery”, Simon Garfield, 2013

For more information, please email:

Mary Breach at The Séamus Ennis Arts Centre

mary-breach‘The Artist’s Way’
7 February – 18 March | Opening: 7 February at 3pm
Open daily 10 am to 4.30 pm. Adm: FREE.
The Séamus Ennis Arts Centre, Naul, Co. Dublin

Mary Breach is originally from Kilsallaghan, Co. Dublin but now living in Sneem, Co. Kerry. We are delighted to show her exhibition of paintings entitled ‘The Artist’s Way’.

Painting came naturally and intuitively to Mary despite a background in science, Latin and maths. After her success in The Royal Hibernian Academy, the Oireachtas and three solo shows in The Oisin Gallery Dublin, a creative block of ifve years brought Mary to her knees, but also proved to be the greatest gift. “Art and nature have always been great teachers, revealing the creative process and how to live creatively, which is now the bigger focus-finding ways to share this”.

This exhibition will be opened on Sunday 7th February at 3.00 p.m. All welcome. The exhibition will run until the 18th March. Open daily 10 am to 4.30 pm. Adm: FREE.

Hannah Fitz at Studio 16, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios

TBGS-Logo-250‘Doggie Eyed Stare’
4 – 6 February 2016 | Exhibition launches: Wednesday 3 February 6-8 pm
Studio 16, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, 5-9 Temple Bar, Dublin 2
Opening hours: Thursday 4 February 11am – 6pm (entry though side door), Friday 5 + Saturday 6 February: By Appointment. Please call 01 6710073.

In 2015, Hannah Fitz was awarded the Temple Bar Gallery + Studios Recent Graduate Residency. Now approaching the end of her tenure in Studio 16, Hannah Fitz opens her studio for a short preview of the new sculptural series; Doggie Eyed Stare. This work, produced during her residency, elaborates on her approach to uniform materiality and figurative representation. In Doggie Eyed Stare, Hannah Fitz develops folds and slippages in the relationships between works and their viewing, blurring the defining lines of subject boundaries and emotive intentions.

The preview is accompanied by the artist’s text Look at the Dog with one eye. |