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Republic | Group Exhibition Olivier Cornet Gallery

republic-olivier-cornet10 July to 31 August
Opening Sunday, 10 July 2016, 3pm. Guest speaker: Eamon Ryan TD, Leader of the Green Party

This exhibition commemorates those who died in the struggle for Irish freedom. It is also a meditation on the goals of the “Proclamation of the Irish Republic” and how or whether the artists think that these goals have been fulfilled.

The show features works by artists:
Claire Halpin, Eoin Mac Lochlainn, Yanny Petters, Kelly Ratchford and invited artists David Fox, Beatrice O’Connell, John O’Grady, Eve Parnell, Mary Plunkett and Lorcan Walshe.

Curated by Eoin Mac Lochlainn and Olivier Cornet.

Olivier Cornet Gallery, 3 Great Denmark Street, Dublin 1
T: 087 288 7261

Terra Incognita | Damien Flood at LexIcon, Dún Laoghaire

Damien-flood-Tilly8 July to 27 August | Opening 8 July, 6pm

Damien Flood’s new body of work explores geographical elements of Dún Laoghaire and investigates the cultural histories of the landscape. The work also responds to the modern town and what it means to the local community. The research included interviews with local residents and retailers from the area, as well as looking at Dún Laoghaire’s past, both historical and personal.

The paintings aim to capture a psychological portrait of the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown area and its people. They will give the viewer a new way to view a place known so well.

Haigh Terrace, Moran Park, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin
T: 01 2362759

On The Cusp | Group Exhibition at Steambox

on-the-cusp4 to 8 July | Reception Thursday 7 July, 6pm

This juried exhibition features original artworks by all 21 artists including painting, printing, photography, film, installation art and sculpture.
The work on show is by a group of emerging artists and is varied in the topics and forms that it challenges. This show contains different themes including that of change and transformation in the context of our experience of contemporary society and our surroundings. In this time of change our art must not remain solid but be in a state of constant evolution. The works in the exhibition aim to challenge our attitude to the norms of our world and the reality we live in.

Lorcan McGeough, Rachel Byrne, Ash Middleton, Bertille Houot, Dorota Konczewska, Ellie Berry, Megan Robinson, Zunaira Khurshid, Lea Blanchard, Jacinta Keane, Hannah Kennedy, Ali Kemal Ali, Elinor Sherwood, Conor Leonard, Aisling Cooling Nolan, Emma McKeagney, Amanda Connolly, Sorcha Carey, Amy Harlow, Aisling Flood, Daire McEvoy.

Steambox, School St, Dublin 8
Contact: Ali 087 274 0803

The Plurality of Existence… | Clodagh Emo, the Boardwalk, Bachelors Walk, Dublin

The-Plurality-of-Existence-Dublin-evite2 to 17 July 2016 | Public Launch: 2 July, 2pm at TBG+S, Dublin
Boardwalk, Bachelors Walk, Dublin

The Plurality of Existence… is a site-specific audio installation located on the Boardwalk, Bachelors Walk, Dublin. This audio work made in collaboration with a group of asylum seekers living in Ireland explores representation from the unique perspective of those who are not represented in, or by, the legislative, cultural and political frameworks within our society. Six voices reveal both shared and different realities presents an alternate reading of community centered on the relations that are formed across categories of nation, race and culture.

The Plurality of Existence in the Infinite Expanse of Space and Time is a multi-lingual soundscape that has been developed in collaboration with Crocosmia, a group of Asylum Seekers living in Ireland. The Plurality of Existence… develops the artistic processes of collaboration, compilation and recitation to to enable those without a voice to represent their individual lived experience. Representation is crucial to our identity and our place in society in the way that it informs our being in the world and how we participate in the community. The Plurality of Existence… is a national project along waterways in Galway, Carlow, Cork and Dublin throughout Summer 2016. The Plurality of Existence…is supported by the Arts Council Visual Arts Project Award, Galway City Council and the Corrib Navigation Trust.

For more information please visit:

Shadows of Memory | Margaret Irwin West at United Arts Club, Dublin 2

img0578 to 28 July 2016
United Arts Club, 3 Upper Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 2

The United Arts Club presents ‘Shadows of Memory’, an exhibition of small works by artist printmaker Margaret Irwin West.
‘Shadows of Memory’  is an exhibition of intaglio print, consisting of both etching and drypoint on copper, aluminium and zinc.

Gallery hours: Monday to Friday, 11am to 5pm
T: 01 6611411

Scrapyard Carnival | Sean Lynch at Kevin Kavanagh, Dublin

mailchimp-sean6 to 30 July 2016
Kevin Kavanagh, Chancery Lane, Dublin 8

Kevin Kavanagh presents Scrapyard Carnival, an installation by Sean Lynch.
Scrapyard Carnival is Lynch’s first exhibition at Kevin Kavanagh since representing Ireland at La Biennale di Venezia – 56th International Art Exhibition. As ever, Lynch’s new work evokes the role of narrative and allegory, this time spiraling out of an event in a scrapyard in Clondalkin, on the edge of Dublin City in 2011. There, a repossession company seized a BMW 3 series motor car from notorious Celtic Tiger Banker Sean Fitzpatrick. The resulting scene played out as a carnivalesque drama emphasising a form of folk ritual around the economic recession.

The Bones of the Place | Linda Graham at Origin Gallery, Dublin 2

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 16.14.1223 June to 29 July 2016
Origin Gallery, 37 Fitzwilliam Street Upper, Dublin 2

Origin Gallery presents ‘The Bones of the Place’ by Linda Graham.
Linda Graham trained in fine art in The Hague, Netherlands and Art and Design in Kilmainham, Dublin in the 1970’s. Graham paints mostly in oil, appreciating the jewel-like translucency the medium imparts to the colours, and has made major stained glass windows that translate this quality to the traditional discipline in it’s purist form. She also studied Art Therapy, working in community arts and with various marginalised groups.

Gallery hours: Monday to Friday, 10am to 5.30pm
E:, T: 01 662 9347 |

Annual Student Exhibition 2016 | NCAD CEAD

CEAD_Student_Exhibition_2015_27 to 14 July | Opening reception: Thursday 7 July from 6pm (Invitation holders only)

Location: Design Building, NCAD, 100 Thomas Street, Dublin 4

The annual showcase of work by part-time students of the NCAD Continuing Education in Art and Design (CEAD) will feature about 1,000 works from a wide range of disciplines including painting, print, sculpture, bronze, photography, jewellery, ceramics, textiles, stained glass, multi media and much more. Many pieces are for sale.

Opening times:
Daily: 10am – 5pm
Sun: 2pm – 5pm
Closing: Thursday at 2pm

Not Necessarily Naughty | Group Show at RUA RED

Not Necessarily Naughty4 July – 20 Aug | Preview Sat, 2 July, 3.30pm

Sofya Mikhaylova, Nessa Finnegan, Sophie Carroll Hunt, Nicola Horner
Curated by: Chiara Pizzi, Edana Gorham, Ellen Redmond, Karl Graham, Orla McGovern, Roisin White, Shauna Blanchfield

The annual Young Curators Project in RUA RED aims at giving individuals with an interest in art an opportunity to develop curatorial skills. Over a 4 month period, RUA RED have given Young Curators complete creative freedom to curate their own exhibition. Not Necessarily Naughty is a statement about contemporary life and aspects of our reality that we as a society often choose to ignore. The artworks selected share both a tactile quality; and a questioning of the impression that social media, illusive beauty standards, and collective societal thinking are having on young people.

RUA RED, South Dublin Arts Centre, Tallaght, Dublin 24.
T: 01 451 5860

Yellow Amber Grey Amber | Michael John Whelan at RUA RED

michaeljohnvai4 July to 20 August | Preview Saturday, 2 July, 3.30pm

RUA RED is delighted to present the solo exhibition Yellow Amber Grey Amber by Michael John Whelan, including a specially commissioned video work. Exhibition curated by Paul McAree

Working predominately with video and photography, Whelan investigates the history and future of science and notions of the romantic landscape in the face of humanity’s inherent mutability and effects on the environment.

The central work in the exhibition takes as a starting point the appearance of a white humpback whale off the coast of the Artic archipelago Svalbard. The two-channel video installation Frontier apposes the unseen and the recorded, the absent and the digitally present. Whelan has constructed a narrative through found and originally filmed footage, exploring albinism as a genetic phenomenon and an attraction often resulting in abuse and ritual persecution.

During the opening the work Ambre Gris will be performed. Playing with the visitors olfactory awareness, seven anonymous performers will be wearing pure ambergris tincture for the duration of the opening. Grey amber, or ambergris is prized as a base ingredient in the perfume industry. It is a secretion from the intestine of the sperm whale, which floats for years in the sea, slowly oxidizing and turning from the worthless black to the valuable white.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication featuring a commissioned text by Declan Long.

RUA RED, South Dublin Arts Centre, Tallaght, Dublin 24.
T: 01 451 5860

Over Our Heads the Hollow Seas Closed Up | Brian Maguire at Kerlin Gallery

brian-mcguire30 June to 20 August | Opening Thursday 30 June, 6pm

Since the very beginning of his career in the 1970s, Maguire has approached painting as an act of solidarity. He operates a truly engaged practice, compelled by the raw realities of humanity’s violence against itself, and the potential for justice. Maguire’s preoccupations draw him to the margins of the art world—alternative space, prisons, women’s shelters, and psychiatric institutions—making shows in traditional gallery and museum spaces something of a rarity.

The title of this new body of work, Over Our Heads the Hollow Seas Closed Up, is taken from Primo Levi’s If This Be a Man, which in turn is quoting from Dante’s Inferno. In these paintings, Maguire directly confronts issues of human migration, displacement and dignity in the face of the current global unrest. This kind of work is difficult to accomplish, since narrators of stories of this kind, if they care, have a fear of exploiting grief as they walk the high wire between narrative and voyeurism. With Maguire, however, manipulation is entirely absent from the telling and painting, per se, is to the fore.

The paintings in this exhibition are some of Maguire’s most nuanced and ambitious to date, which he has crafted with larger brushes and thinned-down acrylic on canvas. He works slowly, using photographic sources, searching for that point where illustration ceases and art begins. This growing contrast between the seductive painterly aesthetic and the subject matter only adds to the potential impact of these formidable canvases.

Kerlin Gallery, Anne’s Ln, Dublin 2
T: +3531 670 9093

Voices of Memory | Christina Kubisch at the Irish National War Memorial Gardens

Irish National War Memorial Gardens29 June to 30 September

The Goethe-Institut, in partnership with Dublin City Council presents Voices of Memory. A Riverside Sound Art Installation at the Irish National War Memorial Gardens by Christina Kubisch is a contemporary remembrance of the more than 49,000 Irish people who died in the First World War. In 1923, these names were published in Ireland’s Memorial Records 1914-1918. Consisting of eight volumes, these records, beautifully designed and illustrated by Irish artist Harry Clarke, are housed nearby in the Irish National War Memorial Gardens.

Almost the entire list of these names was read by volunteers of different ages and accents from across Ireland. The sound installation is based on the flow of these male and female voices playing over the banks of the river. The names are heard in alphabetical order, and every name, even when repeated, corresponds to a different person. The composer has not intervened much in the recordings other than to vary the density, rhythm and flow of names in this four channel installation. Along with small breaks of silence, the composition includes sounds of underwater recordings made in the Liffey; the rhythm of the passing rowing boats, the hidden natural world of small insects and animals, and the flow of water itself.

The installation will be open to the public in the Irish National War Memorial Gardens on the southern banks of the Liffey, Islandbridge, Dublin 8 from 30 June till 30 September 2016. It will be inaugurated on the 29 June 2016 on the occasion of the centenary of the Battle of the Somme.

Landscape Rising | PhotoIreland Festival 2016, Solomon Fine Art

Hair, from The Red Ribbon project30 June to 23 July

Joby Hickey, Mary Furlong, Karl Burke and Kim Haughton

Landscape Rising is curated by former newspaper picture editor Jennie Ricketts and features four established Irish photographers exploring themes around the 1916 commemoration, landscape, lifestyle and people.

Landscape Rising will include documentary, still life and portraiture, produced using both analogue and digital equipment. The prints will be rendered on fine art papers, metals and other fabrics, in some cases using the photographer’s own experimental methods of production with 19th century techniques.

Solomon Fine Art, Balfe Street, Dublin 2
T: +353 (0)86 8142380

Thirteen Works | Pieter Hugo at Gallery of Photography, Dublin 2

Escort Kama. Enugu, Nigeria, 200825 June to 21 August 2016
Gallery of Photography, Meeting House Square, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Internationally acclaimed photographer Pieter Hugo engages with documentary and art traditions to create intense and challenging images. Blurring the boundaries between documentary and fiction, his portraits can be read as a comment on identity, belonging and self-expression in post-colonial Africa. This exhibition brings together three of Hugo’s most compelling series of works.

Contact Darragh Shanahan for further details, T: 01 6714654

A Delay in Addressing the Glass | Mark O’Kelly at Bleed Gallery, Dublin 7

delay21 June to 7 August 2016
Bleed gallery, 2/3 Mary’s Abbey, Dublin 7

A Delay in Addressing the Glass by Mark O’Kelly.
A Delay in Addressing the Glass was developed dialogically through reflecting O’Kelly’s recent exhibition at Project Art Centre, Empireland. O’Kelly’s work is packed densely with art historical references. As such, A Delay in Addressing the Glass unpacks and makes explicit some of these, while utilising the Bleed space as a ‘shop display’ influenced from 1920 Paris, reworking Duchamp, and highlighting the literal bleed; the industrial off-cut from O’Kelly’s Project Art Centre scarf, a repeating roll of the artist’s work in that show.


Navigating Life in Uncertain Terms | Flux at MART

FLUX FA (A2) Online30 June to 9 July | Preview Thursday 30 of June, 6pm

Hannah Choy O’Byrne | Siobhan Fitzsimons | Ashley McNicholas | Molly Moynihan | Emma O’Brien | Siobhan O’Callaghan

Flux presents a variety of new work from Dublin-based collective X. The exhibition explores ideas surrounding the theme of Navigating Life in Uncertain Terms. Flux will act as a platform through which the artists communicate their experiences as emerging practitioners, traversing the world beyond the institutions of education. The work of this group of artists spans a wide range of media, including painting, illustration, film and fashion. As a collection, ideas and experiences both personal and political emerge, beginning a conversation around each artist’s individual investigation of ways in which we might navigate life and its’ uncertain terms.

MART, 190a Rathmines Road Lower, Dublin

My Brilliant Friend | Group Show at TBG+S, Dublin 2

tbgs 2501 July to 3 September 2016 | Opening: 30 June, 6pm
Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, 5 – 9 Temple Bar, Dublin 2

‘My Brilliant Friend’ is a group show featuring Michelle Browne, Avril Corroon, Ella de Búrca, Lisamarie Johnson and Laugh a Defiance.

Over the last year Ireland has experienced a number of political milestones, including a landmark referendum, a hung Dáil and a strident growth in social campaigning and protest. While our economy grows, there are ongoing crises in health and housing. Squatters and families are evicted as the housing market recovers. Commentators say we are politically complacent.

Keeping this context at the forefront of their minds, five artists were invited to consider female solidarity, work, economy, protest and how to negotiate life in Dublin as an artist and a woman in 2016.

Performances on the opening night:
5.00pm Luas redline Fatima
7.00pm Temple Bar Gallery + Studios
Lisa Marie Johnson
Welcome dance
Dancers: Andy Gallagher , Gitus Gudas , Lisamarie Johnson and choreographed by Deirdre Griffin. Song by Conor O’Gallachoir

8pm TBG+S Atrium
Ella De Búrca
The Pull
Performers: Ella de Búrca and Elaine McCague


Flaneur by Dublin | PhotoIreland Festival 2016, Smithfield, Dublin 7

photoireland festival 162 to 24 July | Opening: 2 July, 7pm
Smithfield Square, Dublin 7

Flâneur By Dublin brings to the streets of Ireland’s capital the commissioned works of two great contemporary photographers. Displayed in a series of large cubes, their work disperses over a metal pathway installed in Smithfield Square. These large cubes become lightboxes at dusk, creating a unique display and extending the enjoyment of this open-air gallery throughout the night.

The two selected artists for Flâneur By Dublin are Esther Teichmann (DE) and Rik Moran (UK). They both enjoyed a residency in Ireland earlier this year, engaging with the urban and rural landscape, and producing the present body of work.
Flâneur By Dublin is part of a larger project called Flâneur – New Urban Narratives. This is a new, European Union funded, 2 year long project, transforming photographers into flâneurs and requesting them to apply a new approach to their work within the urban territory. The project involves an international network of some 20 organisations from 11 different countries, and it will be presented in the 13 partner cities. |

Blank Verse | Youngdon Jung at PhotoIreland Festival 2016

photoireland festival 162 to 31 July | Opening: 1 July, 7pm
The Copper House Gallery, St. Kevin’s Cottages, Synge Street, Dublin

This July, PhotoIreland presents two recent bodies of work by Korean photographer Youngdon Jung, Wondering Wandering (2011-15) and Ants (2013-16).

Both projects Wondering Wandering and Ants were born out of the careful observation of Jung’s immediate surroundings; one offers the atomised view of the human figure, lost and seen from his high-rise apartment, while the other one seeks to understand the very experience of the familiar.

Youngdon Jung’s work was selected last year by an international jury of professionals as the winner of the Portfolio Award at PhotoIreland Festival 2015, and this exhibition at The Copper House Gallery is part of the recognition.
With special thanks to The Copper House Gallery, and to the Korean Embassy in Dublin.

IDEALS | PhotoIreland Festival 2016, City Assembly House, Dublin 2

photoireland festival 162 to 24 July | Opening: 1 July, 6pm
City Assembly House, 58 Sth. William Street, Dublin 2

The main exhibition in 2016, IDEALS, brings to City Assembly House fifteen projects of local and international photographers that, as dynamic flâneurs, explore the world and seek to improve it by highlighting socio-political issues we tend to ignore in our everyday lives. Whether part of an artistic or a journalistic practice, there is no limit or guidelines to what can be achieved, as long as it is born out of a personal desire to fulfil a personal ideal.

The artists presented are:
Agustina Triquell, António Castilho, Elisa Gonzalez Miralles, Emer Gillespie, Enda Bowe, Florian van Roekel, Gavin Mullan, Jörg Brüggemann, Marie-Pierre Cravedi, Mark Duffy, Richard Seymour, Robert McCormack, Sean Hillen, Wawrzyniec Kolbusz, and Yaakov Israel.
Curated by Ángel Luis González, PhotoIreland’s Director, the installation underlines the inseparable relation between artists and society, and presents it as an extension of their everyday concerns and investigations.