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Bread and Butter Paintings | Conor Walton at Gormleys Fine Art

7 to 26 September

An exhibition of still life paintings by Conor Walton. Conor Walton was born in Dublin in 1970. He studied painting at National College of Art, Dublin and graduated with a Joint Honours Degree in the History of Art and Fine Art Painting in 1993, winning the prestigious Taylor Prize that same year.

Gormley’s Fine Art
27 South Frederick Street, Dublin 2
T: 01 6729031

Caillte agus Faighte/ Lost and Found | McBett at Art at The Ivy House

1 September to 1 December

Art at The Ivy House is delighted to welcome McBett to return to The Ivy House with a new solo exhibition entitled Caillte agus Faighte/ Lost and Found. In 2001 when Art at The Ivy House was launched McBett was the first artist selected for a solo exhibition through an open call for Art at The Ivy House. In this new solo exhibition McBett presents a series of works that have been revisited, reworked, remade for the context of the space.

Shot on the bridge to the new millennium in 1999-2000, shortly after McBett’s arrival in Dublin, these photos exhibited here for the first time, aim to express the sense of transition and impermanence she notes from that period. The frozen motion black and white images -made on occasionally borrowed second hand analogue cameras and developed manually – preserve the memory of the instant they were shot. Meantime the old Smithfield Market was going to change face forever, most of the images represent people and situations at the monthly Horse Market in its temporary location on the back area of the Morning Star. Here they are printed and set as old newspapers into found drawers.

The other series of photos in the exhibition include elements of the city, rural markets and the passage of foreign cultures in its early stages, just on the sparkles of the economic boom once called the Celtic Tiger. These photos are enlarged and glued to re-painted boards like old walls on which the story of the time gets stuck like old posters to impressive effect.

Art at The Ivy House
114 Upper Drumcondra Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9
T: 01 8375385

The Ocean After Nature | Group Exhibition at The Hugh Lane

7 September to 7 January

For centuries, the ocean has prompted awe, figuring as a vast unknown space loaded with notions of the sublime and the exotic. In the past fifteen years however, global technological and economic shifts have triggered new concerns and understandings of the ocean. As we consider the future of our planet, today’s oceans reveal more about the consequences of human actions than ever before. The ocean and humanity, no longer thought of as separate, exist in a relationship of mutual and potentially destructive influence.

The Ocean after Nature considers the ocean as a site reflecting the ecological, cultural, political, and economic realities of a globalized world through the work of twenty artists and collectives. These internationally established and emerging artists explore new ways of representing the seascape as a means to identify and critique the various interrelated and chaotic systems of power, such as land-sea divides, the circulation of people and goods, and the vulnerabilities of our ecosystems.

Artists: Ursula Biemann, Elaine Byrne, CAMP, Yonatan Cohen and Rafi Segal, Mati Diop, Drexciya, Peter Fend, Renée Green, Peter Hutton, Hyung S. Kim, Manny Montelibano, Philip Napier, Deimantas Narkevičius, The Otolith Group, Maria D. Rapicavoli, Allan Sekula and Nöel Burch, Supersudaca, UNITED BROTHERS.

The Ocean After Nature is a travelling exhibition curated by Alaina Claire Feldman and produced by Independent Curators International (ICI), New York.

Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane
Charlemont House, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1
T: + 353 1 222 5550

Surface Tensions | Group Exhibition at The Library Project, Dublin

7 to 23 September
Opening Thursday 7 September, 6pm

Mehraneh Atashi / Santiago Borja / Gary Hume / Catriona Leahy / Niamh O’Malley / Julia Wolfe
Curated by Jaki Irvine

Black Church Print Studio invited Jaki Irvine to curate an exhibition on behalf of the Studio in September 2017 in The Library Project, Temple Bar. The aim of this invitation was to stimulate public interest in printmaking media and to contextualize its methodologies and principles within broader contemporary art practice. Her response is ‘Surface Tensions’.

Jaki Irvine is interested in aspects of print with a roughness or rawness, its points of intersection, where print characteristics cross over into other mediums and vice versa. Juxtaposing works by Mehraneh Atashi, Santiago Borja, Gary Hume, Catriona Leahy, Niamh O’Malley and Julia Wolfe, Jaki Irvine re-considers print and expanded print practices. Emphasis is placed on an insistence of repetition, layering, focusing and refocusing, to the point of obsession, where this activity undoes itself. This very process of undoing gives rise to something that speaks about the difficulty of image making.

During the exhibition preview on Thursday evening RIAM (Royal Irish Academy of Music) Percussion Ensemble will perform Julia Wolfe’s Dark Full Ride, written for 4 sets of drums, in the Atrium Space of Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, 5-9 Temple Bar, Dublin at 8pm sharp. This is a one-off performance and not to be missed. Parts of the score of this piece will be included in exhibition itself.

Jaki Irvine will give an informal walk through the exhibition and speak about her curatorial approach at lunchtime on Friday 8th Sept 2017 at The Library Project. This is part of Black Church Print Studio critical seminar programme A&E (Analyse and Experiment). This exhibition will also be open late for Culture Night on Friday 22nd September.

The Library Project
4 Temple Bar, Dublin 2

sleep / wake / dream | Stephanie Rowe at Oliver Sears Gallery

7 September to 12 October

Oliver Sears Gallery is pleased to present the second exhibition by Canadian born painter Stephanie Rowe. The new paintings continue the artist’s confection of peopled interiors in a very small scale cadre. While the characters in the scenes necessitate human to human interaction, the artist does not afford them more status than the furniture, clothes, or other objects that prop up the drama. The handling of the paint is confident, refined and always meticulous.

Born in Toronto, Stephanie Rowe relocated to Dublin in 2005. She graduated with a BA in Visual Arts from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver. Her work has been shown in various commercial and public galleries in Dublin, London and Vancouver. She was selected for ‘Futures 12′ at the Royal Hibernian Academy. Also at the RHA in 2012, she was co-awarded the Hennessy Craig Scholarship.

The almost miniature scale of the paintings gives them a physical resemblance to film stills, from which the artist is broadly inspired, or negatives. There is a certain irony in carving out an image in oil that is the antithesis of the fluid, film making process. The jewel like quality of size and craft demand scrutiny.

Oliver Sears Gallery
29 Molesworth Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
T: +353 1 644 9459

Callum Innes Exhibition at Kerlin Gallery

8 September to 14 October 2017
Opening reception Thursday 7 September, 6pm

Kerlin Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new work by acclaimed artist Callum Innes. The exhibition presents new paintings on aluminium, oil painting on linen and pastel works on paper. The exhibition is Innes’ first in Dublin since 2012. It opens with a reception in the company of the artist on Thursday 7 September, 6–8pm.

On the long wall of the gallery, Innes presents a new series of paintings made on large-scale, asymmetric aluminium panels. These works are a subtle sculptural extension of the site-specific, monochromatic wall paintings Innes first created for his recent survey exhibition at the De Pont Museum in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Each painting is subtly distorted by an almost imperceptible curve on one or more sides. The large-scale panels both occupy and activate the wall on which they hang, expanding the pictorial field of the viewer, creating subtly undulated spatial and perceptual references.

A related series of new pastel works on paper hangs on the opposite wall. Though they may initially appear as straightforward, abstract rectangular compositions of flat colour, a deep richness reveals itself upon closer inspection. Deep and vibrant hues of red, blue, orange and purple pastel chalks have been heavily worked and rubbed into the handmade paper, nearly covering the entire surface with a seductive and velvety texture. Hints of underlying layers of contrasting colour are most evident at the decalled edges of the works, exposing traces of the human gesture.

Kerlin Gallery, Anne’s Lane, Dublin 2
T: +3531 670 9093

Käthe Kollwitz: Life, Death and War at the National Gallery of Ireland

6 September to 10 December

Prints and drawings by German artist Käthe Kollwitz (1867-1945) will be shown for the first time in the National Gallery of Ireland. “Käthe Kollwitz: Life, Death and War” will give the Irish public an opportunity to discover this important woman artist who created almost 300 prints, around 20 sculptures and some 1,450 drawings during her long career. The exhibition will comprise 38 prints and drawings from the rich collection of the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Germany along with two lithographs from the National Gallery of Ireland’s collection. These powerful works will allow visitors to reflect on the effects of war, in particular the grief left in its wake. Sadly the works are just as relevant now as they were when created in the early twentieth century.

Kollwitz’s work reminds us of the horror and ultimate futility of war and the exhibition commemorates, in an indirect way, the centenary of WWI. Kollwitz’s five print cycles: Revolt of the Weavers (1893-98), Peasant War (1902-08), War (1921-22), Proletariat (1924-25) and Death (1934-37) place her among the foremost printmakers of the twentieth century. Two of the print cycles Peasant War and War are included in this exhibition along with drawings and a number of honest self-portraits. These dark, moving prints can be seen as a poignant plea for the abolition of war and oppression for the sake of future generations.

Curator: Anne Hodge, National Gallery of Ireland

National Gallery of Ireland, Merrion Square West, Dublin 2
T: +353 1 661 5133

Carapace | Group Exhibition at The Complex

7 to 13 September

Participating artists: Elaine Cooke, Anne Curran, Jennifer Harvey, Maria (Mia) Lawless, Stefan Micej, Niamh Moloney, Marie Phelan.

Carapace is defined as the hard upper shell of a tortoise, crustacean, arachnid or a mythological beast.”under her carapace of sensitivity she was very confident”

An exhibition of works by seven emerging artists based in Ireland. Carapace explores the concept of falsehoods and their relationship to identity. Personas are often created to fit the perceived ideal and while they can protect weakness they can also add strength. Using drawing, painting and sculpture the artists expose their armor where the shell is hard and impenetrable and the centre amorphous.

The Complex
15 Little Green St,
Dublin 7
T: (01) 544 6922

Celestial Emptiness Made Matter | Ger Corkish at Sol Art Gallery, Dublin

8 to 14 September 2017

Wicklow artist Ger Corkish will showcase a collection of his contemporary art in his first solo exhibition at the Athena Room at Sol Art Gallery in September. Using a variety of media, Corkish approaches the viewpoint of the subject matter through the minds eye, asking slightly confrontational questions about our current generation’s ideals towards spiritual, political and material matters.


Sol Art Gallery
8 Dawson Street
Dublin 2
T: 01 6750972

Vera Dian | Julia Dubsky at Studio 16, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios

8 to 16 September

This show will exhibit work by Julia Dubsky made in the last year – influenced by a term at the Royal Drawing School in London; three months studio practice in Berlin; a short artist residency in Tehran; and the assimilation of these strands in her Dublin studio so far. She was awarded the Recent Graduate Residency in Temple Bar Gallery + Studios for one year beginning at the end of April 2017.

Julia has focussed on painting specifically since the latter years of her BA at NCAD. The subject matter of her work has continued to handle nuances of the medium in particular while also grappling with broader subjects, such as ‘conviction’, in principle. Marks, colours and forms become loaded and sometimes anthropomorphised – but also just as easily inanimate again. It is a form of perception that could happen in the flicker between this duality that motivates the work.

Temple Bar Gallery + Studios
5 – 9 Temple Bar, Dublin 2
T: 01 671 0073

Claiming Space | Red Bird Youth Collective at Draiocht, Dublin

6 September to 7 October 2017

Draíocht is delighted to present Claiming Space by Red Bird Youth Collective, a youth-led visual art group based in Galway Arts Centre. Working collaboratively with professional artists and architects, Red Bird make innovative projects, programmes youth events for their peers and contributes to youth policies and strategies in Galway Arts Centre. Claiming Space showcases Red Bird’s collaborative methodology, both with each other and with professional artists and architects and features work made since 2009. Over the years Red Bird has worked with artists such as Louise Manifold, Ruby Wallis and Dominic Thorpe and with architects Bláithín Quinn and Dominic Stevens. Although created by different Red Bird members and different professionals, all the artworks in this exhibition are rooted in exploring and challenging the world from a young person’s point of view, whilst claiming artistic and public space for young people.
The curated selection also represents different media and different ways to communicate ideas. The overall aims of Red Bird – to make work to a high standard, to engage their peers in the production of art and to participate in policy making for young people – are also visible in the exhibition. Red Bird aims to present youth arts alongside professional Irish arts practice, not to ghettoise it. A special publication with images of all Red Bird projects to date and commissioned essays accompanies this exhibition.

This exhibition is presented in tandem with SYNERGY in our First Floor Gallery, Curated by Sarah Beirne, Children & Youth Arts Officer, Draiocht.

Curated by Maeve Mulrennan, Galway Arts Centre.

Website Event Page

The Blanchardstown Centre
Dublin 15
T: 01 885 2622

SYNERGY | Group Exhibition at Draíocht, Dublin

6 September to 7 October 2017

First coined by the philosopher Aristotle, ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’, aptly defines the concept of Synergy; when working together accomplishes more than could have been apart. Each of the selected works in this exhibition and the projects from which they come are unique. Each its very own creative experience. There is diversity in content, medium and materials, with a range of artistic facilitators and creative practice, with distinctive themes, ideas, successes and occasionally disappointments. Project participants are drawn from Dublin 15 schools, families and youth groups. Alone, each project creatively and imaginatively engages our young people from babies to teenage years. As a whole, they represent a generation of young people across Dublin 15, their interests, thoughts, opinions and stories. They represent Draíocht’s core values: our on-going commitment to young people and the creation of opportunities to engage in high quality arts experiences.

Most significantly these projects allow younger members of our community to become cultural producers themselves: part of an artistic process that puts them at the very centre of Draíocht’s programming and projects. Each project intends to challenge, to inspire, to be fun, to bring a sense of pride, learning and opportunity. This is SYNERGY; each of the parts fostered, supported and brought together by Draíocht, to create something greater, something special; to create magic. Curated by Sarah Beirne, Children & Youth Arts Officer, Draíocht.

The Blanchardstown Centre
Dublin 15
T: 01 885 2622

Tempus Fugit – Time Flies | Paul Pohli at Darc Space Gallery, Dublin

7 September to 6 October 2017

‘Tempus Fugit – Time Flies’ is a new solo exhibition by Paula Pohli. The exhibition will open in Darc Space Gallery, 7 September, 2017 at 6pm and continues until 6 October. Dr Edward McParland will open the exhibition.

‘Tempus Fugit’ is a subtle exhibition about the elusive and quick passage of Time, as expressed in paintings and prints of birds, insects, flowers, trees, barns etc. Life, decay, birth, death and the energy of life are themes of these new paintings and prints.

A highlight of the exhibition is a large calendarium, Time Flies, twelve linocuts of dead flies from January through to December. As a memento mori, it is a visual reminder that time flies from month to month and from one year to the next. Exhibited 2016 in the 135th Royal Ulster Academy Annual Exhibition, Ulster Museum, Belfast. The exhibition includes 49 works created between 2015 and 2017: linocuts (hand printed), egg tempera paintings on panels, boards and brush drawings. Pigments were tempered with egg yolk and water on gesso panels, boards and paper.

Darc Space Gallery
26 N Great George’s St
Dublin 1
T: 018788535

Studio Preview: Vera Dian | Julia Dubsky at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Dublin

7 to 16 September 2017

Julia Dubsky was awarded the Recent Graduate Residency at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios for one year beginning at the end of April 2017. This show will exhibit work made in the last year: influenced by a term at the Royal Drawing School in London; three months studio practice in Berlin; a short artist residency in Tehran; and the assimilation of these strands in her Dublin studio so far.

Julia has focussed on painting since the latter years of her BA at NCAD. The subject matter of her work has continued to handle nuances of the medium in particular, while also grappling with broader subjects, such as ‘conviction’, in principle. Marks, colours and forms become loaded and sometimes anthropomorphised – but also just as easily inanimate again. It is a form of perception that could happen in the flicker between this duality that motivates the work.

Temple Bar Gallery + Studios
5 – 9 Temple Bar, Dublin 2
T: 01 671 0073

Concerning the Other | Group Exhibition at Olivier Cornet Gallery, Dublin

10 September to 6 October

The Olivier Cornet Gallery is delighted to present ‘Concerning the Other’, a collaborative art project curated by Olivier Cornet, Claire Halpin and Eoin Mac Lochlainn.

Featuring work by:
James Hanley RHA, Brian Fay, Claire Halpin, Joanna Kidney, Eoin Mac Lochlainn, Gail Ritchie, Miriam McConnon, Kate Murphy, Ben Readman and Susanne Wawra.

Concerning the Other is a collaborative art project that took place over ten weeks during the summer of 2017. It involved ten contemporary artists working together on one hundred pieces of art, to promote diversity and concern for minorities in these days of mounting racism and intolerance.

It began as a virtual project as the artists were invited to create an initial image which was then emailed on to the next artist in the group. The second artist responded by working over it and then emailing it on to the third artist who also responded and passed it on. The process continued until each of the ten artists had worked on each of the ten images.

Olivier Cornet
Olivier Cornet Gallery
3 Great Denmark Street
Dublin 1
T: 087 288 7261

#Exhibayo Round 2 | Adebayo Flynn at The Copper House Gallery. Dublin

30 August to 12 September

The Copper House Gallery will launch #Exhibayo Round 2, an exhibition of works by Adebayo Flynn from 5pm, Saturday 2nd of September 2017.

Opening times
August 30th – September 13th Mon – Fri 10am – 5pm
Saturday 2nd September 5pm – 8pm
Saturday 9th September 10am – 5pm

The launch party is on Saturday 2nd of September and doors will be open from 5. There will be wine on arrival (and throughout) and music will be performed by the next big thing @thedougy.

On display will be 14 new and unseen pieces and there will be framed prints and unframed prints to view. All prints have been scanned using the best scanner available, The Cruse Scanner (1 of 5 in the world) in The Copper House who will also be printing them on Copper House Fine Art Paper and will all be limited to 50 or less, signed, numbered and stamped.

Remember, if you’re not going to electric picnic, Exhibayo Round 2 is the only place to be in Dublin that weekend.

Photo Cred @dylan_madden80

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Copper House
The Copper House Gallery
St Kevin’s Cottages, Synge Street, Dublin 8
T: 01 5354332

Resort Revelations III | Public Art Events, Fingal, Co. Dublin

3 to 13 September

Fingal’s Arts Office is delighted to announce the return of Resort Revelations. This year’s Resort Revelations public art programme will be launched on Sunday September 03 by Mayor of Fingal Cllr Mary McCamley and Chief Executive of Fingal County Council, Paul Reid, in Lynders Mobile Home Park Portrane.

Resort Revelations III, as part of Resort Residency and in partnership with the Bleeding Pig Cultural Festival, will see the return of previous Resort Residency artists Deirdre O’Mahony, Vanessa Daws, Catherine Barragry and Alan James Burn in an exciting 10 day programme of public art events.

Vanessa Daws will invite guests to take a journey by boat on September 03 to the site of the ill-fated John Tayleur, the famous shipwreck which lingers both physically and in the memory of those who grew up with its story on this peninsula. These boat trips form part of her project Other Space – Underwater Explorations of the RMS Tayleur and will be followed by an evening talk at Lynders Mobile Home Park at 8pm that evening. Catherine Barragry will present Earthbound, a live sound performance written and directed by Catherine with music composed by Sean Mac Arlaine and performed by local professional singers Cliona Ardiff, Susan E Bowen, Jill Kiernan and Donna Wearen on September 03.

Alan James Burn’s psycho-acoustic sound performance Entirely hollow aside from the dark / Smuggler’s Cave, originally commissioned through the Resort Revelations II 2016 Programme and later awarded the Arts Council’s Touring Award, will return to its original location of Tower Bay Beach, Portrane, from September 10 -13. The Perishable Picnic by artist Deirdre O’Mahony will celebrate the history of fruit growing in North County Dublin. A giant ceramic, strawberry jam pot made by artist Garnet McCulloch will be the centrepiece for a picnic of strawberry foods, drinks, and conversation at Lynder’s Mobile Home Park on September 09.

For a full schedule of Resort Revelations III 2017 and information on how to purchase tickets please visit For further information please Caroline Cowley, Public Art Co-ordinator, on 01 870 8449 or by email at

Jataka Tales | Peter Killeen at Solomon Fine Art, Dublin

31 August to 23 September
To be openend by John Behan RHA on Thursday 31 August, 2017 from 6 to 8pm.

Much of Peter’s work for this exhibition is inspired by the Jataka Tales, ancient animal moralistic fables originating in India about the previous lives and incarnations of Buddha. The future Buddha, known as Bodhisattva, appears in many forms and in all stories he exhibits a particular virtue. Peter’s immensely appealing and timeless reperesentations of small birds and wild animals have a distinctive and very particular charm, each warmly animated and softly rounded in form with carefully worked, richly coloured patinas.

Peter Killeen was born in Dublin in 1977 and began working for the highly regarded Cast Bronze Foundry in 1996. It was here that Peter was first introduced to the Cire Perdue (lost wax) method of bronze casting and subsequently he began casting his own work.

Solomon Fine Art, Balfe Street, Dublin 2
T: +353 (0)86 8142380

All Bread is Made of Wood / This Dirt | Fiona Hallinan and Sabina MacMahon at Swords Castle, Dublin

Tuesday 29 August, 12-4pm

Join us on Tuesday 29th August at Swords Castle Co Dublin for This Dirt, the first chapter of All Bread is Made of Wood, a public art project commissioned by Fingal’s Public Art Co-ordinator Caroline Cowley for Fingal Arts Office. All Bread is Made of Wood is curated by Anne Mullee, who has invited artists Fiona Hallinan and Sabina MacMahon to contemplate bread and its elements as a vehicle for the transference of knowledge and memory as embodied in its production. The project is composed of series of private and public interactions, including recipe salons with local African women’s group Nwannediuto and the area’s older population, and public events where hypotheses of bread and its elements are anatomised and considered. This Dirt brings together methods of baking and food production from North County Dublin’s past and present. Utilising Swords Castle* as a catalyst for exploration, ‘bread’ acts as the threshold for investigations into contemporary and ancient local food culture, somatic learning and haptic processes of making.

Swords Castle, Swords, Co. Dublin

12- 4pm Anti-anti pasta / Sabina MacMahon / Castle Chapel
12-4pm Seed Carriers / Fiona Hallinan / Castle Precinct
12.30 Dr Meriel McClatchie: Demonstration & talk – methods of environmental archaeology / Castle Precinct
All day Swords Castle: Digging History Project / Castle Precinct

For further information contact Anne Mullee

As I Went Down To The River Styx | Douglas Ross and Ciara Julia Ryan at In-spire Gallerie

31 August to 13 September
Opening Wednesday 30 August, 6pm

Douglas Ross and Ciara Julia Ryan began working together in early 2016. Their first collaboration “Persephone’s Gate” was exhibited in the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art in June 2016. Fascinated by the myth of Persephone and also the Irish legend of the Tuatha de Danann, they collaborated intensively through the summer of 2016, scripting a story that was informed by these legends, but that had a relevance in their own lives. Thousands of images were shot with a view towards presenting an exhibition of symbolic images that reflected on their sharing experience as well as providing enough images to create an animated series of images, telling the story in more detail. Six monologues were filmed later and together make up a 26 minute video. Leon Quinn of Reverb Studios edited the video and Paul McCormack wrote an original music score for the video. A large full colour book has been produced to accompany the exhibition.

Douglas Ross is a visual artist who has exhibited extensively in Ireland and abroad. The main features that characterize his work are that it is figurative, often collaborative and is an attempt to create a contemporary mythological iconography. Ciara Julia Ryan is an actress trained in the Gaiety School of Acting. She has played numerous roles on Dublin stages and toured Europe for eight months with the Emerald Isle Theatre Company.

In-spire Gallerie, 56 Gardiner Street Lower, Dublin
T: 085 277 9024