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The Elements | Neal Greig at Custom House Studios, Mayo

23 March to 16 April 2017
Custom House Studios, Westport Quay, Mayo

Custom House Studios  are pleased to host ‘The Elements’, an exhibition of recent paintings by Neal Greig.

Neal Greig paints directly in the landscape. He responds to the weather and the day as it changes in an instinctive manner. He documents the light, space and texture, spontaneously painting the changes with a sense of urgency in an effort to catch the changing light. Working outside brings an instinctive aspect to the paintings. He paints an organic, natural space rather than a picturesque view of landscape. The range of colours is kept simple, mixing colours on the palette and on the painting, moving paint around using a wide selection of brushes and tools. His aim is to depict a distillation and observance of the passing of time, rather than a snapshot of a landscape.


‘Just being…’ | Marie Wood at The Clew Bay Hotel Westport, Co. Mayo   Recently updated !

1 to 30 April 2017
The Clew Bay Hotel, James St, Westport, Co.Mayo

‘Just being…’ is Marie Woods’ third solo exhibition at the Clew Bay Hotel, this new body of work was created over the last twelve months.
More than 30 artworks offer a glimpse into the diverse inspirations that encompass her vision. From abstract experimental three dimensional oil paintings to mixed media paintings and collage that have been inspired by the awesome beauty of Clew Bay and its fast shifting weather.

Eerie works revealing a moody Croagh Patrick bathed in watery light, sunrises that seem to set the bay on fire, moonlit bays and reflections. The Exhibition is a distillation of the magic of this area, revealing a sense of the extraordinary that is Mayo; light, energy and passion are a constant presence throughout.


Earth + Water | James and Sally Maidment, Hyde Gallery, Sligo

22 March to 11 April 2017
The Yeats Society, Yeats Memorial Building, Hyde Bridge, Sligo

Father and daughter team James and Sally Maidment present Earth + Water, an exhibition of painting, installation and photography at the Hyde Gallery, Sligo. Both graduates of the Fine Art Department at the Institute of Technology, Sligo, the artists invite visitors to the exhibition to share their fascination with skill, place, identity and experience.

E:, T:+353 7191 42693
Gallery hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm

As Above So Below | Nuala Clarke at The Linenhall Arts Centre, Co. Mayo

3 March to 8 April 2017
The Linenhall Arts Centre, Linenhall St, Castlebar, Co. Mayo

This show explores the primary alchemical formula “as above so below” through an endeavour to ‘make’ space; internal and external, above, below, all that surrounds and inhabits. The work in this show, within the space of the Linenhall, explores deeply personal preferences of order; right placement of the elements within the plane, upon the surface, right colour preferences, while simultaneously claiming and offering what was once known but is now on the periphery of awareness. They also offer what is not known, yet deeply within and without us.
Nuala Clarke’s new work invites such investigations of the unseeable and the unknowable. The images suggest a connection to primordial order. They are contemplative, mysterious, moody, celebratory; full of shaman ghosts, air, and land.

Secret Garden | Marilyn Gaffney at Custom House Studios

23 March to 16 April
Opening 23 March at 7.30pm by Dermot Seymour

Marilyn Gaffney’s exhibition “Secret Garden” gets lost in the foliage, curves of the flowers and yet it is not about the beauty of the domestic landscape itself, but the subconscious marks that are made which outlines and caresses the space within these literal subjects on the canvas. In her new body of work, Marilyn Gaffney creates paintings of the domestic landscape.

The act of her art making is a psychological process, automatic painting. Start at the passage and get lost down the track, into the foliage. The artist transends her thought process to another platform as the artwork progresses and she is semi aware of the marks she is making to the canvas.

The landscape, Gaffney believes, holds thought for magic, escapism, wonder and home. It has been a subject of hers for some time now within her practice. Psychological interests such as memory within the landscape still resonate with the artist.

The Custom House Gallery and Studios
The Quay, Westport, Co. Mayo,
T: +353 (0)98 28735

Water Senses | Ruth Le Gear at Leitrim Sculpture Centre

10 to 25 March 2017
Leitrim Sculpture Centre, Manorhamilton, Leitrim

Water Senses has emerged from the outcomes of research, collaboration and fieldwork based around the concept of ‘water memory’ in relation to Glenade Lough, North Leitrim. In developing the project Le Gear has meticulously archived her sensory engagement with the mystical, mythical and metaphysical forces that act upon and interact with water through Glenade. Making a set of seven water remedies from the waters of the Lough, she has created these panaceas from rarities such as the essence of the last brown bears in Ireland and the story of the Dobhar-chú. Implicit in Le Gear’s work is the idea that water is an element deserving of much greater consideration than is currently given by mankind. Water is altered by everything that has passed through it, in its chemical as well as alchemical nature and in its capacity to influence us. These forms and emotions, which have passed through the water, are also held within it. The water and ice remedies that she has created are for the water bodies themselves initially and then in turn for people, promoting healing in both. The water remedies are a way of drawing out the layers of embodied energy that are held within the water itself, each remedy interacting with the energy of the human body in a unique and positive manner.

Water Senses boxed publication which contains a unique water remedy, booklet, series of postcards and a map. First edition print of 100. Designed by Pure Designs.

Shackleton’s Endurance ǀ Pauline Garavan at Town Hall Theatre Westport, Co. Mayo

4 March to 1 April 2017
Town Hall Theatre Westport, The Octagon, Westport, Co Mayo

‘Shackleton’s Endurance’ was created by Castlebar based artist Pauline Garavan to celebrate the centenary of the rescue of Ernest Shackleton’s crew off Elephant Island in the Antarctic in 1916.

The work, measuring 143 x 96 cms, consists of 36 aluminium panels showing Shackleton’s ship ‘Endurance’ caught in the sea ice. Writing in oils, the image is made up of thousands of very closely condensed words which are taken from the extracts of Shackleton’s diary that he kept on the Endurance Expedition 1914 – 1917 and which he included in his book ‘South’. The image is taken from a night-time photograph taken by the expedition photographer, Frank Hurley.

T: 098 – 28459, E:

Ethereal | Brigid Birney at The Leitrim Design House

8 March to 7 April
Opening 8 March, 7.30pm

Colour, light and movement are the essence of Leitrim artist Brigid Birney’s work. Her love of nature and being outdoors has been the inspiration behind this collection of paintings titled ‘Ethereal’.

International Women’s Day celebrations takes place later on the same evening in The Dock at 8.30pm. Some of Leitrim’s creative leaders, will be talking about the rich traditions of the County and the people and things that have inspired their creative lives and journeys.

The Leitrim Design House
Carrick- on- Shannon, Co Leitrim
T: +353 71 965 0550/50533

Girlhood | Orla Sloyan at Ballina Arts Centre, Co. Mayo

11 March to 29 April 2017 | Opening: 10 March, 8pm
Ballina Arts Centre, Co. Mayo

Girlhood is an exhibition of photography by Orla Sloyan, a collaborative result of a photographic project between the photographer and the Maughan family that documents the family’s special and intimate occasions from 2007 to present day. The Maughan family are members of the Travelling community living in Castlebar town. The project began as a study on Irish identity and cultural diversity and has since evolved into a multidimensional body of work that has revealed much more, including a complex personal story of cherished family milestones.
Whilst the images offer the viewer with an opportunity to observe the Maughan’s family album, it also concentrates on the passage of time and its effect on the young female family members as they move from their childhood through their teens and into adulthood.

The Spice-Box of Earth | Clive Bright at The Hamilton Gallery

2 March to 1 April
Opening Thursday 2 March, 6pm

The Hamilton Gallery presents the exhibition ‘The Spice-Box of Earth’ – New drawings and paintings by Clive Bright

In this exhibition the artists focus of work has drifted from a nostalgic grappling for a sense of place and history to grappling with the present. Searching for an understanding and perspective of where we truly fit in the ecology of our place. Understanding the role of even the tiniest organism within the web of living things around us. Observing the knock-on effect of it being there or not has on the whole system. The cycles of energy, the niches of life, the microcosms within microcosms and the lessons that can be learned by studying the relative patterns throughout.

Hamilton Gallery, 4 Castle St, Sligo
T: +353 71 91 43686

The Night | Alexandra Hopf at The Model, Sligo

24 February to 14 April

Alexandra Hopf is a Berlin based artist working across video, painting and sculpture, with a research interest in individual memory, psychoanalysis, and the construction of art history. By revisiting the oeuvre of renowned artists of the Surrealist, Constructivist or Minimalist avantgardes, and underlining the prevalence of male figures in art historical narratives, Hopf investigates the creation of myths, and uncovers lesser-known historical facts.

Artist Talk with Alexandra Hopf
Wednesday 1 March, 2pm

Alexandra Hopf will invite you to look at her work as part of her residency at The Model and will lead a discussion on her exhibition The Night.

Supported by the Goethe-Institut Irland and the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (IfA).

The Model, The Mall, Co. Sligo
T: 071 914 14 05

Sligo Boogie Woogie; New Paintings | Philip Shiels at Custom House Gallery

23 February to 19 March
Opening on Thursday 23 February,7.30pm

Throughout the last 20 years, Philip Shiels has worked in painting, printing, photography and film referencing physical, literary and imagined landscapes, his ongoing interest in history and philosophy is echoed in fragments and traces, whilst trying to get away from a literal concept.

He is interested in moments of awkwardness or uncertainty in painting. Increasingly drawn to insouciance and a sense of unresolvedness, his paintings remain on the edge of a determining realisation. He strives re-examine the idea of a landscape and the subversion of that idea the same time.

He is influenced by the Northern Romantic painting tradition and in particular German and Scandinavian painting from the beginning of the Twentieth Century. Not in a nostalgic sense, but in the freedom that their direct approach to paint achieved.

The Custom House Gallery and Studios
The Quay, Westport, Co. Mayo,
T: +353 (0)98 28735

Field and Foreshore | Malachy Costello at Custom House Gallery

23 February to 19 March
Opening on Thursday 23 February,7.30 pm with Sligo based writer, Brian Leyden.

Custom House Studio at Westport Quay are pleased to host Field and Foreshore; paintings from Mayo and Roscommon by Malachy Costello.

This exhibition focuses on a series of paintings based on the Coastal landscape of Mayo and to contrast these paintings from the Roscommon Leitrim area, the objective being to explore the physical differences and similarities between the two environments, on one hand, a landscape of low lying fields and hedges, and on the other, one of shoreline and rock where land meets the sea.

The Custom House Gallery and Studios
The Quay, Westport, Co. Mayo,
T: +353 (0)98 28735

‘What Matter / Cén t-údar’ | Noah Rose at Áras Inis Gluaire, Belmullet

23 February to 2 April
Opening Thursday 23 February, 6pm

A solo exhibition of work by Noah Rose. Developed during his 2016 residency at Leitrim Sculpture Centre and now re-presented at Áras Inis Gluaire, the bilingual arts centre for Erris in the Mayo gaeltacht. The exhibition comprises sculpture, installation, printmaking, letterpress and sound pieces. The work explores the relationship of language, memory, memorialisation and the materiality of stone, and considers the relationship between language and cultural identity and the processes of transmission of written and spoken language across different historical periods in a pan-European context.

Áras Inis Gluaire, Béal an Mhuirthid, Co Mhaigh Eo
Erris Arts Centre, Bemullet, Co Mayo.
T: 097 81079

Fading Memories | Stephanie McGowan at The Hyde Bridge Gallery

21 February to 14 March
Opening Tuesday 21 February, 6pm by Emma Stroude

The work explores materiality; each carefully selected material/ objects has the ability to maintain its individual character/ personality, while also indicating a description of time. The objects suggest time within their function or through their visual appearance of which aesthetically look aged, distorted, weathered and/or broken. Objects/materials contain our personalities; each possession bears the ability to indicate the life of its previous owner, allowing us to question the possibilities of its history.

Drawing on distant, global, cultural and the notion of incepted memories, selected images blur the line between reality and fantasy. By using specific materials in combination with chosen Images, Stephanie aims to create an atmosphere of which we all can have a personal experience, the space of which becomes a window to another moment in time, allowing us to question the space in which we live.

Hyde Bridge Gallery
Yeats Memorial Building
Douglas Hyde Bridge, Sligo
Tel: 071 9142693

The Cabinet of Wonders 3 | Linenhall Arts Centre, Co. Mayo

1 February to 20 May 2017
Linenhall Arts Centre, Linenhal Street, Castlebar, Co. Mayo

The latest manifestation of the Cabinet of Wonders has just been unveiled in the Foyer of the Linenhall Arts Centre in Castlebar. This ongoing project takes its inspiration from the fashion for Cabinets of Curiosities, which found their beginnings in the Renaissance and were still much in fashion till the late 19th century. Inspired by the eclectic approach of the original collector-curators, The Cabinet of Wonders #3 presents a series of works by : Paul Bokslag, Cecilia Bullo, Stefania Corbelli, John Gayer, Annabel Konig, Chris Leach, Cecilia Moore and Cosette Olohan.
The Cabinet of Wonders project is devised and curated by Ian Wieczorek.

Opening times: Monday to Friday,  10am to 5pm; Saturday, 11am to 5.30pm
Contact: Linenhall Arts Centre. T: 094 9023733, E:
Further information on


A Bounce Borrowed | Group Exhibition at The Dock

4 February to 25 March

A Bounce Borrowed Is The Dock’s first new exhibition of 2017. The exhibition is the second in a series which bring together artists who are at varying stages of their artistic development and careers. They are Felicity Clear, Richard Forrest, Helen Hughes, John O’ Kane and Jane Rainey. All five artists bring a distinct approach to their work, though collectively they are motivated by an interest in the play and the interplay of materials, such as paint, pattern, sculptural gestures, colour and narratives.

The title of the exhibition A Bounce Borrowed references a shared interest in play and a kind of joy that maybe found in bringing together these varied works and the consequent energy to be encountered within the exhibition.

The Dock, St Georges Terrace, Carrick on Shannon, Co. Leitrim
T:(071) 965 0828

Among Things at Roscommon Arts Centre

3 February to 31 March | Preview: 3 February, 4pm

Karl Burke, Padraig Cunningham and I Am Here Group

“Among Things” is an exhibition of a selection of artworks as the culmination of a collaborative project between two artists, Karl Burke and Padraig Cunningham, and the creative group I Am Here. I Am Here is a creative and vibrant ensemble based in Boyle town supported by their parents and friends along with the staff and volunteers of the Brothers of Charity.

Commissioned by curator Linda Shevlin and Roscommon County Council Arts Office, this project involved numerous and varied workshops with the group covering sound & music, sculpture and clay moulding, painting, storyboarding for film along with camera and filming techniques.

The workshops brought the group together to produce physical outputs within a conceptual framework, resulting in the production of a new body of artworks spearheaded by the leading artists. During this process a number of concerns became apparent namely individuality and finding one’s place in the world.

Roscommon Arts Centre
Circular Road
T: 090 66 25 824

Mountains Move While Oceans Do Not | Des Cullen at LSC

27 January to 14 February

Working primarily with discarded limestone Cullen distils a series of large-scale organic structures that emerge directly from his involvement with the properties of the material. These material transactions take account of the fragmentary patterns and shapes that the artist sees as potential tendency within the stone.

Through a process Cullen describes as ‘evolutionary’ the works complex structure is revealed slowly over long periods of time using a variety of techniques such as grinding, carving and the use of found cut-stone. Inspired by the work of ancient cultures, as well as the structures suggested by fractal geometry, the resulting works illicit patterns that operate across different scales and origins in the natural world and which are repeated with varying degrees of intensity and gesture throughout the exhibition.

Leitrim Sculpture Centre
Manorhamilton, North County Leitrim
T: 071 9855098