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Samhlaíocht agus Dochinntitheacht | Clare Cashman at Féile na Bealtaine , Co. Kerry

27 April to 1 May 2017
On Main Street, an Daingean, Co. Kerry

Samhlaíocht agus Dochinntitheacht is an exhibition of new works by Clare Cashman. Cashman’s work is concerned with landscape, perception, the imagination and indeterminacy.
As part of Féile na Bealtaine 2017.

Sleep Concert by Steven Stapleton at Burren College of Art, Co. Clare

Friday 5 May 2017, 10pm to 9am | Tickets: €35
Burren College of Art, Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare

Burren College of Art is pleased to host Steven Stapleton | Sleep Concert. Steven will perform live for an 8-hour concert that will run throughout the night, manipulating and re-animating his own Nurse With Wound recordings in an avant-DJ somniloquy to shape and colour your dreams. Audience members are requested to sleep over for the duration of the concert and inflatable beds and breakfast the following morning will be provided.
Burren College of Art is also hosting a solo show ‘Doing What We Are Told Makes Us Free’ by Steven Stapleton until 9 June.

We recommend booking as soon as possible due to the limited number of tickets available. Please visit the Eventbrite link below for further information and ticket purchase.

Contact: Lisa Newman 065 7077200

Doing What We Are Told Makes Us Free | Steven Stapleton, Burren College of Art

4 May to 9 June 2017
Burren College of Art, Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare

Burren College of Art is pleased to host the first solo exhibition of works by Steven Stapleton. Internationally recognised through his pioneering experiments in sound with avant-garde band Nurse With Wound, Steven is an acclaimed visual artist who has worked across multiple media. Doing What We Are Told Makes Us Free will bring together his work in collage, assemblage and painting in a dynamic gallery installation.
As his first major solo exhibition, it will provide a rare opportunity to experience Stapleton’s multi dimensional approach to visual art, which compliments and expands his extensive body of work in sonic experimentation.

Sleep Concert, Friday 5 May 2017, 10pm to 9am | Cost: €35
For more information please visit:
Contact: Lisa Newman 065 7077200

Our Likes Will Never Be There Again | Deirdre McKenna at An Lab, Dingle, Co. Kerry

27 April to 1 May 2017
The Round House, An Lab, John St, Dingle, Co. Kerry

Mar Ná Beidh Ár Leithéidí Arís Ann/ Our Likes Will Never Be There Again  is an exhibition by Deirdre McKenna of artwork inspired by the satirical novel An Béal Bocht by Myles na gCopaleen (Flann O Brien) – A bad story about the hard life.
This exhibition uses stereoscopes and printmaking to explore the symbiotic relationship we have as a country with the tourism industry using the novel for reference as well as important landscapes of the the 20th century (for example Paul Henry) and vintage souvenir postcards. This is an interactive exhibition, the public will be able to handle the stereoscopes to view the 3D images inside. The collection of fine art prints have been hand pulled from plates using a variety of techniques including aquatint, sugarlift, drypoint, embossing and collography.
This has been an ongoing project for a number of years. Deirdre McKenna received the Madgie Hughie Eoin Scholarship in 2013 to spend some time at Cló Ceardlann na gCnoc in Donegal. The work developed here as well as through Meitheal Eitseála in West Kerry and Cork Printmakers. The artist is very grateful for the great support received from Ealaín na Gaeltacht.

Further information: | 

The Fertile Rock | Noreen Ramsay at Glór, Ennis, Co. Clare

7 to 29 April 2017
Glór, Ennis, Co. Clare

The Fertile Rock, an exhibition of new work by porcelain and glass artist Noreen Ramsay.
The Fertile Rock explores aspects of the Burren landscape and the nature of its limestone rock. The artist has used porcelain, fired and enameled glass, and light in a variety of combinations to convey the paradoxical life giving nature of limestone rock which, in the Burren, has called forth a response from poets, artists, writers and musicians over hundreds of years.
Ramsay examines the rock itself, where it came from, the energy within it, what it has witnessed. She finds that contact with this landscape provokes a deep spiritual response which is echoed in the work. The Fertile Rock explores three distinct series – The Memory of Stone; The Sea Beneath and The Fertile Rock.

Joan Clancy Gallery Easter Group Show, Co. Waterford

14 to 23 April 2107
Joan Clancy Art Gallery, Mweelahorna, Ring, Dungarvan, Co Waterford

Joan Clancy Art Gallery presents an Easter Group Show featuring a selection of new work by Ciara Gormley, Blawnin Clancy, Andrea Jameson, Damaris Lysaght, Katarzyna Gajewska, Rayleen Clancy, Paula Taylor, Noeleen Crossan and others. The exhibition will also feature on the art trail of West Waterford Festival of Food, April 21-23.
Located in Mweelahorna near Ring College (Coláiste na Rinne) in the Waterford Gaeltacht, Joan Clancy Gallery is 10k south of Dungarvan in Ireland’s Ancient East.

T: 086 813 4597 | 058-46205

Behind the Vitrolite Shopfront | Albert Walsh at Garter Lane, Waterford

14 April to 10 June 2017 | Opening: 13 April, 7pm
Garter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford

Garter Lane Arts Centre presents Behind the Vitrolite Shopfront, an exhibition of photographic works by Albert Walsh which examines how traditional and emerging ways of being coexist in contemporary Irish society.

Vitrolite, an opaque pigmented fire-toughened glass, was widely used as cladding for shopfronts, beginning during the Art Deco period and continuing until the late 1950s. Hogan Hairdressers, established in Waterford in the mid-1950s, is a distinct example of a Vitrolite shopfront from that decade. Behind the Vitrolite Shopfront invites the viewer beyond this façade and into a world where traditional practices have changed very little – a glimpse of how a little piece of Americana was brought to 1950s Waterford. This series of photographic works documents how business traditions have remained steadfast in the face of societal and economic pressures for change and how consistent change renders the once mainstream unconventional.

Celebration | Tom Molloy at Garter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford

14 April to 10 June 2017 | Opening: 13 April, 7pm
Garter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford

Garter Lane Arts Centre is delighted to present ‘Celebration’, a solo exhibition by Waterford-born artist Tom Molloy.
Molloy’s work foregrounds highly charged social and economic issues, with subtlety and impartiality, using existing or found material downloaded from the internet, from newspapers and other mainstream media. Central to this solo exhibition is Protest (2012) a 10m long installation in which Molloy rounds up a miniature mob of protesters in a collective meta march. Detaching them from their original context, Molloy bands them together in a heterogeneous micro- procession of picketers from various periods in history.


CO-LATERAL | MFA/MA Exhibition at Burren College of Art, Co. Clare

15 to 28 April 2017 | Opening: 15 April, 6pm
Burren College of Art, Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare

Burren College presents the MFA/MA graduate exhibition CO – LATERAL. The title refers to three approaches to self reflection and expression. Coming from divergent points of view in photography, painting and installation, the exhibit explores the innovative studio practice of BCA’s postgraduates: Angel Cray (MA), Sherry Erskine (MFA), and Kizito Joan Nanfuka (MFA).  Additionally, the Post Baccalaureate and MFA 1 Exhibition and end of year Undergraduate Exhibition will run concurrently with the Graduate Exhibition.
The opening of graduate exhibition will be introduced by integrative psychotherapist, Martin Meyler.

Contact: Lisa Newman or T: 065 7077200


Group Show at Marco Polo Art Cafe, Co. Tipperary

25 March to 25 April 2017
Marco Polo Art Cafe, Main Street, Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary

Marco Polo Art Cafe present ‘Nature and Belonging’,  an artistic collaboration based on poems by Aoife Reilly.
Visual art by: Valerie Maldiney, Shane Reilly, Aisling O’Leary, Denny Baldin and Kate Nolan
Music by: Shay Hannon (flute), Maggy McEntee (voice & guitar)

Massimo Bartolini at Lismore Castle Arts, Waterford

2 April to 26 May 2017 | Opening: 1 April, 5pm
Lismore Castle Arts, Lismore, Co. Waterford

Lismore Castle Arts presents the first solo exhibition in Ireland of Massimo Bartolini.
Responding to the unique gallery space that is St Carthage Hall, the artist has created a new organ piece specially for the building. The piece takes the form of a ‘well’ with a music box inside – the box plays the first 10 bars of the John Cage work In a Landscape. Related to other organ works by the artist, it functions like a barrel organ which plays automatically. The air blown through the metal pipes first passes through the holes in the music roll, giving rise to variations in tone and length.
This exhibition is kindly supported by The Arts Council Ireland, Frith Street Gallery, London and The Shifting Foundation.

Anthony McCall at Lismore Castle Arts, Co. Waterford

2 April to 15 October 2017 | Opening: 1 April, 6pm
Lismore Castle Arts, Lismore, Co. Waterford

Lismore Castle Arts is delighted to present a solo exhibition by Anthony McCall, bringing together seminal early works such as ‘Line Describing a Cone’ (1973), alongside complex new works such as ‘Swell’ (2016). This will be Anthony McCall’s first solo exhibition in Ireland and presents a rare opportunity to see this important and groundbreaking work.
The exhibition will be accompanied later in the summer by a fully illustrated catalogue, featuring install images of the exhibition at Lismore, and is kindly supported by Sean Kelly Gallery, New York and Sprüth Magers London.

Exhibition Seminar: 1 April – 3pm, Lismore Heritage Centre, with Anthony McCall, Lizzie Carey Thomas, Lisa Le Feuvre, chaired by Anthony Haughey. Free Event, booking essential.


Gooee (Margaret) O’Brien at The Old Market House Art Centre, Co. Waterford

15 March to 22 April 2017
The Old Market House Art Centre, Dungarvan, Co.Waterford

The Old Market House Art Centre present ‘The Immensity Within Ourselves’ a solo show by Gooee (Margaret) O’Brien.

O’ Brien is fascinated by Formalism, both in terms of the creation of Form, and the revelation of the process by which Form develops from matter. This practice quadripartite; idea, matter, process and form (in that order) is at the core of the artists work. The backstory to the sculpted work is that of the films Philomena and The Magdelene Sisters. The painting The Immensity Within Ourselves and the sculptures are a metaphor for that capacity of human societies to close their eyes to the inhumane treatment of others.

Artistic Journeys | Adrian Everson and Bob Scot at St Johns Arts Centre, Co. Kerry

1 to 21 April 2017 |  Opening: 1 April, 8pm
St. John’s, The Square, Listowel, Co. Kerry

St. John’s Theatre + Arts Centre presents ‘Artistic Journeys’ an exhibition of work by artists Adrian Everson and Bob Scott.

Two Kerry artists display a range of pictorial work in oils, acrylics, charcoal, watercolours and needle felted wool on canvas, board, foil and fabric. Some purely imaginative, some figurative, abstracts, landscapes and ‘cave art animals’. Much inspired by the natural beauty of the Kerry countryside, some by literary works.
Exhibition opening by Jimmy Deenihan.

Contact Adrian Everson on 085 712 0827 / or Bob Scott on 087 671 2269


The Old and the Weary | Ben Reilly at GOMA Gallery of Modern Art Waterford

11 March to 30 April 2017
GOMA Gallery of Modern Art Waterford, 6 Lombard Street, Waterford

GOMA presents ‘The Old and the Weary’ a solo exhibition by Ben Reilly.
The world stepped into when we explore Ben’s work is made up of things, materials, objects, stuff. Is it a door handle? A leather boot? A bag of materials that looks like but isn’t quite coal? Does it matter? These are old things. But the sense of the old is that of time as something pure. Unlike the reworking of the past we find in so much popular culture, this is a sensuous oldness; we want to touch and explore. We want to feel the object of time itself. The installation Zeppelinis one example. The title refers to the object of the zeppelin itself with all its historical associations. But when engaging the sculpture, we are drawn to its clunky feel, its use of essentially old materials, bringing us back to that sensuous oldness that is not the past but time.

Gallery opening hours: 1pm to 6pm from Thursday to Sunday

CRUX: A Dialogue in Metal | Group Exhibition at glór, Clare

3 March to 1 April

Gunvor Anhøj, Michael Calnan, Moss Gaynor, John Hogan, Jane Murtagh.

The essence of these five artists’ work concerns the movement of metal and the story it evokes. CRUX will illustrate the diversity of metal and will showcase its myriad possibilities – from the delicate tracery of Jane Murtagh’s work, to the solid architectural forms of Moss Gaynor, to the subtle lines and sensual curves of Michael Calnan’s, John Hogan and Gunver Anhøj ‘s work.

The artists’ ideas and stories are inspired and visualised through a combination of interests in the natural world and the world of architecture and industrial design. From large scale welded metal constructions to delicate, highly finished objects – the works portray the material and the makers behind it, and this unique exhibition will reveal their stories through the dynamism of metal using a combination of contemporary practices and ancient techniques.

A Guided Tour of the Exhibition and Artists’ Talk, facilitated by John Tynan of The Crafts Council of Ireland will take place on Saturday 4 March at 11.45am.
Free of charge and all welcome.

Causeway Link, Ennis, Co. Clare
T: 065 684 3103

Glimpse of a Forgotten Past | Zuzana Jezikova at The Courthouse Gallery

3 March to 22 April
Opening 3 March, 8pm

Zuzana Jezikova‘s recent work is inspired by Celtic mythology and legends, the stories that people were telling and passing on to each other while sitting around fires, the impact of their storytelling strengthened by the contrast of fire light and the surrounding darkness.

To express this concept, Zuzana creates ceramic lamps and sculptures. She uses different types of clay (predominantly black stoneware and porcelain) and combines them with other materials in a reference to Irish ancient heritage

The Courthouse Gallery, Parliament Street, Ennistymon, Co. Clare
T: 065 707 1630

Broken Tale | Kasia Zimnoch and Pawel Kleszczewski at The Courthouse Gallery

3 March to 22 April
Opening 3 March, 8pm

For their debut exhibition at The Courthouse Gallery, artists and filmmakers Kasia Zimnoch and Pawel Kleszczewski exhibit a body of work detailing their most recent animated work, Broken Tale.

The artists create complex worlds of art which include many elements: animation, drawing, painting and prints. Their method of working is based on extensive cultural research of theoretical material which relates to the subject they are working on; they seek legends, myths, local stories, scientific studies.

Their most recent animation, Broken Tale, has been screened at film festivals in Ireland and abroad. It was a finalist in the final of International Visual Arts Festival in Spiracje Szczecin, Poland (2016), and qualified for the 28th International Film Festival in Girona, at Stockholm Fringe Festival (STOFF) in 2016 and the Enniskillen Visual Arts Open (2016).

As part of the exhibitions supporting programme, Kasia Zimnoch & Pawel Kleszczewski are holding a series of animation workshops for people with disabilities and for artists, in conjunction with Clare Arts Office’s EMBRACE Arts and Disability Programme, supported by the Arts Council. For information on the artist’s workshop, visit the event page:

The Courthouse Gallery, Parliament Street, Ennistymon, Co. Clare
T: 065 707 1630

Dystopia | Mick Fortune at The Source Arts Centre Gallery

3 March to 29 April

This collaboration between the Goma Gallery of Modern Art in Waterford and The Source Arts Centre, Thurles presents the work of Wexford Artist Mick Fortune who uses video, photography and installation to investigate the relationship between individuals and the spaces in which they exist. With reference to pre-narrative cinema, Jungian psychology and Mythology and the unstructured nature of events, the work intends to allude to the presence of the camera as a mere coincidental event in a recurring cycle of decay.

With a strong emphasis on lighting, Fortune enables the figures to merge into their surroundings, as events seem to unfold and a sense of foreboding is heightened. As a result of this the performers exist in a sense of suspended animation, drifting through the space which takes significance above their existence. The show features several new works from 2017 and is curated by Jenna Whelan and Sandra Kelly of Goma.

The Source Arts Centre
Cathedral Street,
County Tipperary
T: +353 504 90204