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Blackout | Niall Walsh at Galway City Gallery

17 March to 6 April 2017 | Opening: 16 March, 6pm
Galway City Gallery, 15 New Dock Street, Galway

Galway City Gallery presents ‘Blackout’, a selection of new work by Niall Walsh.
‘Blackout’ is a collection of wall mounted sculptures, using a combination of textured carbonized wood, berries, paint and pins. The berry works are an ode to winter, the works with images are a study of elements of modernism, and the title work ‘black-out’ is a combination of the two, with contemporary political reference.

Gallery opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 4pm
T: +353 (0)86 0665756, E:

The Last WIlderness | Cecilia Danell at Galway Arts Centre

10 March to 19 April 2017
Galway Arts Centre, 47 Domnick St, Galway

In a post-nature future the unconscious mind will be the last wilderness.
Galway Arts Centre presents ‘The Last Wilderness’,  a solo exhibition by Cecilia Danell. Cecilia Danell (b.1985) is a Swedish artist based in Galway since 2004. While regarding painting as her main medium, her work is multifaceted and also utilises experimental film, installation and photography. The starting point for this body of work was a residency at the Nordic Artists’ Centre Dale, Norway in early 2016 and her proposition: “In a post-nature future, the human mind will be the last wilderness”. Influenced by Jungian psychology, existentialism and Utopian/Dystopian science fiction, Danell’s work uses landscape as a metaphor for the exploration of the human psyche. By experiencing and documenting the Scandinavian landscape on foot she explores ideas about wilderness and solitude and how the yearning for an authentic life may be no more than a construct. Exhibition opened by Sue Rainsford.

The Last Wilderness will also tour to The Dock Arts Centre, Carrick on Shannon in 2017.
Artist Talk: 2pm Saturday 25th March, admission free, no booking required.

Galway Arts Centre
47 Lower Dominick Street, Galway
T: (091) 565 886

Birgit Lochmann at Town Hall Theatre, Galway

11 March to 10 April 2017 | Opening: 10 March, 5.30
Town Hall Theatre, Courthouse Square, Galway

Town Hall Theatre presents an exhibition of new paintings by Birgit Lochmann.
This solo show showcases the latest oil paintings produced by Lochmann in the last 3 years. Curated and hosted by artist Margaret Nolan.
Cllr Nial McNelis will be the guest speaker at the launch.

Imagining Galway | Galway Print Studio Artists at the Arts Corridor, UHG

17 February to 20 April

Featured artists: Norah Brennan, Shane Crotty, Mike Davoren, Mary Geeleher, Louise Hynes, Vanessa Jordan, Pauline Kane, Ger O’Brien, Brendan O’Sullivan, Heidi Reich, Mary Ryan, Elena Santos and Serena Slevin and gmit 2016 bursary winner Gerry Fahy.

In August 2016, Galway Print Studio was honored to have been selected to represent Ireland at Euro Celtic Art 2016, part of the 46th Festival Interceltique de Lorient in Brittany. The exhibition, entitled Imagining Galway, featured the work of 13 artists from Galway Print Studio and celebrated the status of Galway as a place of creativity and imagination.

Thanks to Galway University Hospital Arts Trust and Arts Director, Margaret Flannery, this exhibition will be displayed in the Arts Corridor of Galway University Hospital.

Galway Print Studio’s participation in Euro Celtic Art 2016, at the 46th Festival Interceltique de Lorient, was a clear indication of the strong cultural links between Lorient and Galway.

As an artist collective with a passion for print, Galway Print Studio aims to enhance, encourage and support a stronger printmaking community in Galway and the West of Ireland.

Galway Print Studio
Ballybane Enterprise Centre, Galway.
T: +353 91 773759

Between Dog and Wolf | Group Exhibition at Galway Arts Centre

27 January to 4 March

Emma Finn | Hannah Fitz | Helen Mac Mahon | Nicos Nicolaou | Karen Roulstone | Anna Spearman | Rory Tangney

Galway Arts Centre is delighted to present its new group exhibition Between Dog and Wolf. For this exhibition, seven artists were asked to respond to its title with existing work or with works in progress.

The title of the exhibition Between Dog and Wolf refers to the French phrase “L’heure entre chien et loup” and is seen to describe several different things. It can refer to the twilight or gloaming hour when transformation can happen; people can take risks, adopt different characteristics or turn from one form into another. When something is vague, unclear or unknown as to be mistaken for something else; i.e. a dog can be mistaken for a wolf, or vice versa. As well as that, when it can be hard to tell the difference between things, i.e. dogs and wolves, friends and foes. It’s not because one has turned into the other, but that the differences have been hidden so only similarities remain, giving a distorted perception. Curator Maeve Mulrennan was also interested in how the phrase relates time and light to the animal kingdom and the body.

Galway Arts Centre
47 Lower Dominick Street, Galway
T: (091) 565 886

Photography Exhibition at Loughrea School of Art

3 to 10 February

Loughrea School of Art presents an exhibition of work by the beginners photography class tutored by Mairead Cunningham. The exhibition represents the culmination of work from each of the students over the last few months as they have practiced and developed their passion for photography.

Themes explored in the work include nature, changing seasons and the quiet beauty of local areas in east Co. Galway.

Loughrea School of Art
58A Main Street,
T: (091) 841 886

#deadboycatfilmsexyselfiesuccessquotesgalway | Sebastian Mügge at 126 Artist-Run Gallery

19 January to 5 February
Opening 19 January, 6pm

Swedish/German artist Sebastian Mügge has been filling the walls of 126 with a large-scale composite drawing, made of your social media posts and submitted pictures.

His large-scale charcoal drawing is the first of series of exhibitions, talks, online works and workshops as part of our year-long interrogation of contemporary drawing.

Sebastian Mügge (b. 1981 in Bonn, DE) is a German-Swedish interdisciplinary artist based in Umeå, SE. He received his MFA from Umeå Academy of Fine Arts in 2011.

He works in the intersection of painting, drawing, found objects, sculpture and installation. Alternating these mediums to find something which might connect these means of expression so they can become just one body of work- integration instead of segregation. These projects, mostly based on expanding collections, can result in research-oriented and expressive site-specific, often monumental sculptural pieces. In his experimental approach the sensual aspect is crucial as its function is to get the viewer emotionally involved in the artwork, and furthermore stimulate his intellectual curiosity.

His work consists of recycling/sampling of ephemeral materials and carefully selected objects which are ready to be integrated in his art projects. He likes to play with historical and every day references, mixtures of cultural backgrounds and art historical quotations. Through his practice he is exploring the performative aspect of studio production where a dialogue between the systematic and the open-ended is created.

126 Artist-Run Gallery
19 St Bridgets Place,
The Hidden Valley,
Woodquay, Galway
T: 0864491366

Q.R.KEY | John Jennings at PorterShed, Galway

16 January to 16 February 2017
PorterShed, Eyre Square, Galway

Q.R.KEY (quirky) is an exhibition of art in Q.R. Code form by Galway artist John Jennings.  If you have a Q.R. code scanner on your phone, you point it at the code and it gives you a link to a website or a product online. Usually these codes are used for marketing and business promotions, but John Jennings is using them for his art. The title of the exhibition is ‘Q.R.KEY’ it is a play on words, “Q.R.”  represents QR Codes and “key” meaning that the Code is the key to viewing the art. |

Plexus | Kate McElroy and Jan Powell at Galway City Gallery

14 to 27 January | Opening Saturday 14 January, 6pm

‘Plexus’ is a two person show by artists Kate McElroy and Jan Powell.

Previously unknown to each other the artists were drawn together on discovering certain common themes and fields of interest in their work. From mutual exchanges they formed a desire to explore these concepts in more depth and to bring their works together in aspiration of a synergistic effect.

McElroy and Powell’s main consideration lies in the varying psychological states and their interrelation with the body. While body and mind are inextricably linked this wholeness is often undercut and distorted by instinctive physical responses which can lead to feelings of conflict and confusion. The artists seek to examine these areas of ambiguity, hoping to re-evaluate the individual’s connection with themselves and the wider world.

Their work spans painting, photography, ceramics, drawing and sculpture creating a dynamic and stimulating energy between the works.

Galway City Gallery,
15 New Dock Street
T: +353 (0)86 0665756
or see

Reclaiming Space | Diane Henshaw at Galway City Gallery

diane-henshaw17 December to 7 January
Opening 17 December, 7pm

Diane Henshaw is seeking in her works to express the spirit of dinnseanchas in a modern idiom, as a ‘cognitive-imaginative mapping’ of the environment through forms of artistic engagement. A modern Irish-English dictionary translates the word dinnseanchas as ‘topography’ (the science of place), but its etymology is more complex. The term originally referred to an ancient genre of mythological geography that gave a poetic account of place names. Dinn means place (an eminent site or locale); sean means old, and is associated with the figure of the seanchaí or local storyteller, the keeper of lore and memory; and cas means to twist. Poetically, the word suggests the twisting together of strands of collective memory of place – perhaps forming a single narrative core, or (in a more visual idiom) a tapestry weaving together place and people, memory and experience, history and present desire.

Diane Henshaw deals with the abstract and her work is known for its paired down lines and formulated composition. Her artistic process displays the history of marks of decisions past, of the time spent, and the material layers used to build up her images.

Galway City Gallery
15 New Dock Street, Galway
T: +353 (0)86 0665756

We Are Drifters | Group Exhibition at 126 Artist-Run Gallery

we-are-drifters2 to 16 December
Opening Friday 2 December, 6.30pm

Elaine Crowe, Sophie Gough, Hue Hale, Joseph Nix and Kate O’Shea.

126 Artist-Run Gallery is pleased to announce the final show of 2016: ‘We Are Drifters…’, an exhibition by emerging artists: Elaine Crowe, Sophie Gough, Hue Hale, Joseph Nix and Kate O’Shea. The exhibition is the result of the gallery’s 2016 curatorial internship programme.

“We are drifters amongst spaces where the madness of things has no limit.”
– [Thomas Ligotti]

Through the media of sculpture, video, photography and printmaking these artists responded to Thomas Ligotti’s words and the climate that surrounds them currently. As recent graduates the exhibiting artists find themselves on the threshold between the institution of art education and the current broader world of personal and professional practice. This exhibition will be an exploration of the limits as well as possibilities of this time for each of the artists as they observe mental as well as physical structures and the world around them.

‘We Are Drifters…’ is a co-curated exhibition by the current 126 Interns: Danny Carter, Louise Maher, Rita McMahon, Seán O’Riordan, Connor Robertson and Emma Zukovic.

126 Artist-Run Gallery
19 St Bridgets Place,
The Hidden Valley,
Woodquay, Galway
T: 0864491366

We Are Hurtling Into The Future | Joanna Kidney at Galway Arts Centre

liadain_joannakidney10 December 2016 to 14 January 2017 | Opening: 9 December, 6pm
Galway Arts Centre, 47 Dominick Street Lower, Galway

Galway Arts Centre is delighted to announce a solo exhibition by artist Joanna Kidney, titled We Are Hurtling into the Future. The exhibition will be opened by Eva Bourke, Poet and Translator.

Joanna Kidney’s work utilizes the medium of drawing and the potential of diverse materials to reflect on the human relationship with the vast universe. This exhibition of new work reflects on ideas of time and motion…the experience of being human with a living body on this earth, moving through the measure of time. Through encaustic paintings and a site specific monumental spatial drawing, the work explores repetition, rhythm and structure versus randomness and chance.
Skimming Stones, a collaborative video work by artists Joanna Kidney and Liadain Herriott, will be presented for the first time as part of the exhibition. Examining the relationship between drawing and dance, it focuses on ideas of repetition, fragmentation and quality of movement and line.

As part of this exhibition, Joanna Kidney will teach a class in encaustic painting on Saturday 14th January from 10am to 3pm in Galway Arts Centre.  On the same day, Joanna Kidney and Maeve Mulrennan will give a walk-through talk about the exhibition. Taking place at 4pm, the talk will then be followed by the launch of the catalogue for this exhibition, which will include installation images of the Galway Arts Centre Show and a two commisioned texts by Maeve Mulrennan and writer Finnbar Howell. This talk is free and no booking is necessary. |

Floating World Books at Galway City Gallery

14991229_588051311401615_6136801857233078021_o20 November to 10 December 2016 | Opening: 19 November, 7pm
Galway City Gallery, New Dock St, Galway

Founded in 2003 by Andy Parsons and Glenn Holman, Floating World is a collective of artists based in Ireland the UK, and Japan whose practices encompass painting, textiles, sculpture, video and performance.

United by their use of the medium of Artists’ Books, a major preoccupation of Floating World has been to present artist’s books in a gallery based context and to encourage critical discourse around the medium. Floating World has used the Artist Book as a catalyst for complex participatory projects, ranging from the renovation of a derelict house into an Arts Centre to the creation of a book of insights into Samuel Beckett.

Unfolding the Archive set out to investigate the archives at The National Irish Visual Arts Library (NIVAL) and explore the richness of the archive as a starting point for the creation of new artworks. Floating World’s artists developed new narratives in response to objects in the archive which are both local and international in their resonance.
Each artist approached the archive from a purely personal and individual standpoint and in a manner that reflected their concerns and interests. These ranged from purely visual investigations, to highly conceptual interpretations of the archive as a multilayered and shifting source of information and meaning.

Participating artists:
Ireland based artists: Andy Parsons, Elizabeth Kinsella, Diane Henshaw, England based artists: Glenn Holman, Glynis Candler, Sarah Carne. Edwin Aitken, Simon Burton, Japan based artist: Hidehiko Ishibashi

E:, T: +353 86 066 5756 |



The Shapeshifter’s Trail | Marie Connole at NUIG Art Gallery

connoleharenuig8 to 19 November

The Shapeshifter’s Trail is a concise retrospective exhibition by Marie Connole at NUIG Art Gallery, the Quadrangle. Charting fifteen years of the artists’ exploration of animal and human shape-changers. Pivotal works have been selected from five distinct series, primarily in painting and drawing, exploring the theme through a variety of images and media.

The artist will give a short talk on her art practice at 12.30 pm on Saturday 12th.
NUIG Art Gallery is open Monday to Saturday from 12-4pm. An opening launch with a talk by the artist takes place at 12.30 pm on Saturday 12 November.

For more please visit

National University of Ireland
University Road,
Galway, Ireland

The Headless City | TULCA Festival of Visual Arts 2016

web-link5 to 20 November | Launch 4 November, 6pm

Participating artists:
Sol Archer | Miranda Blennerhassett | Rick Buckley | Jane Butler Rachael Campbell-Palmer | Conlon / O’Reilly / Ross (Mitch Conlon, Edel O’Reilly, Jonathan Ross)| Liam Crichton | Sinead Curran | Adrian Duncan | Ian Hamilton Finlay with Leslie Edge | Sorsha Galvin | Helena Hamilton | Michelle Hannah | Anna Homburg | Helen Horgan | Helen Hughes | Patrick Jolley | Loitering Theatre (Caroline Campbell & Nina McGowan) | Julie Merriman | James Moran | Doireann Ní Grioghair | Aisling O’Beirn | Mark Orange | Martina O’Brien | Dave Madigan & Méadhbh O’Connor | Úna Quigley | Jane Rainey | Fred Robeson | Martin Sharry Mhairi Sutherland | Two Ruins (Jim Colquhoun / Steve Hollingsworth) | Diane Vincent | Lee Welch | Tony White

Curated by Daniel Jewesbury

TULCA 2016, entitled ‘The Headless City’, asks two questions: What’s gone wrong with our cities? And what are we going to do about it? Festival curator Daniel Jewesbury says, “There’s so much that’s uncertain about the future of our cities, and the artists in The Headless City have approached the theme with great openness – they want to help us form questions and work out how we feel about our own future, not give us any easy answers”.

The Headless City is not a single concept: it will show different ways of considering the potential of the city. The city is dying. Even as more and more of us live in cities, and are dependent on them for our livelihoods, they ceasing to function. Big cities, the playgrounds of property speculators and wealth managers, are too expensive for all but the very rich. Elsewhere, the productive urban economy has long since disappeared, and the city has become an anonymous brand, competing with other almost identical brands for the same round of sporting and cultural spectacles, striving to assert a distinctiveness that is the same as everyone else’s. The city is its own post – urban museum, a museum to the memory of the city.

Exhibitions are scattered across the city in galleries, public spaces, special venues and disused buildings. There are also a range of different events happening throughout the city – live performances, film screenings, explorations and interventions, readings and discussions, music and stargazing.

Other events: Screening of Aaaaaaaah!, feature film directed by Steve Oram, UK 2015, 79 minutes, starring Steve Oram, Toyah Willcox, Julian Rhind-Tutt and Noel Fielding | Public Lecture by Angus Cameron.

Booking is now also open for our T.Ed educational programme and bookings can be made by contacting Joanna directly at or on 0857472906

See for more details.

Symphony of Colour | Mary Geeleher at Arts Corridor UHG

reclaiming-the-bog23 September to 31 October

Through her arts practice Mary Geeleher likes to use brilliant colour, layering on different plates. This body of work is a response to her visual observations and fascination with the effects light and the changing seasons have on the Irish landscape.
Mary frequently creates works using carborundum for the resulting tone and velvety finishes this technique brings. It’s a relief technique that uses textured plates, so it creates different effects on the print. Mary overprints with a drypoint plate or silk screen, and has compared the scratching and scraping that occurs in creating a drypoint print to the farmer tilling the land.

For further information on the artist, artwork or sales contact Galway University Hospital Arts Trust at 091-544979 or email

Arts Corridor
University Hospital Galway

Hair | Katie Moore and Sarah Lundy at 126 Artist-Run Gallery

hair-12611 to 23 October
2×2 Part II

In their thoughtful practice, Lundy and Moore probe corporeal decline, forming unusual links between the body and organic matter, poison and medication.

Lundys work continues her practices preoccupation with systems and spaces and the natural/synthetic binary. She approached the collaboration under the concept of the body and frailty; using solely botanical elements depicted often in figurative, frail and human scale, the body is explored as a temporal and twisted entity. Giant hogweeds sat next to poppies hark to the poison/pain relief duality. With a strong emphasis on lines, the action of contemporary drawing in space is pivotal to the aesthetic. Continuing her interest in subtly addressing feminist issues in her work, these pieces also hark to the female and its relation to nature, with a nod to the notion of ‘woman gone wrong’.

Such concerns pair beautifully with Moore’s examination of her own clinical lifestyle creating works across media that possess a distinct ethereal quality. soft gauze, human hair float in space, and stand trapped within unyielding perspex.A mirrored emphasis on line, the body and a sense of self and femininity are brought into a gentle yet dark dialogue between the works of these two artists.

126 Artist-Run Gallery
19 St Bridgets Place,
The Hidden Valley,
Woodquay, Galway
T: 0864491366

Becoming: Adventures in Growing Up | Group Show at Galway Arts Centre

brokentale17 to 30 October 2016 | Opening: 16 October, 5pm
Galway Arts Centre, 47 Dominick Street

Galway Arts Centre + Baboró International Arts Festival for Children present: ‘Becoming: Adventures in Growing Up’ featuring Alan Clarke, Louise Manifold, Pawel Kleszczewski + Kasia Zimnoch.

This is an exhibition that sees growing up as an adventure in itself. A person creates their own story through growing, changing and learning. However there are many facets to this – in order to grow you have to leave something behind, you have to leap into the unknown. The artists investigate these complex issues through the frame of fairytales and folk tales – how stories can teach us about morals, relationships and identity. Tales can be signifiers for real life rites of passage and rituals involved in growing up. |

Little Stories Little Prints | Group Exhibition at Galway City Museum

Barbara-Hannagan-Buy-a-Revolver2 September to 29 October

Little Stories Little Prints is a 1916 Commemorative Visual Arts Project through the medium of Printmaking. Almost fifty Printmakers from eight Printmaking Studios around Ireland accepted an invitation to participate in the project, which aims to create awareness of little known events or incidents during or around the time of the Easter Rising in 1916. The artists researched incidents and aspects of life at the time and created little prints in response to their research. The prints, along with their stories are presented in the exhibition.

The project was devised and coordinated by Pamela de Brí, in collaboration with the Leinster Printmaking Studio, Clane, Co Kildare and assisted by Studio Manager Margaret Becker. A limited edition illustrated publication is available for purchase on request.

The prints, along with the stories, incidents or events that inspired them, can be viewed on the website The project is supported by Co. Kildare Library and Arts Services and Dublin City Libraries. Further information email or phone 0876616863

Galway City Museum
Spanish Parade House, Merchants Rd Lower, Galway
T: (091) 532 460