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Calligraffiti | USUGROW and Stohead online, ikono TV

Mondays and Fridays at 9:30pm
Berlin / NY / Shanghai Time

How to Watch?
In April 2017 on Internet stream, SmartTV app, AppleTV. Or watch it anytime on ikono On Demand

A decade ago Dutch artist Niels Shoe Meulman coined the word Calligraffiti for the title of his exhibition, which aimed at approaching traditional handwriting with contemporary mediums and – as he claimed – a metropolitan attitude. Since then, the word Calligraffiti started to define a specific form of artistic expression employing calligraphy, typography and graffiti, and it evolved considerably under the influence of artists merging new techniques and alphabets.

The program “Calligraffiti” is part of ikonoTV’s monthly focus “Masters of Ink” (April 2017) and shows two different approaches to calligraphy and urban art by focusing on the practice of USUGROW and Stohead.

Online | Dividual Notebook Project by Dividual Notes

May 2017 to June 2017

Dividual Notebook is a web-based project by Dividual Notes, a collaborative art team of visual artists and partners Jean_Louis Baudry and Brigit Egging and their son and writer Tobias Baudry. The Dividual Notebook Project is a web based project which started in May 2016 running until June 2017.
The aim of the project is to create a body of work that reflects their individual and shared thoughts, as voluntary emigrants, on being and leaving home, and how their identities have been shaped by notions of belonging. |

Levi van Veluw on ikono TV

March, Thursdays + Sundays at 9:00pm on Internet stream, SmartTV app, AppleTV.

Or watch it anytime on ikono On Demand

Levi van Veluw was born in the Dutch town of Hoevelaken in 1985 and studied at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem.

Since graduating in 2007, Levi van Veluw has produced multi-disciplinary works that includes photographs, videos, sculptures, installations and drawings. This varied body of work has been showcased in many different locations across Europe and the United States, earning him a number of nominations and awards.

Peking Opera | Varvara Shavrova on ikonoTV

In February 2017 on Internet stream, SmartTV app, AppleTV. Mondays and Fridays at 9pm Berlin / NY / Shanghai Time.
Or watch it anytime on ikono On Demand

Peking Opera is one of China’s most revered traditional music and theatre art forms. Hailed by the Chinese Government as a ‘national treasure’ and the ‘pride of the Chinese people’, Peking opera also faces the challenges that are typical to many global art forms today: that of staying ahead of the times and allowing modernization, and at the same time of preserving its tradition. With he advent of new and mostly westernized pop culture into modern‐day China, Peking Opera is endangered to be sublimated onto the outskirts of the Chinese entertainment industry.

Varvara Shavrova was born in Moscow and studied fine art at the Moscow Polygraphic Institute. After 15 years in London, she moved to Beijing, where she lived and worked for over five years. Now based in Dublin, Shavrova has shown in numerous public institutions and has curated significant exhibitions in Russia, China, Ireland and the UK.

StableHausLive Spring 2017 | OffenhausLive Online Exhibition

Participating artists: Susan Walsh, Alessio Mazzarulli, Jennifer Crawley, Yosef Reznikov, Bradley Matson, Hannah Shergold, Susan Proctor Hume, Roger Salucci, Lawnspeak, Karen Hughes, J. Hunter Fleming, Guiseppe Amato, Axelle Kieffer, Patrick Higgins.

OffenhausLive is a creative endevour dedicated to showcasing and supporting artists of all disciplines. Established in 2015 by the artist Alexander Paul OffenhausLive has grown in number to include artists from around the world. The panel of judges include Lindsay Douglas, Cathy Randell, Alexa Gilweit, Jeremy Oversier, Katie Corris, Charlie Forgham-Bailey and Alexander Paul. ​

Winners will be selected to join the Xzibit Project –

View here:

Inner Land | Group Show on Ikono TV

Thursdays and Sundays at 9.30pm in January on Internet stream, SmartTV app, AppleTV.
Or watch it anytime on ikono On Demand

Featuring films from Nicolas Rupcich, Shingo Yoshida, Carla Chan, Jacques Perconte, Nicolas Rupcich and many more.

Since the 18th Century, the process of industrialization drastically modified the relationship between the individual and the landscape. With the expansion of urban areas and the proliferation of constructions and infrastructures, our visual field experienced a radical change: architecture-overloaded urban environment progressively hid the horizon, almost impeding us to gaze at the open land. With the evolution of a new, overcrowded environment and the sudden proximity of buildings, the open outlook shrank into tunnel vision.

Nature almost disappeared or became part of a urban planning in which meadows were covered with fields of concrete and an increasing number of taller buildings serve to an ever-growing population. The skyline has replaced the profile of mountains; concrete, plastic and glass have replaced organic matter.

The traditional connotation and experience of a landscape is today completely transfigured, and it is in some ways configured in an experience that is physically confined to the outskirts of our daily life. Moreover, the urban landscape has now become our actual “natural” landscape.

With this in mind, the program “Inner Land” brings together a selection of video works with the aim of observing and exploring the way artists deal today with the environment and the notion of landscape, and the issues that eventually arise when the natural and the artificial overlap.

View online here:

Audible Forms on ikono TV

ikono-decIn December 2016 on Internet stream, SmartTV app, AppleTV. Or watch it anytime on ikono On Demand.

The special program Audible Forms focuses on the use, representation and visualization of music in contemporary art, bringing together both synaesthetic and non-synaesthetic approaches with a particular focus on video works. The title quotes the homonymous work by Italian artist
Michele Spanghero.

The first part of Audible Forms brings together works employing instruments and sound techniques in an experimental or metaphorical manner. Berlin-based composer Ulrike Haage’s work “Between Sound and Silence” (2013) explores the particular sound of the monastery Lüne in Lüneburg, with a poetic interplay of sound and image. Russian artists Mikhail Basov and Natalia Basova’s silent work “Film for Imaginary Music” (2014), shows an old vinyl disc incessantly rolling along the shore, driven by an invisible external force. In Romy Pocztaruk’s “Suite Transbrasil” (2011), an old phonograph inside a fish tank plays Omar Fontoura’s composition, especially created for the unveiling of the Trans-Amazonian Highway in 1972. The program also features works by Adel Abidin, Mounir Fatmi, William Kentridge and Jaan Toomik.

The second part of Audible Forms focuses on synaesthetic techniques and the visualization of music. NY-based artist Neil Harbisson was born colorblind and is the first person in the world who has an antenna implanted in his head which allows him to listen to colours by transforming chromatic shades into specific tunes. His work “Sonochromatic Music Scale” (2011) introduces us to his peculiar way of seeing colors exclusively through sounds. Mateo Amaral’s ongoing project “Una Piedra Negra” is a digital animation in the form of experimental abstraction, ranging from science fiction, noise and psychedelia. Pierce Warnecke’s work explores the hidden, frantic life of inanimate objects by experimenting with abstract manipulation of sounds and images (“Silent Light Reveals the Unreal”, 2016). Audible Forms also includes works by Thorsten Fleisch, Carlotta Piccinini and Daniel Schwarz.

HEED FM | Garrett Phelan

garrett-phelan22 October to 18 November

HEED FM is a new commissioned work of art by artist Garrett Phelan. It is a 28-day anonymous sound broadcast portrait created through conversations with individuals and groups from all backgrounds aged 18–25, inhabiting Dublin.

The month-long FM radio and web broadcast is a constant stream of conversation without music, advertisements, news, presenters, weather, time or jingles. It presents recordings made over an eight-month period with a generation whose opinions and beliefs are rarely heard in the public sphere and who lack institutional advocacy on their behalf. HEED FM shuns pre-conceptions and de-sensationalizes this generation without judgement, giving time and voice to the ambitions, aspirations and passions of those that took part.

All of those that contributed to HEED FM were also invited to contribute creative work as part of the branding of the project, the resulting artworks can be viewed on, all contributions are included in advertising and promotional material and no editorial framework was applied.

HEED FM takes the form of an independent, temporary licensed FM radio station, running for 24 hours, 7 days a week over a 28-day period. It is supported by The Arts Council as an Open Call Project in their ART: 2016 programme as part of Ireland 2016.

Broadcast Details
HEED FM will be broadcast to the Greater Dublin Area on HEED FM 94.3 from 22nd October – 18th November 2016.

It will also be broadcast to Dublin and Cork on Digital Radio, DAB/DAB+.
HEED FM 94.3 (Dublin Only) | DAB/DAB+ (Dublin and Cork only) (online live stream)

Pale Blue Dot | October on ikonoTV

ikono-octSince the birth of the Space Age the mystery related to the cosmos with the possibility of leaving terrestrial gravity has been a strong driving force in artistic practice.

October’s program “Pale Blue Dot” on ikonoTV brings together a selection of works born through this great inspiration combining both the ancient dream of flight with more recent scientific research of space exploration.

This month of October you can enjoy on ikono:

Pale Blue Dot
A program combining contemporary video works with ikono’s productions on Old Masters pieces
Thursdays and Sundays at 9PM
Berlin / NY / Shanghai Time

Michael Najjar
Artist of the Month
Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9:00PM
Berlin / NY / Shanghai Time

How to Watch:

I really don’t feel them | Carl Giffney Film Online

giffney-irdft-screeningsI really don’t feel them, 1hr 37 mins HD + stereo (2016), has completed its EU tour and is now free to watch.

IRDFT premiered in the largest cinema in the Arctic, and also home to the Saami parliament, Saamelaiskulttuurikeskus (SAJOS). It then moved south, back-tracking the northerly path taken in its shooting : Netherlands / Scotland / Finland / Artic. It stayed on show for 2 months in Finlands snowy Midlands at a fiercely ecological art / living experiment, and important outpost gallery, Mustarinda, Hyrynsalmi. Further south was Helsinki International Artists Program (HIAP) where IRDFT was screened for 6 weeks in Gallery Augusta on the ancient military island of Suomenlinna.

The movie was shown at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop (SSW), north of Aberdeen, at its last tour location : the bronze foundry where IRDFT opens with its first shot. An additional Irish home-coming screening was also put on at Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin.

IRDFT is a feature length movie made for Frontiers In Retreat (2013-2018) and is a public work commissioned by the EU culture fund. It will be actively spread further and freely distributed around the Europe as a solo work homed openly online.

Please watch I really don’t feel them, 1hr 37 mins HD + stereo (2016), online at your leisure:

HOLOSCENES | Lars Jan on ikonoTV

ikono-tvIn August 2016 ikonoTV presents Lars Jan as Artist of the Month with his series HOLOSCENES.

HOLOSCENES is a public performance and series of multi-platform artworks that embody the trauma of flooding, driven by the concern that our troubled relationship to water will become the central issue of the 21st century.

The project directly connects the everyday actions of individuals to global climate change, while contemplating the evolution of our capacities for empathy and long-term thinking.

Presented in public space, the centerpiece of HOLOSCENES is a large aquarium that floods, drains, and floods again. The flooding aquarium is inhabited by a rotating cast of performers conducting everyday behaviors sourced from collaborators across the planet.

HOLOSCENES has been presented in Toronto, Sarasota, and Miami, with upcoming 2016 dates in Athens, London, and Abu Dhabi.

View on ikonoTV:

Lightbulb | Michael Craig-Martin, Serpentine Gallery Online

mcmlightbulb10_1Ends 31 December 2016

Lightbulb is a digital artwork created by Michael Craig-Martin for the Serpentine Galleries Galleries on the occasion of his exhibition Transience. It is a drawing with six coloured elements, controlled by a software algorithm.

The image changes continuously, with each element of the drawing fading between the 47 colours in Craig-Martin’s palette. Several hundred colour steps take place during each fading process and there are millions of potential combinations.
Use it as your background wallpaper, email it, print it, or share it on social media.


The Truncheon and The Speculum | Sarah Browne and Jesse Jones Live Broadcast

the-speculum-and-the-truncheon-Liverpool Biennial 2016 presents a live online broadcast of The Truncheon and the Speculum by  Sarah Browne and Jesse Jones.

Join in via Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ using the hashtag #pparchive

Watch the event live from 19:30 GMT Thursday 21 July 2016:

This live internet broadcast explores historic state violence enacted through gynaecological means. Featuring material culture historian Dr. Lisa Godson and self-identified “cyborg witch” Klau Kinky of Catalan collective Gynepunk, this event identifies the Contagious Diseases Acts of the 1860s as a key moment in the legislation of state violence against women in Ireland and the UK. With this event, the artists and their guests propose a supplanting of the role of the state-sanctioned broadcast into domestic spaces. A transnational audience is invited to this online platform to discuss and challenge the terrestrial illegalities of reproductive rights for women.

The Truncheon and the Speculum is part of In the Shadow of the State, a co-commission of Artangel and Create; also supported by ART: 2016, the Arts Council’s programme as part of Ireland 2016, the centenary of the Easter Rising in the Republic of Ireland , Dublin City Council and for Liverpool: Heart of Glass (St. Helen’s).

No Narnia | Paul Moore Online at Tether, East Belfast Arts Festival

no narnia27 to 30 May 2016
East Belfast Arts Festival – Tether, instagram, Twitter and Facebook

We all wish we could be transported to some magical land of possibilities at sometime in our lives just like people living in East Belfast where Narnia became the seed for fiction.

#nonarnia is a humorous public, social media event that takes its premise from the literature of C.S. Lewis’s 1950 children’s series ‘The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe’. Taking a fun and inquisitive approach Paul Moore invites members of the public to photograph their own personal wardrobe’s to present an online document through the hashtag link #nonarnia of a collection of everyday Wardrobes and closets.

By using your mobile phone/tablet’s camera I encourage you to partake in this cultural event and photograph your wardrobe and post the image via Twitter/Facebook/Instagram with the attached hashtag #nonarnia to reveal an online portfolio of wardrobes.

Digital Canvas curated by Vanina Saracino

digital canvasJoe Hamilton, Jacques Perconte, UBERMORGEN, Pierce Warnecke, Kurt Hentschläger, Claudia Hart, Andreas Nicolas Fischer, Johanna Reich, Nicolas Rupcich, Richard Garet, Feng Chen, Dejan Radovanovic, Daniel Canogar, Claudia Larcher, Mateo Amaral, Ryan Whittier Hale, Chris Coleman, Laleh Mehran, Pia MYrvoLD, Mounir Fatmi, Eelco Brand, Cosimo Miorelli, Marco Mancuso, Yannis Kranidiotis and Philipp Artus.

24-hour program starting 7 May, 6PM (CET)

Watch on

New media and technologies have radically changed the way we experience our daily life, increasingly modifying our creative processes. Traditional disciplines like drawing, painting and sculpture are increasingly being merged with digital and electronic techniques, allowing new aesthetic experiences and opening new possibilities of perception.

Digital Canvas brings together a selection of outstanding international artists with more than 80 video works that explicitly employ the use of electronic and digital tools while making direct references to art history.

Live Art and Feminism in the UK | Live Art Development Agency

Alexandriana-hemsley copy
Live Art Development Agency (LADA) has partnered with the Google Cultural Institute to create an online exhibition on Live Art and Feminism in the UK. Curated by LADA in collaboration with Eleanor Roberts (Queen Mary, University of London), the exhibition offers a snapshot of some of the key figures and issues of Live Art and Feminism in the UK since 1970.

The online exhibition is part of LADA’s ‘Restock, Rethink, Reflect Three’, a project mapping and marking the impact of performance on feminist histories and highlighting the contribution of artists to discourses around contemporary gender politics.

See the gallery at:

John Jennings Galway Art QR Pocket Exhibition

John Jennings
John Jennings is using QR codes to exhibit his art. The codes are presented instead of the artworks and you to scan them to see it. John encourages you to scan the code to enjoy his QR Pocket Exhibition.

QR codes are something you either love or hate. There are some in the tech industry who say they haven’t had their time yet and others say they are totally defunct due to all the different readers and camera compatibility.

John’s QR code exhibition starts with a single code. You scan it with your QR code reader, and then you click on the link presented and this brings you to the “John Jennings Galway Art QR Pocket Exhibition” where each QR code sends you to a piece of art. Also, you can grab the entire exhibition, drop it into a document and print it out. The exhibition is wherever you are.

W: johnjenningsartgalway/


ADA – One Painting | 96 Pieces Project by Shane Finan

ada_animate_thumb_150ADA (A Distributed Archipelago) is a visual art project by Irish artist Shane Finan. It consists of one painting split into 96 distinct pieces. Each piece can be viewed online in a compiled exhibition format. The pieces are being sold through Swiss gallery Wandelbar Art International’s online store, to be distributed throughout the world as multiple pieces of one single object.

The funds raised from online sales are being put toward Wandelbar Art International’s Celtic tour exhibition in Ireland, Wales and Scotland, 2015-2016. Shane’s work was kindly donated to help assist in funding this project.

For more information please visit:

Eilis McDonald Online Exhibition with Newhive

logo_text.png.0b47e830Is This A Test
From Thursday  2 July 2015

NewHive, New York, has commissioned Is This A Test, a new online exhibition by Eilis McDonald, curated by Lindsay Howard. Collecting and combining found image, video and text as installation and arrangement, Eilis McDonald draws on visual intuitions and the networked landscape with a detached reverence for source and a curiosity for the intangible qualities of energy around and between objects.

Further information: