Listings – Submit Exhibition/Event

Submit your exhibition or event for inclusion on the Visual Artists Ireland website and our eBulletin. The Exhibition & Events eBulletin is circulated on Sundays.

**Please Note**
If you are submitting for the Wednesday Jobs & Opportunities eBulletin (including open calls, artist talks, residencies, conferences, studios) please submit via this form:
If you are submitting a workshop or course please submit here: submit-your-workshop

Listings - Submit Your Exhibition / Event

  • Email address of person submitting the form. For verification purposes only.
  • Format: (Your Exhibition Name) | (Artist/Artists) at (Location)
  • Details of time, date and events of opening night if applicable
  • Please include all details of your event in this order: * Participating artists. * Short description of the event / exhibition (max 300 words). * Contact details for further information. * Location.
  • Please enter a valid Website URL i.e.(
  • Please enter a valid Website URL i.e.(
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.
    Please ensure that your image is MINIMUM 250x250 pixels. MAXIMUM FILE SIZE 2MB Files accepted are: .jpg, .gif, .png. See below for more info on submitting images.
  • If you send your Google co-ordinates, we will endeavour to include them with the listing of your exhibition / event. See info below this form on how to find Google Co-ordinates.



You may submit a small image with  your listing.


To do so, upload the image that you would like to use.  This should be an image for which you have permission for reproduction.

  • Images must be in .png .gif or .jpg format.
  • Images should be no smaller than 50KB and no bigger than 2MB – the smaller the file, the quicker your image will appear onscreen for the user.
  • Images must be 250 pixels x 250 pixels minimum. Images outside of this size may be cropped or scaled to size by our system.
  • Images must be named all in lowercase letters.

Due to the large number of emails asking for inclusion in the eBulletin, we don’t have the capacity to create or edit images that don’t fit the above constraints.  Therefore, we will not be in a position to include images that are not according to the specification.


Google Maps

For people sending listings, if you send your Google co-ordinates, we will endeavour to include them with the listing of your exhibitions.
To find your Google co-ordinates:

  1. Open the Google Maps website
  2. Enter the address details in the search box
  3. Zoom In the Google Maps and locate the place for which you need the latitude and longitude.
  4. Right click that exact location on Google Maps and select “Center Map Here”
  5. Click the “Link to this Page” hyperlink
  6. Copy paste the URL into the field on the form.

For example:
The Google maps link for the Glucksman Gallery in Cork is:,-8.489556&spn=0.003476,0.010568&sll=54.576863,-5.943668&sspn=0.006529,0.021136&radius=15000&z=17



Have you considered making your exhibition available for touring?  We now offer a free service that allows you to publicise it. Simply add your details here and it will appear within 5 working days on our site, and we will also advertise it in our new monthly email news letter.