Submit Listings: Guidelines & Submission Forms for Website and e-bulletin

We feel it is important for us to provide a wide range of methods for people to access our information and for this reason we now provide our listings information through our website, which is directly linked into Twitter (@VisArtsIreland), Facebook (Visual Artists Ireland) and Newsfeeds. The twice weekly email bulletin is generated from our website providing our readers with a snapshot comprehensive guide of listings, jobs and opportunities that we have circulated over the past week.

These services provide artists and advertisers with multiple platforms to promote their events and opportunities.

Visual Artists Ireland’s e-bulletin is a twice weekly service providing the latest information on news, opportunities, exhibitions and events relating to the visual arts in Ireland. The bulletin is generated from our website every Sunday and Wednesday. Wedneday’s e-bulletin will contain listings of jobs and opportunities. Sunday’s e-bulletin will contain exhibition and event listings. Information for inclusion in the e-bulletins should be sent to us at least ONE WEEK in advance. Please read this document carefully for our terms of use and policies.

Links to Submission Forms:


Items included in the bulletin are listed under the following headings:

  • News – News from Visual Artists Ireland and that relating to the visual art industry
  • Commissions
  • Competitions
  • Conferences, Lectures & Talks
  • Courses, Workshops and Training
  • Funding & Awards
  • Job Vacancies
  • Unpaid, Internships and Volunteering
  • Opportunities – Ireland – Exhibition and other opportunities for artists
  • Opportunities – International  – Exhibition and other opportunities for artists
  • Residencies
  • Studios/ Space
  • Other – Equipment Sought/For Sale/Wanted,  participation in projects, publication announcements etc
  • Exhibition / Event Listings – Exhibitions, arts festivals, visual art performances, screenings, events around the country and internationally

Submitting Information for our website / e-bulletin:

  • We endeavour to publish all relevant listing information on our website as soon as we can.
  • Information for inclusion in the Sunday bulletin should be sent no later than 5.30pm the previous Sunday evening. Information for inclusion in the Wednesday bulletin should be sent no later than 5.30pm the previous Wednesday evening.
  • Opportunities and general listings submitted after these deadlines cannot be guaranteed inclusion in the following bulletin. Exhibition and events listings received after these weekly deadlines may not be included in any future bulletin.
  • Information is included in the e-bulletin once only. For very important opportunities VAI may publish information a second time in the form of a reminder – this is at the discretion of VAI.
  • The e-bulletin is a free service. There is no charge for submitting information. Items for inclusion in the bulletin should be sent through the forms on this website – submit an event here or submit an opportunity here or email your information to
  • Visual Artists Ireland will only accept information that is sent in text format in the body of an email. No information sent as an attachment, image file or PDF will be included. See format guidelines below.
  • VAI reserves the right to not include listings/ advertisements that may be in conflict with our work, outside of guidelines and best practices, or are not directly aimed at the professional visual artist.


The format for emails is:

Subject Line: The name and location of your event

Body Text: (for events)

# Your Name(required)
# Email(valid email required)
# Contact Telephone Number(required)
# Listing Information
# Title(required)
# Location(required)
# Telephone Number(required)
# Website
# eMail(valid email required)
# Start Date
# Start Time
# End Date
# End Time

Body Text: (for opportunities)

# Your Name(required)
# Email(valid email required)
# Contact Telephone Number(required)
# Listing Information
# Title(required)
# Location(required)
# Telephone Number(required)
# Website
# eMail(valid email required)
# Deadline

NOTE: Requests for listings that do not include the above format may not be considered for inclusion, or may be delayed.


You may submit a small image with your listing by using the online submission forms – the links to these forms are at the top of this page.


  • To do so, upload the image that you would like to use. This should be an image for which you have permission for reproduction.
  • Images must be in .png .gif or .jpg format.
  • Images should be no bigger than 250k – the smaller the file, the quicker your image will appear onscreen for the user.
  • Images must be 250 pixels x 250 pixels. Images outside of this size may be cropped or scaled to size by our system.
  • Images must be named all in lowercase letters.

Due to the large number of emails asking for inclusion in the eBulletin, we don’t have the capacity to create or edit images that don’t fit the above constraints. Therefore, we will not be in a position to include images that are not according to the specification.


Google Co-ordinates:

For people sending listings, if you send your Google co-ordinates, we will endeavour to include them with the listing of your exhibitions.

Use the online submission forms – the links to these forms are at the top of this page.

To find your Google co-ordinates:

  1. Open the Google Maps website
  2. Enter the address details in the search box
  3. Zoom In the Google Maps and locate the place for which you need the latitude and longitude.
  4. Right click that exact location on Google Maps and select “Center Map Here”
  5. Click the “Link to this Page” hyperlink
  6. Copy paste the URL into the field on the form.

For example:

The Google maps link for the Glucksman Gallery in Cork is:,-8.489556&spn=0.003476,0.010568&sll=54.576863,-5.943668&sspn=0.006529,0.021136&radius=15000&z=17


Further information:

  • News
    The News section of the bulletin deals with news and current affairs concerning the visual arts sector. If you have an interesting news item and would like to see it featured on the site please contact us and our news editor will consider it.
  • Jobs
    Please note that only job opportunities concerning the visual arts sector can be included in the bulletin.
  • Commission and Exhibition Opportunities
    All listings submitted for inclusion in the Opportunities section relating to Commissions and Exhibition Opportunities are assessed by VAI  before inclusion to ensure that they are real opportunities that are fair to artists. To submit a call for a commission or exhibition opportunity please send an artist’s brief and/or artist contract with your listing.  Please submit these documents along with your listing  to: To accommodate deadlines Opportunities listings should be sent in a timely fashion to allow time for assessment before inclusion in the bulletin. Please note that in the case of commissions, Visual Artists Ireland has a strict policy regarding submission deadlines. To be included in the e-bulletin and on the ‘Opportunities’ page of the Visual Artists Ireland website, deadlines for commissions must be at least 6 weeks from date of publication. For more information contact us at:
  • Charity Exhibitions and Auctions
    As a representative membership body for visual artists, Visual Artists Ireland has real concerns about advertising charity art auctions and sales that ask artists to donate their work. While we appreciate that many of these events are in aid of good causes, we will only issue calls and include listings for charity auctions and exhibitions that split the value of sales with artists and allow artists to set a reserve price for their work.
  • Respecting Intellectual Property Rights
    Any competition, open call or appeal which, through it’s terms and conditions or otherwise, assumes ownership of creators intellectual property rights or requires creators to waive their moral rights will not be advertised or promoted by VAI.
  • Life Models
    Visual Artists Ireland no longer lists calls from artists seeking life models in the e-bulletin unless they are professional members of Visual Artists Ireland or credible arts organisations. For more information on placing calls for life models please contact: Artists Ireland no longer includes listings from life models offering their services to artists and arts organisations. Instead, we can offer experienced life models a permanent listing in the ‘Art Material & Service Suppliers’ section of the info~pool on the VAI website. For more information on being listed as a professional life model on our website, please contact:
  • Commercial Enterprises
    Please note that Visual Artists Ireland does not list commercial services or enterprises in the e-bulletin, unless services are offered by a practicing artist in their area of expertise and their services are considered to be of interest to other artists.Instead, advertisers may consider advertising in the Visual Artists’ News Sheet which is published every two months. Advertising information and rates for the VAN may be found here Visual Artists’ News SheetAdvertisers can also consider a permanent listing in the ‘Art Material & Service Suppliers‘ page on the info~pool on our website and become part of our Discount Scheme.
  • Courses and Events For Children
    Visual Artists Ireland is a representative body for professional visual artists. For this reason listings will only be considered for inclusion in the e-bulletin if they are relevant to arts professionals. VAI does not include listings of courses, workshops or exhibitions that are aimed at children in the e-bulletin.
  • Listings
    Listings are not retrospective. Listings of visual arts exhibitions and events will only be included ONCE, on the website and in the e-bulletin that is sent closest to the opening date of the exhibition or event regardless of when we receive the information. All exhibition listings should be sent to BEFORE the opening date of the show. Listings remain on our website for the duration of the event.

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