Working with Digital Images with Tim Durham – Roscrea

New Date Sat 27 May (originally scheduled for Fri 28 Apr)

Visual Artists Ireland in partnership with Tipperary County Council

The second in this pair of workshops addressing the skills need to present good images of your work this day-long workshop is about the processes of preparing and storing digital image files (most often photographs). The session will present best practice in relation to Photoshop, Apple’s Photos and Media Pro software packages. These three packages are used for demonstration purposes only. If you use another software package the principles learnt on one package will cross over to another. This workshop will cover the when, why and how of preparing digital image files looking at two distinct areas: file formatting and file storage/cataloguing. Time will also be given to the calibration of computer screens.

Aimed at participants who are at ease with photographing their work or who have already taken part in Day 1 Documenting Your Work (insert link).

Paticipants should have some basic familiarity with creating, saving and finding files on their pc or Apple computer, and preparing images for attachment to emails, etc. Participants may, if they wish, bring a laptop to this event. This event is an opportunity to build on the skills developed in Documenting Your Work. Both days have been programmed in different venues so as to benefit artists across Co. Tipperary and to encourage exchange between artists from different regions of the County.

Please note that this session will be delivered through a presentation and demonstration of the processes to the group as a whole. As time is limited, 1-to-1 tuition will not be possible. However there will be plenty of opportunity for questions.

Digital image file formatting will address: file formats (jpg, tif, psd); bit depth (8 or 16); profiles (sRGB, Adobe RGB (1998) and ProPhoto); when to convert and when to assign profiles; if and when you should create cmyk profiles; and resizing images. The session will demonstrate how to prepare digital image files for a range of uses such as: online (website, email, online submissions), presentations (digital projection) and for printing (catalogues, books and prints).

Digital image file storage/cataloguing will look at: file management; the hierarchical nature of computer file structures; file and folder naming; organising storage around date or theme; duplication of images for editing and adding metadata e.g. copyright, artist, contact details, details of subject photographed.

Computer screen calibration: To ensure that what we see on the computer screen is an accurate representation of the digital image file.

Tim Durham is a photographic artist. He holds an MFA (Photography) from the University of Ulster. He is interested in architectural interiors, boundaries and borders, the etymology of words and portraiture. For the past 10 years he has been teaching artists how to photograph their own work.

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  • May 27, 2017
    10:00 am - 5:00 pm



Damer House Gallery, Roscrea, County Tipperary, Ireland