Ceramic Weekend Workshop at Ashbrooke House, Fermanagh

Date: 16-19 November 2017
Time: 10 to 4.30pm
Cost: £550 Residential, £450 Non-Residential
Location: Ashbrooke House, Brookeborough, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
Booking: Email Amanda Brooke at: hello@ashbrookehouse.com or telephone +44 (0) 2889 531789 or +44 (0) 7790 549281
For more information please visit: www.ashbrookehouse.com/thetackroom/

This exclusive weekend course offers a rare opportunity to stay in the picturesque and historic Ashbrooke House and work with two Royal College of Art Ceramicists. Helen Moore and Sandra Robinson have been specifically chosen for their complimentary skills in both the form and finish of ceramics to offer expert guidance as a complete beginner or seasoned maker.