Resistance of Weather | Make Your Own Weather Station Workshop at Sirius Arts Centre

The weather is a constant source of conversation in Ireland. It’s constantly changing. Climate is what happens when you collect decades of data about the weather and “smooth out” the individual events to see the trends over time. But you need to collect that data first. Find out how to make your own electronic weather station.

Will Knott, from the Tyndall National Institute’s MakerDojo will guide you through the construction and programming of a weather station so you can make and customise your own. You’ll get hands on experience with wiring and sensors and discover that you might be able to get the robot overlords working for you! MakerDojo is a hardware-focused club encouraging the general public to explore science and technology in hands-on “hacker” style workshops inspired by the growing Maker movement, a worldwide community of hobbyists, students and enthusiasts who take a creative, DIY approach to technology, science and engineering. MakerDojo fosters experimentation, collaboration and innovation and aims towards a culture of inventors.

In association with If Not You, an exhibition of work by artist Mark Clare.
Kindly supported by Cork County Council Environmental Partnership.

Dates: Saturday 18 November
Times: 1pm-4pm
Fee: €5
Location: Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh, Co. Cork