Open Call | The School for Civic Imagination, CCA, Glasgow

Application deadline: Friday 15 September

The School for Civic Imagination is an informal learning programme at the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow which will discuss the meeting point between art and society, and support knowledge sharing between everyone taking part.

The School for Civic Imagination will be structured around different topics, including how socially engaged creative practices can be used in urban and rural contexts. The School will be as responsive and flexible as possible to the needs and desires of everyone taking part in the programme, as well as local issues that are brought to light over the course of the events. It will also work to create connections across local, national and international levels, through its programme of talks, film screenings, tours, experiments, walks and visits. The School for Civic Imagination will have a limited capacity and will be free of charge – places on the programme will be allocated via an application process, with additional events open to the public.

The School for Civic Imagination will build and strengthen relationships which already exist between CCA and various groups across Glasgow, opening up new ways of seeing and participating in the cultural life of the city.

The School for Civic Imagination will take place at CCA as well as various other locations around the city, and will collaborate with The Project Cafe between various partners. The School will represent a support structure for the further development of deeper connections between socially engaged art practice and civic life, delivered by a multitude of contributors and partners.

To apply to take part in the School, please email with email subject School for Civic Imagination. Send a letter of interest including a bit about yourself (no more than 500 words).