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Below is list of services, facilities and resources provided by Visual Artists Ireland for our members. These resources are designed to be useful, practical and relevant to artists.

  • VAN – Receive the Visual Artists’ News Sheet by post (6 issues per year). The VAN is the primary all-Ireland information resource for visual artists presenting case study articles on all aspects of the lives of professional artists, alongside features offering critical reflection and analysis of relevant aspects of the art world in Ireland and internationally.
  • The Manual – a comprehensive on-line information resource covering all aspects of professional development.
  • Help-desk – offering advice, information and support on professional issues.
  • Legal Advice | Debt Collection – a solution that minimises costly legal proceedings for artists getting paid.
  • Discount Scheme –material suppliers and service providers.
  • Equipment/Facilities – affordable access to video editing, cameras, computers and other equipment.
  • FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions with regard to practicing professionally.
  • Insurance – where to get insurance for your practice
  • VAI Members Events – a programme of informative and networking events held around the country including Visual Artists Cafés and the annual Get Together
  • VAI Professional Development Programme  – a wide range of professional development training throughout the year including workshops, peer discussion groups, seminars and talks.
  • Studio Exchange Programme – VAI members can now register with Artelier for  studio exchange with peers anywhere in the world.
  • Visual Art Address Book – Members contact area and directory of visual art organisations and services

Renew Your Membership or Become a New Member


As we are a membership organisation, we depend upon our membership fees and other forms of generated income to add to our Arts Council and Arts Council of Northern Ireland grants.

In the past year we have seen an increase in people asking for our support. We have also seen success in terms of our lobbying both of government and media concerning the rights of visual artists. Looking forward we can see more and more call on these services. As we approach new periods of consultations regarding the rights of visual artists, we are especially aware of all of the different aspects that effect us on a daily basis. At present our focuses include: Revenue, Social Welfare, Mobility, Job Creation, and the equality of opportunities for visual artists in all of Ireland.

Our work with individual artists also occupies a huge amount of time for our help desk facility. Issues that are a constant subject for us are problems with revenue and social welfare, advice on contracts, finding the best deals on insurance, advice on how to proceed with commissions, setting up a studio, professional development, and also in recent weeks we have been dealing with cases of artists that have suffered from fraud and misrepresentation.

It is also worth noting that VAI has advertised over 3.75 million Euro’s worth of opportunities in the past 12 month period. Added to these are the free information services that we offer, including the eBulletin, The Visual Artists News Sheet, Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feeds and our own social network for visual artists All of these allow artists to not only know what is going on, but also to publicise their own activities. Already we have in excess of 1000 people signed up to The Common Room, and recently have started an international advertising campaign to make people aware of the artists who are registered on it. With over 8,500 subscribers to the eBulletin added to the extremely high number of visitors to our website, we can now say that we are the primary comprehensive source of information for the visual arts in Ireland.

There are many other benefits to artist members such as the Supplier discount scheme, delivery of The Visual Artists News Sheet direct to your door, equipment hire, the use of VAI facilities and also 50% on all of Visual Artists Ireland’s education and discussion group programmes. In fact, attendance on one workshop usually repays most of the membership fee. Our Education Officer is always gathering an understanding of what current needs that artists have in this area, and has delivered a wide variety of topics in all parts of the country.