Bá | Michael McSwiney and Luke Sisk at Doswell Gallery, Cork

8 October to 5 November

Bá (as gaeilge) refers to a vast open body of water-namely the sea or the ocean. Given the poetic nature of the Irish language the word can be used as a metaphor or descriptively to express feeling. Elegant and deep Bá refers to the sublime nature and idea of the sea as being an entity of infinite depths.

Michael portrays a world of panoramas of land and sea. The relationship between the sea, its affect on its immediate surroundings and the abstract process of experiencing such “affects” has established an internal dialogue which Michael has been developing since his childhood growing up in Cork harbour. Memory forms a base whereupon the intense process of layering and peeling back materials such as tar, pigment and earth allow Michael to explore the atmosphere of such memories. Often taking months to complete, the works are the product of much distillation.

Luke Sisk uses ceramic and glass as a way of documenting events and places, past and present. Light, texture and form are key to conveying these ideas and investigations. His work is heavily influenced by both architecture and the sea, having grown up on the mouth of Cork Harbour. The materials he uses allow him to recreate his memories in 3D, combining hard architectural lines with soft textural surfaces. With clay he can manipulate how light falls on a surface, while glass allows me to play with light transmitting through the surface.

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