Between Something and Nothing | Evgeniya Martirosyan at TACTIC Gallery, Cork

9 February to 24 February 2018

Evgeniya Martirosyan’s new body of work Between Something and Nothing stems from her interest in philosophy and science. It represents an intuitive response to concepts of time, matter, chaos, and transformation. The latest developments in science raise many questions about the nature of reality, as it seems uncertainty and relativity are part of the very fabric of our world. Working with elemental materials and using a broad range of techniques, Martirosyan explores the poetic possibilities of the constantly shifting and elusive state of things.

Martirosyan’s work for this exhibition incorporates various materials and effects that have a problematic or hesitant quality: ice (frost), water, air, light, and foam. Transient organic matter is framed and contrasted by structures made out of rigid materials like metal and plastic. She uses repurposed industrial mechanisms, such as refrigeration and compression units, to activate the work initiating processes of growth and change. As the matter continues to evolve in unpredictable ways, the aim is to find fragile beauty in ambiguity and perpetual transformation, creating opportunities for reflection.

This exhibition is supported by Cork City Council Arts Office and the Arts Council. The artist has been supported with graduate residencies from Sample-Studios and the National Sculpture Factory.

TACTIC at The Crypt,
St. Luke’s Former Church,
O’Mahoney’s Ave.,
St. Luke’s Cross,
Summerhill North
Cork City