Shrouded Consciousness | Cora Burke and Maureen Considine at Triskel Arts Centre

15 August to 19 September

This exhibition, presented as a large digital print and printed text, is a conversation in which the artists seek to further an opening up of subject matter through Burke’s ‘Shrouded Consciousness’ 2016 essay which was written in response to Considine’s ‘Shrouded Consciousness’ digital print 2013.

This collaboration took its premise from the photograph ‘Shrouded Consciousness’, 2013, by Maureen Considine, which is this artist’s conscious reaction to ambiguous and surreal feelings towards how an object has power over thought. The image shows the artist curiously placing herself beside this object to investigate or start a dialogue of sorts.

On seeing the photograph, Cora Burke felt a need to respond to it through her artistic medium of writing. Her text eloquently describes the work, without reducing it to a mere account of the image, and analyses what it refers to and provoked within her.

These layered works expand the conversation of what is conceived and perceived through visual and verbal interpretations. Their placement here within this deconsecrated church, and furthermore using the crypt, was chosen by the artists as a way to continue the dialogue that they began several years ago and embodies the works’ themes of religion, corporeality and iconography.

Christchurch Crypt viewing box
Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin St, Cork
T: (021) 427 2022