What Passes Between Us | Padraig Spillane at Sirius Arts Centre. Co. Cork

3 September to 15 October
Talk and Boat Tour of Cork Harbour Saturday 07 October 1.30pm

Pádraig Spillane’s practice is sited in the interrelated areas of photography, collage, and assemblage. For his new solo he takes the idea of embodiment as a starting point. It recognises the location of Sirius Arts Centre in the industrial and pharmaceutical global hub of Cork Harbour, a location for companies that predominantly manufacture products for the body. Exploring the meeting points of both image and object to consider how desire and feeling may become apparent, Pádraig considers the relationships between technologies and the body. With an awareness of current cultural movements, his work looks toward the future of what might be.

Pádraig Spillane has collaborated with composer Simon O’Connor who has written a specially-commissioned soundtrack that explores the human voice as a generator of desire, creating a sensual moment/movement through the galleries. Working with repetitions of bodily sounds and forms of linguistic and non-linguistic singing, the vocal and electronic score – performed by Contemporary and Baroque specialist Michelle O’Rourke – imagines a new sung language of intimacy and sensuality, a future-oratorio of love between beings we have not yet become.

Music Composed by Simon O’Connor
Michelle O’Rourke, Vocalist
Curated by Miranda Driscoll

Sirius Arts Centre
The Old Yacht Club, Cobh, Co. Cork
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E: info@siriusartscentre.ie
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