Fold | Peter Monaghan at Gormley’s Fine Art, Dublin

28 September to 23 October 2017

Peter’s work is an exploration of the relationship between the two dimensional and the three dimensional and the optical effects achieved through colour, shape and illusion.

Commenting on his work Peter states “My work is the result of a disciplined research into the experience of looking- the experience of pure visual sensation and aesthetic pleasure. Simple forms and colours are used in repetition to engage the viewer. It is a dialogue about light, colour, movement and illusion; exploring the relationships and contrasts between painted flat surfaces, protruding spheres, cubes or geometric shapes. The work aims to evoke a response from the viewer.”

“The movement involved in viewing the work engages the viewer. This participation links the viewer to the painter and contributes to the visual experience. While I continue to draw inspiration from optical art and mid-twentieth century artists such as Joseph Albers, Victor Vaseraly and Bridget Reilly, my strongest influences are drawn from personal explorations inspired by colour, rhythm and compositional movements”

Gormley’s Fine Art
27 South Frederick St, Dublin 2
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