From Fake Mountains to Faith (Hungarian Trilogy) | Szabolcs KissPál at Project Arts Centre

23 November to 20 December
Exhibition opening on Thursday 23 November from 6pm to 8pm, artist talk in the gallery from 5.30pm.

From Fake Mountains to Faith (Hungarian Trilogy) is a docu-fiction project by Szabolcs KissPál. In line with the artist’s previous works, the exhibition investigates political communities, not as inherited or essentialist, but as complexly constructed entities. Through various media and representational techniques, KissPál re-examines and opens a new perspective on a series of charged, ever-changing symbols that have been repeatedly exploited to promote a homogenous and oppressive idea of the Hungarian nation.

At the centre of his investigations, and translated for an international perspective, is an analysis of the quite recent authoritarian turn and development of ‘illiberal’ Hungarian state policy. From Fake Mountains to Faith (Hungarian Trilogy) examines the complex and shifting relationship between this state policy and the political and cultural philosophy that operates as its ideological basis.

Project Arts Centre, 39 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
T: +353 1 8819 613