KING PING PONG 2017 | Table Tennis Tourney for the Visual Arts Community, Dublin

Tuesday 28 November

King Ping Pong is the 6th annual, inter-organisational table tennis tourney for the visual arts community. Have a drink, chat and casual knock-around or compete in the tournament to be Irish art royalty.
If you would like to compete – please email

Anyone in the visual arts can play under the banner of an organisation, gallery, studio, college… – office staff, members, techs, artists, board members, curators, lecturers, registrars, writers, interns, collectors etc.

There will also be a brand new KRAZY TABLE this year, made by artist David Lunney!

It has been a year since new King Will Curtis held the KPP trophy-bat aloft for Project, and time has come again to swig a beer with one hand while swatting a small white ball away with the other.

Taking place at Kevin Kavangh, Chancery Lane, Dublin / 7 till Victory / BYOB