Life after Buildings | Brendan Earley at mother’s tank station

19 April to 20 May

Walking and finding things has always played an important part in Brendan Earley’s practice, but when he moved to the mountains in Wicklow – building his own cabin in the woods – it became difficult to sustain this aspect of his practice and he began to confront equally direct and difficult questions. He was no longer content to find meaning in an arbitrary way – in the detitus of the liminal urban/industrial hinterland of cities – and during his long walks through the mountains he felt a different search had begun.

It can be argued that a significant amount of art being made today is the product of a culture that has an excess of choice and new paradigms have evolved to deal with this excess. Life after Buildings, apparently simply, struggles with three years of questioning, what if you took all that away and were left with just a few bits of sticks and a stone?

mother’s tank station
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Usher’s Island,
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