Pickled Chimp Ears | Oscar Fouz López at Pallas Projects/Studios, Dublin

21 to 24 February 2018

Oscar Fouz López‘s most recent work is influenced by the life of Alexander von Humboldt, an 18th Century German scientist, geographer and explorer. Humboldt traveled the world, visiting countries as diverse as the U.S., Peru and Russia, observing and describing their landscapes, and scientifically analyzing nature.

López’s interest in this character was sparked by him being the first scientist both to see nature as an interconnected living organism and to identify climate change. Humboldt’s story is told visually through the paintings, and his world view is reflected within the natural backdrops and deeper perspectives gained from using elements of landscape.

The work focuses in on events from the explorer’s life and discoveries, simultaneously asking questions around Capitalism, alienation from the spiritual, and transformation. The characters in the paintings dwell outdoors surrounded by trees, strange plants, animals and unnamed tribes as if they were being swallowed up by a vast and mysterious living organism, and where the laws of nature are being rewritten.

KAGE BUTOH, a Dublin-based butoh jam group, will be performing at 6.30pm at the Opening show. The 20 minute piece, Cosmosism, is inspired by Humboldt’s concept of interconnectedness and takes impulses from Lopez’s artwork.

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