Raising Vibrations | Chris O’Hara at In-spire Galerie, Dublin

22 to 28 February 2018

In-spire Galerie presents “Raising Vibrations” by Chris O’Hara. for the opening night reception is on Thursday 22 February from 6-9pm.

Chris O’Hara (b. 1970 ) is an artist currently based in Dublin. He has been working as an artist full time since 2014, having spent the majority of his life travelling and working as an entrepreneur primarily in the catering sector. His first exhibition of work will take place in October 2017 in The Complex Art Centre, Dublin. Chris makes abstract paintings on a large scale. His work is informed by the time he has spent working and travelling around the world, and by the desire to find peace or meaning in the material world.

Chris’s work is generally acrylic based on canvas. His work aspires to engage with the expansion of painting beyond a strict definition of paint applied with a brush. He experiments with materials, adding foreign substances such as coffee, sand and glue to the paint. Along with traditional brushes, he explores mark-making with a range of different tools; serrated knives, trowels and other instruments are included in the process. The work is physical; a culmination of actions and processes are testified to in each piece.

In-spire Gallerie, 56 Gardiner Street Lower, Dublin
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