Smile | Eve Woods at Pallas Projects, Dublin 8

27 to 29 April 2017 | Opening: 26 April, 6pm
Pallas Projects/Studios, 115–117 The Coombe, Dublin 8

Smile–Eve Woods.
Smile is an exhibition of paintings about nightmares; teeth; anxiety; the ambivalence and possibilities of dreams contrasting with vividity and certainty.

It is this area of belief and knowing I probe without the facts to back it up, a conviction without the proof. And these are the areas which spawn pseudoscience & urban legend, mysteries & hearsay.

This space in the overlap of dreams and myth and how what we believe, from our personal myth upwards, builds the physical structure of the world. And how this is mapped in our online network, a delineation of our thoughts and words. Anxiousness following the map of accessible information

*Don’t believe what you read on the internet