The Dublin Dolls | Darran Robinson (AKA Dr. Dublin) at Bagots Hutton, Dublin

8 to 22 September 2017

Hailing from the Liberties, Darran Robinson (AKA Dr. Dublin) is rapidly becoming one of Ireland’s most exciting painters and sculptors. Dr. Dublin’s fascination with the vintage porcelain doll is clearly evident in his new exciting series of works entitled, ‘The Dublin Dolls’, which is set to launch at the Bagots Hutton.

In this haunting new body of paintings, Dr. Dublin has revisited the nightmares of our childhood. Through his finely skilled brushwork he brings these seemingly innocent inanimate dolls to life. Here they take on a multitude of menacing, villainous, and sinister roles.

Often depicted in an ‘up close and personal’ composition, there is no denying their stark familiarity. From their blackened eye sockets and fractured porcelain features, the dark abyss like backgrounds instill a sense of confinement as the doll’s glaring eyes malevolently follow you around the room.

Opening Night: Friday 8th Sept, 7 – 10pm. Live Music 10pm onwards, from GER KIELY and MICK PYRO performing their unique blend of scintillating soul and cosmic country blues.

Bagots Huton
6 Ormond Quay Upper
Dublin 7
T: (01) 878 8118