The Waiting Room | Ella Bertilsson+Ulla Juske, ArtBox, Dublin 1

28 April to 20 May 2017
Opening Thursday 27 April, 6pm

Artists: Ella Bertilsson and Ulla Juske.
The Waiting Room is a narrative driven audio-installation that challenges our perception of time. Waiting rooms are liminal, transitional places. A place where you wait to go somewhere else, impersonal and quickly forgotten. Waiting rooms are often functional spaces where the visitor has little control on how much time the wait will last. Here Ella Bertilsson and Ulla Juske’s waiting room at ArtBox creates a zone of attention; emphasising and acknowledging the subjective experience of time passing. Throughout the gallery space an audio-narrative based on interviews with astrophysicists and astronomers can be heard speculating on what time is and how to define it.

3 James Joyce Street, Dublin 1