Welcome to the Anthropocene | Laura Skehan at The Complex

14 to 17 December

Fingal County Council Arts Office and BLOCK T are delighted to announce Laura Skehan’s exhibition ‘Welcome to the Anthropocene’. This work is the culmination of a one-year Graduate Studio Award in BLOCK T Studios, Dublin 8; part of FUEL, Block T’s Visual Arts Programme dedicated to the support and professional development of recent graduates.

Laura Skehan’s work explores our dynamic relationship with the physical landscape, focusing on areas of significant geological interest. Engaging with painting, sculpture materials and video projection, her practice combines a language of movement, image and objects. With her research deeply rooted in natural physics, geology, classical philosophy and dance, she explores the body as a conduit of ideas, drawing comparisons with other moving elements from the physical world. Using research methods from environmental anthropology, she dissects our relationship with the political, social and geological histories of these places. She attempts to validate the role of the artist in contemporary culture using visual and aural analogies. Her attention remains on our influence on the physical landscape, emphasizing the importance of kinesthetic, material and environmental awareness.


The Complex
15 Little Green St,
Dublin 7