ARRIVAL | Djeribi and Jessica Kelly at At the Station, Mohill, Co. Leitrim

10 to 17 December

ARRIVAL is the second exhibition by Djeribi and Jessica Kelly at the old railway station in Mohill. It marks the culmination of their 3-month programme of events and happenings at the space, which commenced with Departures, their initial joint exhibition in September. For ARRIVAL, the artists will present site-specific works that reflect their engagement with the building during this time.

Jessica Kelly hosted a series of salons in the space, which saw the original open fireplaces of the station became centre stage for the conversations that ensued. Thus she has decided to use this feature as the starting point for her work in this exhibition. Starting with the idea that we arrive upon this earth with a new life to work with, Djeribi will tease the idea of ARRIVAL to show pieces that question what she can show own existence so far: a record of daily practices, an accumulation of encounters.