Phobos & Deimos | Patrick Corcoran at Linenhall Arts Centre, Castlebar

23 February to 24 March 2018

Phobos & Deimos is a body of work dealing with fear, at both a global, national and personal level. The mixed-media show includes painting, print, sculpture, photography and video.

Artist Patrick Corcoran explains: “Phobos and Deimos were figures in Greek mythology, twin brothers personifying fear and terror. This work deals with the themes of defence, self-defence and fear. Though several pieces are personal, coming directly from my own dreams and nightmares, other pieces stem from fear-related topics, such as the prevailing atmosphere of ‘climate of fear’ covered so frequently by the national and international media. This climate includes financial worries, civil strife/conflict, global environmental/weather concerns and even interstellar /cosmic earth-related disasters. The individual works in Phobos & Deimos, though varying in style and materials, all relate to how governments, the media and individuals explore these concerns and issues.”

Patrick Corcoran is a mixed media artist, whose practice includes sculpture,​ installation, photography, print, drawing, film & the written word.

He has exhibited work both national & internationally and has partaken in several national artist residencies. He currently lives and works​​ in Limerick City.

Linenhall Arts Centre
Linenhall Street, Castlebar, Co. Mayo
T: 094 9023733