Seas and Scenes of Dublin Bay | Lorraine Fenlon at Red Stables Market, Dublin

22 September to 24 September 2017

Artist Lorraine Fenlon returns to her roots to showcase a collection of well-loved local scenes.

Born in Clontarf, Dublin in 63′ and following 14 years living in the Isle of Man, Lorraine is now based in Carlow where she has built up her profession as an Artist & tutor. This will be her 15th solo show.

She paints in Oils, Acrylics and Gold Leaf in a Contemporary style holding on to a sense of realism with a modern twist using layers of paint, textures and vibrant colours and zooming in on subjects to show the beauty of detail not accessible or capturing glimpses of roadside views. This exhibition will showcase her large Dublin Lighthouse works plus several Seascapes and Landscapes and her collectable New Genuine Gold Leaf works of familiar buildings and locations.

Free Admission – All Welcome

Red Stables Market
St Annes Park, Mount Prospect Avenue, Clontarf, Dublin 3
T: (01) 222 7841