Sligo Boogie Woogie; New Paintings | Philip Shiels at Custom House Gallery

23 February to 19 March
Opening on Thursday 23 February,7.30pm

Throughout the last 20 years, Philip Shiels has worked in painting, printing, photography and film referencing physical, literary and imagined landscapes, his ongoing interest in history and philosophy is echoed in fragments and traces, whilst trying to get away from a literal concept.

He is interested in moments of awkwardness or uncertainty in painting. Increasingly drawn to insouciance and a sense of unresolvedness, his paintings remain on the edge of a determining realisation. He strives re-examine the idea of a landscape and the subversion of that idea the same time.

He is influenced by the Northern Romantic painting tradition and in particular German and Scandinavian painting from the beginning of the Twentieth Century. Not in a nostalgic sense, but in the freedom that their direct approach to paint achieved.

The Custom House Gallery and Studios
The Quay, Westport, Co. Mayo,
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