The Undeadly Reading Group | Jessica Kelly at At the Station, Co. Leitrim

Sunday 17 December, 7pm

Jessica Kelly will host an Undeadly Reading session in Mohill’s defunct 19th-century railway station. This will be the closing event of the ARRIVAL exhibition.

Participants will gather around the open fire of the former waiting room, surrounded by Kelly’s site-specific, text-based installations: Lines Re-opened and Public Tomb to Assemble the Crowd. Utilising snippets from seminal speeches by Irish orators of old, these works will colour this iteration of The Undeadly Reading Group.

The Undeadly Reading Group will manifest itself through the participants at the session, who will be guided to read aloud in turn and in unison. This will be followed by a discussion of the texts.

The reading list is based upon the following criteria:

– The writer should be dead.
– The text is about after-life/death or ‘other’ existences.
– The text must be in the writer’s original words (e.g. not a translation).

No need for advance reading or preparation beforehand, as the text will only be provided on arrival. Fluency in English is essential, as well as the willingness to read aloud.

The Undeadly Reading Group:
Jessica Kelly:

At the Station
Mohill, Co. Leitrim