Umbel[bumble] | Sarah Ellen Lundy at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre

21 July to 12 August

Currently working in horticultural settings Lundy’s preoccupations with systems and spaces extends to the natural world in her multi-species collaboration with various plants, insects and human-made structures and systems of knowledge.

Weaving together a series of metaphorical meditations on the complex relations between humans and plant-life, including current environmental threats to the bee, Lundy’s exhibition activates an assemblage of everyday objects, moving images and the ephemeral performance of materials to challenge autonomy in the face of systemic and applied homogenization.

A personal testament to the fragile life-forms that co-habit nature Lundy’s work draws inspiration and incorporates elements from diverse sources and through a strong sense of the absurd the artist seeks to extend through this work an invitation to engage in alternative dialogues.

Leitrim Sculpture Centre
Manorhamilton, North County Leitrim
T: 071 9855098